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Energy Priorities Magazine began on Earth Day 2004 as a resource for businesses who want to be more informed and responsible energy users.

The next year I checked out podcasting as a way to share the passionate voices of the newsmakers I was talking to, the champions of sustainable energy in business. Hearing them say it is more powerful than reading it. So we started the first podcast about sustainable energy.

NPR and PRX distributed our podcasts for several years. Producing for NPR meant we had to produce at the highest levels, both in topics and production values, which was a fun challenge.

Energy Priorities

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The Energy Priorities podcast was my first host role and the one show we produced continuously. From 2004 to 2015 it delivered information, ideas and commentary on topics like renewable energy for its audience of business owners, property managers, architects and builders. Just one example: “GLOBE Innovation Expo Vancouver Audio Speed Tour.”

Building Priorities Briefing

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The Building Priorities Briefing podcast was a series of hour-long specials created for radio and also distributed as podcasts. In this show I interviewed the top thinkers in sustainable energy at the commercial and community scale. Topics included smart buildings, commercial energy efficiency and smart cities. I also attended and covered the annual Greenbuild conference. Example episode: “Sustaindinavia: Copenhagen’s Integrated Approach to Energy.”

Energy Minute

The Energy Minute was a series of very short podcasts explaining a single energy idea or term of art. These were standalone podcasts and also were embedded within my longer podcasts and shows.


I produced some audio pieces exclusively for air. But you can hear one of those within my longer podcast titled, “Conservation Gamification.” Most radio-only content was 3 to 4 minutes long, another fun storytelling challenge.

I learned a lot in those years of podcasting — about clean energy, radio journalism, audio production and podcast distribution. When I began, there was limited news coverage of green energy and climate change. Yet, so much was going on in Seattle, my home, that was of national interest. And I could travel to conferences (and Copenhagen and Stockholm) to find more.

Now, there are two million podcasts. Environmental coverage is part of the daily news stream. I’m pleased to have played a part in getting it there.

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