Foreign Policy’s podcasts are very well researched and produced, which makes them a pleasure to listen to. “Heat of the Moment: Stories from the front lines of the fight against climate change” is a 12-episode project of Foreign Policy magazine in partnership with the Climate Investment Funds. Each episode focuses on ordinary people across the globe who have found ways to fight back against the seemingly insurmountable challenges of climate change.

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In this selected episode, host and CNN climate change analyst John Sutter interviews Daniel Schrag, the director of Harvard University’s Center for the Environment, about the role of technology in combatting climate change. 

Solar and wind are now cheaper than natural gas for electricity in many parts of the world, but not as flexible, Dr. Schrag says. 30% renewables is attainable and should be done fast. 

2020-12-FP-heat-noor-solar-power-moroccoThe Climate Investment Fund backs projects that others won’t, and one of those is a concentrating solar power project in Morocco. CSP is a technology I covered back in 2004 when it was little more than a science project, but it advanced quickly because it made then-inefficient photovoltaics more cost effective. 

In the second half of this epi, Reporter Sebastian Bouknight takes listeners to Morocco and the Noor Ouarzazate Solar Complex for the story.

The other 11 episodes cover topics ranging from activism to investments and food to urban design. 

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