Climate One from KQED brings interesting and well produced conversations about energy, economy, and the environment to our earbuds.

Climate One is a project of The Commonwealth Club of California, produced in association with NPR affiliate station KQED Public Radio in San Francisco. Thanks to podcasting, we can enjoy the show everywhere.

The sample episode I have chosen, “Climate Silence: Why Aren’t There More Votes,”  is from back before the 2018 midterms. Most epi’s are not so centered on politics. New York Times reporter Trip Gabriel tells how climate and energy issues were (or were not) playing in the elections.

Sam Arons, whom I met five years ago when he was still buying wind power for Google data centers, explains how he encouraged his Lyft coworkers and customers to get out and vote. And Nathaniel Stinnett, founder of the Environmental Voter Project, described what his organization was doing to mobilize the more than 10 million Americans who cite environmental protection as a core value but who don’t vote regularly. And we all know how that turned out (I’m looking at you, WA).

photo of Greg Dalton
Greg Dalton

Host Greg Dalton founded Climate One in 2007, but you may remember his name from his 12 years covering news for the Associated Press, “McNeil-Lehrer News Hour,” and Industry Standard magazine. His broadcast experience is reflected in the overall quality and professionalism of Climate One.


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