Terrestrial: Choices We Make in a World We Have Changed

Ashley Ahearn NPR Terrestrial

Terrestrial is an NPR podcast that explores the choices we make in a world we have changed.

As the world around us changes in dramatic ways, host Ashley Ahearn wants to know what the choices we make today mean for our future. The NPR podcast “Terrestrial” is her vehicle for investigation.

I’m suggesting that you begin with episode zero, the “Preview,” which I’ve embedded here as a video – but Terrestrial is a finished work that you can jump into at any point in the audio series. Listen on NPR, NPR One, Apple Podcast, KUOW.org or Stitcher.

In Terrestrial’s episodes, Ashley interviews people who decide to…

  • Compost their bodies
  • Go to work at the White House
  • Have no children
  • Protest in new ways
  • Avoid flying
  • Sue the government
  • Fight for public lands
  • Live in a biosphere
  • Breathe, no matter what
Ashley Ahearn NPR Terrestrial

Podcast producer Ashley Ahearn

At the time she was creating Terrestrial, my friend Ashley lived in Seattle and worked as an NPR journalist and podcaster. She wanted to do a podcast about climate change because, as she likes to explain it, “We’re fucked, now what?”

Ashley has had a direct and profound influence on my audio work. I’m ecstatic that NPR noticed her intense talent at KUOW, that she snagged the help of sound designer Jonathan Hirsch, and that she is now pursuing exciting new things that you’ll hear about here.

Even though the final serial episode has gone live, the Terrestrial Facebook group continues as a place where listeners share their thoughts, questions and views about the environment and climate change with one another.


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