Efficiency Tomorrow is an automated energy advisor and sustainability advocate. It nudges small businesses and consumers by providing tips and information to help them take steps to sustainability and make better choices for the environment.

Efficiency Tomorrow’s choice architecture directs subscribers to ideas they can accomplish based on the subscriber’s profile and track record, and its mentor model provides support at the right moments. The goal is to create commitments (whether physical or behavioral) and help consumers follow through with them.

It began one morning in Seattle, just after Earth Day 2009, as I was talking with my friend Gaylee Duncan about ideas for “green” startup companies. We had just come from a breakfast with Sir Nicolas Stern, who was on tour with his new book, The Global Deal. Gaylee came up with the seed idea — software that sends out a daily e-mail containing ideas for how to green your lifestyle. That was just the springboard for a much bigger idea.

As we discussed the idea with others and developed the concept together, it became a full-blown business model that would connect stakeholders and customers through an action-oriented web platform. It was clear that it could indeed make money and make a difference. Gaylee and I were onto something. A profitable business that helps people and businesses save energy.

Contact Denis and request the 6-page business model description in PDF.