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Thomas Friedman at Greenbuild 2011: Work within the Political and Economic Constraints

Thomas Friedman keynoted at the 2011 Greenbuild Conference and Expo in Toronto, Ontario. He was joined by USGBC chairman Rick Fedrizzi, CaGBC president Thomas Mueller, Kohler CEO David Kohler, journalist/author Cokie Roberts, and Diesel Canada CEO Joie Adler. Friedman's message to the audience included a specific course of action to halt damaging geopolitical trends and to put the world on a more sustainable path.

Best of Greenbuild 2011 Education Sessions - Editor's Picks

There are 15 tracks of breakout sessions at Greenbuild 2011, each with 7 sessions. That's over 100 choices, not counting workshops, master speakers, plenary sessions and film festivals. Most of the education sessions at Greenbuild are incredibly information rich and well presented by panels that include real experts on the subject. One person can attend a mere 7 sessions in 2 days. Denis Du Bois lists the options that appeal to him this year.

Greenbuild 2011 News Gateway

The Greenbuild Conference and Expo is in Toronto for 2011. The theme is "NEXT." Here's your gateway to our coverage and content related to this annual event of the United States Green Building Council.

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Why You Shouldn't Demand Pay Cuts for Telecommuters

CIO Magazine advice columnist Meridith Levinson tells IT workers they should get a raise for working from home. Denis Du Bois tells employers it's not just about the money.

UK Nuke Reactor Results: Not Quite Glowing

The latest reactor technology, on which the nuclear industry's hopes of a revival are pinned, might be in trouble.

Sustaindinavia: Copenhagen's Integrated Approach to Energy

Sustainable cities -- Every mayor wants one. They attract green businesses, and the career-minded people who want to work there. Just proclaiming a community "green," though, isn't nearly enough. Forward-thinking cities are walking the talk.

We went looking for examples in Copenhagen, Denmark. In this podcast, learn how Copenhagen stopped worrying about the garbage and started becoming a carbon-neutral city.

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Wave of Acquisitions to Hit Energy Efficiency Sector

Cascadia Capital expects to see a wave of acquisitions in the energy efficiency space, driven by large players who want to get in, and investors who want to get out while the getting is good.

Energy Efficiency Startups Clear First Hurdle in Cleantech Open 2011

The Cleantech Open announced that 163 semifinalist teams have been selected from across the United States to participate in the cleantech business competition. 35 of the companies will advance in the Energy Efficiency category; 15 are competing in the Green Building category.

Getting Some Perspective on Smart Grid

Smart Grid. If you work in the energy industry, it’s everywhere you turn. Conferences, webinars, articles, press releases, advertisements. Messages on renewable integration, electric vehicle charging, privacy, security, consumer backlash, mergers and new acquisitions. Which aspect matters the most?

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Japan's Cloud of Secrecy

Nuclear secrecy can be justified in the name of security -- but it can also threaten people's health and safety, as well as the environment.

Quake Shifts Axis of U.S. Support for Nuclear

As soon as the magnitude-8.9 earthquake had finished moving Japan closer to the United States, it began moving apart American political collaborators supporting nuclear power at home.

FY2012 Federal Budget Proposal Includes Renewable Energy Funds for Interior and Agriculture Depts

Two of the main public-lands management agencies -- the Departments of Agriculture and Interior -- have included renewable energy projects in their proposed FY2012 budgets.

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Renewables Share of Energy Rises, Almost Catching up with Nuclear Power

According to the most recent issue of the "Monthly Energy Review" by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), nuclear electric power and renewable energy accounted for nearly equal portions of primary energy production during the first nine months of 2009.

GSK Installs PV with PA Grant

GlaxoSmithKline might be hoping the sun will put a silver lining on dark clouds over its Consumer Healthcare division -- and power its distribution facility in York, PA.

New Models for Rooftop Solar Power - Building Priorities Briefing

Southern California Edison has launched one of the most ambitious solar initiatives yet. It involves using the roofs of commercial buildings to develop renewable energy resources. Building owners get paid to host the solar arrays on their rooftops, and the utility takes all the risk. (podcast)

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Take Light Rail to the Santa Clara Convention Center for ConnectivityWeek

It's possible to take rapid transit from the San Jose airport to the Santa Clara Convention Center, but it's not obvious how. Here's the run-down.

Getting Some Perspective on Smart Grid

Smart Grid. If you work in the energy industry, it’s everywhere you turn. Conferences, webinars, articles, press releases, advertisements. Messages on renewable integration, electric vehicle charging, privacy, security, consumer backlash, mergers and new acquisitions. Which aspect matters the most?

Is ZigBee or Wi-Fi More Cost-Effective and Efficient for Smart Grid Communications in the Home?

A newly published GE white paper finds that, between two popular technologies for home area network (HAN) communications, ZigBee is at least two times more cost-effective and efficient than Wi-Fi.

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Sustainable Cities: There's an App for That!

Sustainable urban development is a whole new way of thinking for American cities. Technology is emerging to help planners, architects and residents make the transition -- and move more quickly to address the converging pressures of rapid growth and decaying infrastructure.

The question isn't whether to use technology to make cities more sustainable, it's how best to use it. Three experts in sustainably built cities discuss the answers to that question with Denis Du Bois.

Book Review: Enchantment - The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions

Can energy efficiency be "enchanting?" Denis Du Bois reviews the latest marketing book from former Apple Computer evangelist Guy Kawasaki. The successful business author and marketer tells us how he believes we can make energy efficient products as "enchanting" as Apple's iPad.

Greenbuild 2010 - "Generation Green"

When it comes to buildings, Chicago has already done "tallest, biggest, and longest." Now Chicago wants to be the "greenest". We'll find out how they're raising the bar for other all the cities aiming for that same distinction.

Plus: From America's biggest green-building expo, a preview of Autodesk's "Project Vasari" do-it-yourself 3D energy & carbon modeling -- Sage's electrochromic glass that acts like dark sunglasses for buildings -- and enOcean's energy management devices that charge themselves up -- all in this edition of Energy Priorities.

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