Energy Priorities Magazine started on Earth Day 2004. Today is our eighth birthday!

Like any eight-year-old, we’re growing and changing. Energy Priorities moved its whole site to a new platform that’s more suitable for news media and more friendly for readers who use social media.

Our “Thought Leaders” energy professionals networking group on LinkedIn added its 3,000th member. By allowing the group to grow organically by referral we’ve attracted a high-quality membership. Join us there and connect with your peers worldwide.

There is a common theme within this magazine and my consulting work: Everything is connected. Anything I create, from radio interviews to marketing plans, reflects that principle.

Why? Because our sustainable energy future depends on it. Focusing on one energy source, technology or approach isn’t enough. The answer lies in how it all interconnects.

That includes the connection between you and me through Energy Priorities. Thanks for reading and listening.

Don’t keep us a secret. If you haven’t heard our radio specials on your local NPR station, please ask them about it. We would like to connect more people with the excellent information in those programs.

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Denis Du Bois
Founding Editor
Energy Priorities