Climate Minded – The Podcast about Innovators

Climate Minded will be available wherever podcasts are found, including iTunes.

Climate Minded will be available wherever podcasts are found, including iTunes.

Denis Du Bois is launching a podcast, working title “Climate Minded,” about groundbreaking ideas for dialing back the world’s thermostat.

Each installment features one innovator in an interview that Denis will conduct by phone. In the conversation he’ll explore not only the innovation and its potential impact, but also the challenges of turning an idea into reality.

HERE’S HOW YOU can help with this: Who do you know who’s deeply involved with an innovative new energy idea and loves to talk about it? We’re looking for the people closest to the center of the stories, the innovators themselves or the people who are commercializing the ideas. We’re lining up monthly guests for 2016.

If you have someone in mind, tell us about them. If it sounds like a fit we’ll set up a time to talk with them and make that determination.

To nominate an innovator or an idea, contact us via or on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

Denis Du Bois will host Climate Minded.

Denis Du Bois will host Climate Minded.

THE INNOVATION can be a new technology, policy, financing method, nonprofit, or business model, just to name a few possibilities. It must have potential for a clear and direct positive impact on mitigating the dangers of climate change.

To be clear, this podcast is not a sales pitch for products or services. The audio series will be offered to public radio stations, so it will follow NPR’s strict guidelines for noncommerciality. My previous series, “Energy Priorities” and “Building Priorities Briefing” before it, were distributed by NPR for 5 years.

Climate Minded has two intertwined goals. First, it shines a light on important innovations, making those concepts easy to grasp, simplifying without being simple. Second, it examines the obstacles to that idea’s success, and how the innovators did or could overcome them, so others with different ideas but the same obstacles can learn from that.

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