(OPINION) Why I’m not writing an energy related April fools article for 2017.

Seriously. As much as I’ve enjoyed concocting energy related satire at this time of year since 2005, I’m not this year, for three reasons.

First, fake news is a real problem, and the gullibility of news consumers is an even bigger one. All of the public attention to this issue is good. It is leading some media platforms like Facebook to take responsible action. I want news to be something we can take seriously again.

Second, since the 2016 election I’ve found it difficult to make light of energy/climate policies and the fools who make them.

Finally, I can’t possibly outdo The Onion. And if The Onion is struggling to come up with satire that can trump reality these days, who am I to think I can do better.

If you’re waiting for the punch line, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Please post your favorite energy and climate related April Fools’ content on social media, including our Facebook Page and Twitter. Happy April Fools’ Day.