Category: Green Building

Green buildings are not only energy efficient, they’re constructed and operated sustainably.

Should it be so easy to build green? The USA Today face-off with USGBC

Is it too easy to build green? USA Today reporter Thomas Frank says yes; USGBC honcho Rick Fedrizzi invites critics to take a closer look. Continue reading

Cleantech Open Announces 2012 Finalists

If the cleantech sector has an Academy Awards, the Cleantech Open is it. Cleantech startups from around North America are gathering this week to learn which lucky teams will represent their regions in the national Cleantech Open business competition in November, 2012. Denis DuBois attended the Pacific Northwest region’s judging and awards party in Portland, Oregon, to get a taste of the action. (Includes a complete list of 2012 national finalists.) Continue reading

Silicon Valley Joins Washington DC to define Market for Energy 2.0

The Smart Grid needs Silicon Valley and the traditional ‘cleantech’ now demands ‘cleanweb.’ Continue reading

Nanoscale Lighting Innovations Change Equation for Cost and Color of LEDs

What will it take for light-emitting diodes to achieve critical mass in the lighting marketplace? The biggest obstacles have been cost and cast. These futuristic nanofiber and nanoparticle technologies could overcome both.