It’s pretty clear that the federal government is now out of the business of leading the way on climate change. Can America’s CEO’s fill this leadership vacuum?

The Republican administration has been rolling back policies, such as the Clean Power Plan, that were created to address climate change. Dean Scott, senior climate change and Capitol Hill environment reporter at Bloomberg BNA, says not to worry — the private sector will drive the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

I wrote in April 2017 about the “retropolicy term” and the role of the private sector in addressing climate change in the short term. It is happening fast. Microsoft, for example, has an internal cost of carbon, even though they’re not required to, nor to pledge to achieve 100 percent renewable energy use. (Mr. Scott points out that there’s an opportunity for an independent third-party arbiter in lieu of a federal agency to prevent rampant greenwashing.)

Intrepid podcaster David Schultz speaks with fellow Bloomberg BNA reporter Dean Scott and others about what companies are doing to become more sustainable and whether companies really can “do well by doing good.”

This is episode 36 of “Parts per Billion,” a newly rechristened podcast from Bloomberg Environment. Bloomberg has been involved with energy podcasting for several years. We expect great things from this smart podcast as Bloomberg drives standards ever higher. Each episode of Parts Per Billion features interesting discussions about what’s happening in Congress, in the courts and in federal agencies.

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