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“Clean Tech Nation” recommends seven-point action plan for U.S. cleantech leadership

Ron Pernick

The authors of “Clean Tech Nation” have a 7-point action plan to keep the U.S. in front of the growing cleantech industry. Interview with Ron Pernick, co-author of “Clean Tech Nation: How the USA Can Lead in the New Global Economy.” Continue reading

Sustainable Cities: There’s an App for That

Sustainable urban development is a new way of thinking for American cities. Technology is emerging to help planners, architects and residents make the transition — and address the converging pressures of rapid growth and decaying infrastructure. The question isn’t whether to use technology to make… Continue reading

Sustaindinavia: Copenhagen’s Integrated Approach to Energy

Sustainable cities! Every mayor wants one. They attract green businesses, and the career-minded people who want to work there. Just proclaiming a community “green” isn’t nearly enough. Forward-thinking cities are walking the talk. I went looking for examples in Copenhagen, Denmark. The secret to their… Continue reading

Chicago: A City’s Ambitions to be America’s Greenest

When it comes to buildings, Chicago has already done “tallest, biggest, and longest.” Now Chicago wants to be the “greenest”. We’ll find out how they’re raising the bar for all the other cities aiming for that same distinction. Plus: From America’s biggest green-building expo, do-it-yourself… Continue reading