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Sustainable energy for business means using it wisely to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Hot new energy efficiency measure is ductless heat pumps, as market for CFLs is saturated

Snohomish County Public Utility District is known in the Pacific Northwest for its innovative approaches to energy efficiency and renewable energy. Denis Du Bois interviewed Bob Gunn, senior utility analyst for the PUD, to find out what programs are successful today and why. Continue reading

Success on “Efficiency Avenue” Comes from Listening to Customers

Avista Utilities in Spokane has been promoting energy efficiency since 1978 — it’s one of the few utilities that has as many years of uninterrupted experience. Denis Du Bois sat down with Bruce Folsom, Avista’s Director of Energy Efficiency Policy, to find out why a 123-year-old utility in the Pacific Northwest is a leader in the U.S. when it comes to energy efficiency. Continue reading

Infographic: What if people who could telecommute actually did it?

This infographic shows what happens if half the people telecommute half time. (Imagine the impact if they got rid of their cars altogether.) Continue reading

Nanoscale Lighting Innovations Change Equation for Cost and Color of LEDs

10/26/12 note: after 11/26/12 remove this post. is 301. [LED photo] What will it take for LEDs to achieve critical mass in the lighting marketplace? The biggest obstacles have been cost and cast. These futuristic nanofiber and nanoparticle technologies could overcome both.