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Green buildings are not only energy efficient, they’re constructed and operated sustainably.

Cresa, JLL tell owners and tenants how to drive energy efficiency together

The commercial landlord-tenant relationship can be adversarial, with split incentives and other hurdles to implementing energy efficiency upgrades. Two real-estate pros share their experiences from the front lines of sustainability and offer their advice for fostering collaboration.

Green building movement leader tells critics: “Bring it on”

Greenbuild 2012 photo

The head of the United States Green Building Council tore into critics of LEED this morning in his opening keynote at Greenbuild 2012. Continue reading

@ Greenbuild 2012 Agenda Editor’s Picks

Greenbuild 2012 San Francisco

Denis Du Bois will be at Greenbuild 2012 in San Francisco. So many sessions, so few days. Here are his suggested sessions and events. What’s on your schedule?

Should it be so easy to build green? The USA Today face-off with USGBC

Is it too easy to build green? USA Today reporter Thomas Frank says yes; USGBC honcho Rick Fedrizzi invites critics to take a closer look. Continue reading