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Energy Venture Capital and Angel Investors List

The number of venture capital firms interested in energy is growing rapidly. This is a list of firms that have invested in energy companies or are taking time to investigate the space.
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Firm Focus Web site
Angels with Attitude See Soundpoint Ventures  
@Ventures (part of CMGI) 2 clean tech investments; tech focus www.ventures.com
Battery Ventures 2 energy investments; tech focus www.battery.com
BASF Venture Capital 1 energy investment; materials, sciences www.basf.de
BDC Venture Capital 5 energy investments; life sciences, technology www.bdc.ca
Blackwolf Partners New firm expects to make some alt energy investments blackwolfventures.com
Braemar Energy Ventures 18 energy investments (4 current) www.braemarenergy.com
Chrysalix Energy Management 7 energy investments; fuel cells www.chrysalix.com
Draper Fisher Jurvetson 3 energy investments; tech focus; CalCEF partner www.dfj.com/
Easenergy (part of EDF) Makes non-cash energy investments www.easenergy.com/
EnerTech Capital 20 energy investments; clean tech www.enertechcapital.com
Expansion Capital Partners 1 energy investment; clean tech www.expansioncapital.com
Firelake Capital Management 3 energy investments; energy & water focus www.firelakecapital.com
Fort Washington Manages state-owned New Mexico Co-Investment Partners www.fortwashington.com
Frazier Technology Ventures 1 energy investment (Neah Power) www.fraziertechnology.com
Hydro-Quebec CapiTech 21 energy investments www.hqcapitech.com
Inverness Capital Partners 1 energy investment; industrial www.invernesscap.com
Mohr Davidow Ventures 3 energy investments; materials, internet; life sciences, semiconductors www.mdv.com
NGEN Partners 4 energy investments; materials, infotech www.ngenpartners.com
Nth Power 20 energy investments; CalCEF partner www.nthpower.com
OPG Ventures (Ontario)10 energy investments www.opg.com
Odyssey Venture Partners 1 energy investment; software www.2odyssey.com
Pangaea Ventures cleantech pangaeaventures.com
RBC Technology Ventures science, biotech www.rbcroyalbank.com
RockPort Capital Partners 4 energy investments; materials www.rockportcap.com
Rustic Canyon Ventures software www.rusticcanyon.com
SJF Ventures 1 energy investment; cleantech www.sjfund.com
Sound Point Ventures 4 energy investments; sustainability soundpointventures.com
Taproot Ventures industrial, materials www.taprootventures.com
Technology Partners 4 energy investments; life sciences, infotech technologypartners.com
VantagePoint Venture Partners IT & healthcare; CalCEF partner www.vpvp.com
Yaletown Venture Partners software, materials www.yaletown.com
Yellowstone Capital manufacturing, life sciences, interested in alternative energy yellowstonecapital.com
Zero Stage Capital 1 energy investment; infotech, life sciences www.zerostage.com
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Three prominent VC firms are part of CalCEF plan announced today.

March 14, 2005--"New CalCEF $30 Million Fund Poised to Fuel California's Clean Energy Industry."

The California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF), a new $30 million public benefit investment fund created as part of the Pacific Gas and Electric's bankruptcy settlement, announced agreements with three venture capital firms: Nth Power, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and VantagePoint Venture Partners. These firms will bring matching funds and access to strategic partners. The purpose of CalCEF is to make investments and to provide an engine of economic growth while reducing California's dependence on fossil fuels.

New venture capital firm Blackwolf Partners http://www.blackwolfventures.com/ to raise $100 million and invest part in alternative energy. The fund is expecting to funnel capital into start-ups in the Midwest and the West Coast.

"An all energy portfolio is too risky because the market is highly dependant on the price of oil," Charlie Walker, partner with the firm, told VentureWire Alert. "There is money to be made in that market, but we'll be managing risk in a more thoughtful way."

Via Dow Jones VentureWire 6/2/05 http://alert.venturewire.com

New investor Mohr Davidow Ventures led a $20 million Series B round with a $10.5 million infusion of capital into Nanosolar Inc., a developer of solar electricity cells.

California again: California State Teachers' Retirement System and VantagePoint Venture Partners to co-invest $30 million in New Energy Capital.

The firm is headed by Dan Reicher, former assistant secretary of energy during the Clinton administration, once headed up the DOE's EERE. He told VentureWire the firm is "focused on actually financing the deployment of the technologies and projects" around clean technology and "green" fuels.

Via Dow Jones VentureWire 6/24/05

http://www.mdv.com/ Mohr, Davidow Ventures invested in Nanosolar in June, 2005. See http://ep.flexperience.com/entries/2005/08/cleantech_npr.html

The Massachusetts Green Energy Fund has invested in Konarka, Protonex, Lilliputian, and Seahorse Power Company - all renewable/clean energy companies.

I have several "Bio-Diesel" projects that we are looking for funding partners on.

i have an electromagnetic invention but need assistance to get it patented.better than solar etc


I am interested to seek a generous grant to develop solar scooters and solar cars.
Wish to approach angel capitalists through you or directly with your help,
Dr. Ashok Kundapur


I have developed a solar collector system with markedly higher efficiency over the existing products. I have a working prototype and obtained international patent.
I am looking for partners to help me commercialise it. Would you be able to help?
Kind regards
Bob Goczynski

Please post Northwest Energy Angels (tm) on your list.

35 Qualified Angel investors, 2 deals in 2006.

2-3 deal flow presentations every other month.

Please list
Altira Group LLC
Att'n: Peter L. Edwards, Partner
1625 Broadway, Suite 2450
Denver, CO 80202

We only invest venture capital in energy technologies and have been doing this for 9 years.


Peter Edwards

Our concept is for a fuel that is Safe (a solid easily stored and distributed), Clean (sequesters 3.4 tons of CO2 for each ton produced from salt water electroyis and Flexible (can replace gasoline in E85 or burned at 100%). It stores Ammonia and therefore Hydrogen. Its chemistry was first published in 1861 - no R required.

We have a patented device/w permits in final stages of testing for use in enhanced oil recovery.(currently Kern county, Ca.) Has nearly zero emissions and also can be used for soil remediation( Low/high temp thermal disorbtion). Need funding partner for expansion.

You provide lists of investors. My question is do you conduct due diligence to determine if each of these investors is legitimate?

(Editor's note: No, we do not conduct due diligence on the firms listed here.)

Seeking investors for several sugar cane straw pellet plants in Brazil.

We are looking for partners to helop us develop new green energy plants, 49MW, we presently processing PPA agreements with PG&E and SDG&E of California. Interested contact C G Boyd - 760-243-7667

We have developed a patent pending technology for utility performance optimisation.

We are seeking Venture capital to promote the technology, which is highly scalable.

We are seeking investment in a revolutionary heavy oil upgrading technology that can upgrade oil from 12 to 38 API gravity for $2 per barrel.

I am a mechanical engineering student at the University of Kansas. I plan to get my MBA, but how do I go about learning the business side of engineering and venture capitalists? There seems to be a lack of needed internships (free or paid) to fulfill the need for concurrent engineering savyness clean tech companies will depend on for future success. Thanks, whitfi10@ku.edu

We are seeking partners to build an ethanol plant in the Dominican Republic. The feedstock for the plant will be sugarcane, an abundant crop in the country.

As part of the DR-CAFTA Trade Agreement, ethanol produced in the Dominican Republic enters the US duty free. Additionally there's a 0.51/gallon tax credit plus a provision that will allow ethanol produced in the DR to be blended with a similar quantity of Brazilian ethanol and allowing this to enter duty free as well.

Total investment in the distillery and mill will run around 4.0-5.0 million.

If you are interested don't hesitate to contact us.

809 440 1772

I am currently looking to invest in unique alternative energy companies. We have a large pool of aggresive capital.
Please contact me at 401 619 2357/ jdudla@gmail.com

Cleaner diesel fuel can have a major greening effect on U.S. transportation emissions. Best feed stock for this fuel is Kerogen oil from oil shale. Have 1.1 billion barrels and a new, economic method of recovery. Top PhD's on US Oil Shale Task force have joined company. Royal Dutch Shell's process (in-situ) is great for deep formation. Ours is best for surface mining shale. See www.ecoshale.com and contact Todd. Raising $20 million.

How about venture firms that funds mostly software companies? I think funding promising high technology startups is as good as funding energy startup companies

Does investing in energy companies help lower the price of gas? Sorry for the stupid question, it's just that if it does then I think it should be highly recommended.

I don't see how investing in either energy or software companies would significantly reduce the cost of gasoline. Every mainstream VC firm is investing in both, and gas is going up.

I would like to see $7 gas in the U.S., so we can start catching up to EU and JP on mass transit and fuel efficiency. They have fast electric trains, we have single-occupant Yukons. They have efficient subways, we have freeway congestion.

We have a patent-pending methodology to convert CO2 from coal plants directly into ethanol using bacteria. No feedstock or fermentation required. Cheaper than gas. Cheaper than conventional ethanol production methods. Highly scaleable. Seeking $4M to commercialize.

(781) 608-8535

I have a "Solar Thermal" invention that my late father invented that I would like a Venture Capitalist to look at.

Why is my father's invention different to most others, because the late "Buckminster Fuller" worked with my father to design this Solar Furnace.

I have several companies looking at the invention now.

Hatch Engineering

I want a Venture Capital company to not only fund the building of the invention but take it on.

I'm offering to give the invention to any Venture captital company in any country around the world and all I'm looking in return is a financial donation. Its kind of like Open Source Linux software but for Solar Energy.

I can be contacted at

Seek angel investors for research and development lab - First Gate Energies, working on sonofusion, cavitation.

202 687 2658
703 437 7151

Seeking angel investors for a biodiesel facility in the Midwest.

Dear Sir,
Gambia seeks investors from all over the globe to help her invest in her electricity project.
The idea is to convert waste materials into electricity and thereby emitting useful by-products like: 99.99% pure water that be bottled and sold in the market, fly ash for road construction and then blocks of international standard.

We seek investors who will come down and either step into the shoes of NANOVO or start up the project on there own.

1. The Gambia GOVT want the project built by the BOOT method; that is the investor will BUILD it with their funds, OWN it and OPERATE it for an agreed period of time and then TRANSFERRED back to the Gambia GOVT.
2. The Gambia GOVT is prepared to sign a fresh contract with whoever is interested or continue with the former contract based on investor’s decision.
3. The GOVT is ready to deal with interested investor (s) through her FINANCE MINISTRY through THE CENTRAL BANK OF THE GAMBIA.
4. The Gambia GOVT has all the local logistics like LAND etc already taken care of.

Please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested. energy.africa@gmail.com

The VC firms mentioned above are pretty much the key venture players in energy so there shouldn't be any doubt as to legitimacy. My experience is that they do venture in different areas of CleanTech industry. Bill Melendez, CEO, HEMS Technology.

I'm not finding many angels on this list. Seems to be all VC's. Where would I find angels interested in smaller investments in clean energy technology?

ZT Solar, Inc. has a new technology which reduces sunlight reflection from solar cells and thus increases efficiency of solar cells. The company was founded in May 2007 and has so far secured a National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research Phase I project ($100,000, January-June 2008). It is interested in additional private investment for mainly foreign patent applications and a few key technical personnel. Send me email if you are interested.

We are located in the central valley California .
Looking for private funds to to implement a Biodiesel project in three phases:
Working today with the department of energy of five states in Brazil to 1)produce seeds of
Jatropha to export to the farming in the us.
2)Collect the Jatropha vegetable and press it in Brazil for oil extraction to supply production of 100 million gallons a year to biodiesel processing plants in the USA ,
Phase 3) Assemble a biodiesel processing plant in central valley california with a minimum capacity of 20 million gallons a year.
I am a petroleum engineering technician since 1984.
Involved in biofuels aplications since 1995.
Established bussiness in the central valley working with natural resources for the last 20 years, Any questions please contact me at greenwestbiodiesel@hotmail.com

We are located in the central valley California .
Looking for private funds to to implement a Biodiesel project in three phases:
Working today with the department of energy of five states in Brazil to 1)produce seeds of
Jatropha to export to the farming in the us.
2)Collect the Jatropha vegetable and press it in Brazil for oil extraction to supply production of 100 million gallons a year to biodiesel processing plants in the USA ,
Phase 3) Assemble a biodiesel processing plant in central valley california with a minimum capacity of 20 million gallons a year.
I am a petroleum engineering technician since 1984.
Involved in biofuels aplications since 1995.
Established bussiness in the central valley working with natural resources for the last 20 years, Any questions please contact me at greenwestbiodiesel@hotmail.com

We need only $187,500 to build our running electric car models (the production models).

Based on the seed fund provided, the project should sustain itself to be expanded to build around 400 cars in 5 years. The sales generated from our cars can be $18.3million ($4.7 milion operating profit) at the end of year 6.

Please check our website at http://elektrikcar.com

Deepwater Structures Inc. (DSI) is an innovative leader in the floater technology of offshore oil and gas business. DSI is emerging strong into oil and gas business with the association of several multi billion dollar companies in the oil and gas business. DSI objective is to profile FPSOs that provides oil companies Exploration and Production the capability for year-round drilling, and/or production within the Deepwater / arctic regions. DSI considers these concepts potentially feasible for adding to the Oil Companies Concept Profile. DSI, a Texas Corporation based out of Houston, Texas, holds several patents on new deep water vessels, and includes the following patents: Dry tree support Stabilized Semi-submersible, Jacket SPAR, Special non-ship shaped FPSO, Tension Based TLP, Arctic Class Drilling Vessels, Harsh Environment Column Stabilized Drilling Rigs and SPAR Storage Vessel for OilandLNG.

DSI is currently working on two major real projects with proposals:

1. Sakhalin V is a 100 m water depth in arctic north east Russia offshore BP has 49% with this field. Production rate is estimated as over 200,000 barrels per day. Thick ice up to 3 m and 25 m multi year ridges could be possible to occur in those regions. It is also an earth quake prone zone does not allow fixed platforms feasibility. The project is estimated to be 2-3 billion dollar development. DSI would propose one production cum storage vessel with turret dis-connectable mooring and flex risers.

2. Shtokman is another Gas field mid north of Russia. Norway Statoil & France Total have obtained 49% share from Russian Gasform on this gas field. Discovered in 1988, the Shtokman gas and condensate field is located in the central part of the Barents Sea, about 600 km north-east of the city of Murmansk, with local sea depths varying from 320 to 340 m. Shtokman’s explored reserves are valued at not less than 3.7 tcm of gas and more than 31 mln t of gas condensate. The vessel technology developed for Sakhalin V by DSI is equally good for Shotkman project. Shotkman is worse than Sakhalin due to increased water depth.

3. Shtokman field demands floating nuclear power station. Rosensergoatom, the Russian Nuclear Power Corporation is working with Gazprom to build nuclear power plants to support Shtokman. DSI arctic vessel is well suitable for this application and DSI would take effort to market this unique opportunity.

4. Ice class Liquefied Gas Carrier will be very advantageous compared to pipeline within Barents Sea to reduce cost and keep environment clean and safe. DSI is now looking into modifying our arctic vessel for LNG carrier and storage unit for the Shtokman project proposal. Such proposal would dramatically change the architect of the project and cost and time benefits are very large to the Sthokman development.

5. DSI vessel technology is good for clear water rough sea oil and gas developments in the rest of the world oil fields. A ship shaped fpso would have natural period of heave at about 10 sec and DIS FPSO has over 22 s. Hence, its application towards harsh environment oil field development is very attractive. 6. Floating Drilling Production Storage Offloading (FDPSO) is another new trend in the oil industry in which the cost of development and due the demand of drilling vessel has more value. DSI non-ship shaped vessel is well suited for such applications.

With DSI unique arctic class vessel, DSI plan to propose two floaters to support Nuclear power stations for Shtokman field. DSI is now looking into build two FPSO and lease to the oil companies. Demand of FPSO would be increased within three to four years by many folds. Thus the investment would be highly profitable with DSI plan to build two with our new vessel technology. DSI vessel is superior in terms of performance, long fatigue life, cost and time wise very effective compared to the ship-shaped FPSO. Not many competitors are there in USA for our new vessels. Once start building many order would fall into our hand and we could replace 75% of the ship based existing FPSO currently working with in 10-20 years and DSI would be the major player in this FPSO business.

DSI current five major business strategies are: 1. FPSO for Arctic Development 2. FPSO for Harsh Environment (North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Deepwater Brazil , East Coast India , Far East Deepwater) 3. FDPSO for Deepwater (West Africa, World wide) 4. Harsh Environment Mobile Offshore Column Stabilized Drilling Unit (clients Transocean, Parker Drilling) 5. Deepwater Production Facility (TLP, Dry-Tree Semi-sub, Jacket SPAR).

Fund needed for this is $0.5b to above.

Tesla Solar International (TSI) is seeking Investor Angels and/or Investors interested and savvy in the Solar / Renewable Energy market. TSI’s goal is to produce Steam-powered Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Generating Systems that use purely Distilled or De-ionized water in the production of Steam to power conventional piston or turbine engines and generators without polluting the environment or presenting a potentially hazardous waste situation for years to come. In the coming months we will be introducing products and proposals designed toward that end: Clean Power generation that is technically feasible, achievable and affordable. Not some “Pie in the Sky” theories or promises of Unobtainium…real solutions for real requirements.

TSI can provide you with our Business Plan and financials regarding Solar Tracking Mounts, Solar Steam Concentrators, and Services. The emphasis of our company is on Solar Energy for the 21st Century.

Admiral Energy is currently looking for all energy related products not known to the gereral population that help reduce the the total energy spend for large commercial customers. Please contact Ross if you have any knowledge of such products or technology.

Neo Energy Corporation is a startup company based in India in the Alternate Energy space. We have invented the world's first Animal Propelled Electricity Generator (APEG).This generator can produce energy up to 10KW and this energy is green, clean and sustainable. We are seeking VC funding for the commercialization of this product for benefit of millions in Asia and Africa. We can provide our Business Plan on request. Kindly contact Mr. Vaiddyy -CEO through email - vaiddyy@yahoo.com for more details.

Capital Needed!
Huge Power Grid Solution.
Best idea for nano tech solar and wind turbines yet. Ties in the Major existing industries. Built in projects for 30 years
It will be done. Will we be the ones to do it? $50,000.00 Upfront and some % of net is required.

seeking capital for invention to cure world droughts. Invention is completed.


I represent an alternative energy startup with an idea that has not yet been tapped and holds unlimited potential for a viable, economical, and unlimited source of energy. I am looking for private investors for initial startup capital. A business plan is in place and initial capital requirements are small. Please email me with any information or help you would be willing to give. We respond to all inquiries. Thanks!

I am an inventor who is searchin for venture capitial. To make a long story short,I have an idea for an invention that is worthy of a Noble Prize. If you wish furhter information please contact me by email or Phone me at (321) 269-7401. William Kanjorski

We are seeking research and first round funding partners.

Our cleantec designs are based upon the formula that energy is proportional to change.

One of our systems is known as a traffic tap or g-pump. These systems harvest energy from passing vehicles or farm animals.

Please review our technology and the market at our website;



We have an exclusive (truthfully) automotive design that uses no fossil fuel and is not an EV. Our vehicle is full sized and full powered, not like the other autos on the market. We are certain this is what the world needs. Our chassis is already pre-approved by the U.S.D.O.T. for highway use and the engine/chassis combination is the basis of our system with customer interchangeable (optional) body styles. This is the "system" of transportation that we need.

Fully recycled bodies on a proven roadworthy non-petroleum, non EV powerplant.
Nearly 20 years of R&D but we now need outside funding to make this happen.

We also have Green kit homes with above average marketability. AND,
the Basic Comfort HVAC system that allows customers to heat and cool their homes at 600% savings per month! This system attaches to current HVAC systems so reworking an entire homes duct work is not needed.

The Mealer Companies are comprised of Mealer American Motor Co., and Stepping Stone Homes LLC.

John Lewis Mealer
Founding President

BottleStone is a unique ceramic stone slab made of 80% post-consumer waste glass. Initial product is countertops but has many commercial building applications. Producing product, have early commercial sales and distribution. This spin-off needs working seed capital.


Need VC funding for a company that has proven technology and sales and business plan to support the fact that company will do $40M business in 2nd year in operations. Have already done over 50 pilot projects that will result in possible $100M sales in next few years. Currently company has business on hand in excess of $10M just in 2008...
Need $5-$7M in next 6 months to fund the fast unexpected growth.
Market size in USA alone $200B to $500B
Have done already pilot projects in 5 countries and expecting REAL business from these pilots.
Contact-Jay 7143137196

We are looking for equity partners to bridge our efforts to construct 50MW solar energy plant. Reverse merger anticipated in 6 to 12 months coincide with PPA agreements with PG&E and SDG&E of California. Contact Brian Farley @ 714-928-2241.

HI myself and spouse would like to open a solar panle manufacturering plant in south africa would it be possible to acuire funding as well as necessary info in persuing this type of venture through you ,or the necessary asistence and guidence.ANTCIPATINGLY AWAITING YOUR REPLY.M MUKHTAR.

Dear Sir and Madam

We have a Bio-Ethanol plant projects. The Project is approved on by Government - The project is ready to deploy but Owner’s project have not capital for next step of construction and equipment installation as well as operation costs. Therefore, they are calling investment capital with any investment forms and no up front fee

We hope you consider our above mention to fund, loan or directly invest or do a joint venture.

Thank you with Best Regards

VietAsia Co., Ltd
Address: 60/14C Pham Van Chieu Str., Ward 14, Go Vap Dist, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Phone: 84-8-8801070, 84-8-8801071
Fax: 84-8-4271069
E-mail: vietasiaco@hcm.vnn.vn ; hoptac2@gmail.com
Website: www.vietnamdirectoryb2b.com
Yahoo messenger: luc_asiaco

We are looking for venture funding for early Stage for wind power generation project in india. We would like to go for 5 MW Project. We have purchase power agreement for 30 yrs. we are also ready to go for joint venture with Investors. let us know, if anyone is interested in our proposal.

Project Name: Solar Grade Silicon

Current Situation:

Fast development of photovoltaic industry is restricted now by a shortage of raw materials and its high prices. This raw material (solar grade silicon, SGS) is producing now by so called Siemens Process, which is expensive and environmentally dangerous because of chlorine. The world SGS deficit is estimated at a level of 8000 Mt per year. SGS price has increased from $30 per kg seven years ago up to $100 per kg and more today.

Project Idea:

A group of researchers from Kiev Polytechnic University, Ukraine, proposes a technology for SGS production without use of chlorine. Projected cost is $18 per kg or less. They have some small laboratory samples of SGS and samples measurement report from an independent Ukrainian lab. This report confirms that the samples can be used for photovoltaic industry. The authors propose to establish SGS production in any European country, excluding Russia. The pilot line for 100 Mt per year capacity needs about $2 million of investments. Next step will be an industrial line of 2000 Mt per year.


The future of energy and transportation is SolarHybrid. Saab just released the Bio Hybrid at the 2008 Geneva Car show. We own the media gateway to the industry. Consumers will want to search for Solar Hybrid before they buy. We create an online magazine that provides consumer reports, costs, fuel efficiency, and virtual test drives of every solar hybrid on the market. We then direct link to the manufacturers for buyers to place their orders. This location will connect buyers of this revolutionary concept car world wide. Looking for a 50% capital partner, $2m-10m investment.

Questions Call Dan J 559-288-5000. Thanks

Partner/capital investment needed for combo technology producing electricity and potable water from salt water. Invention completed. Sister technology is now being utilized to extract aluminum from bauxite in the Carribean. PowerPoint presentation is available to describe overview. Owner of the technology does not have the where-with-all nor the ability to market internationaly, but will grant marketing rights with appropriate investment.

Dear Sir / Madam
I have a proven invention with written patent pending application for my Vapor Over Liquid Diaphragm Engine. This invention relates generally to engines used for propulsion and for generating electricity, and more particularly to such an engine with zero emissions is used for producing useful work. I'm interested in joint venture and or venture to explore various possiabilities for future development. Serious inquries only.
Anwar Haq

JV funding for alternative energy projects up to 100% Program available worldwide, and we are direct to lenders.

Can provide JV, debt, or debt/equity funding.

Funding for wind power, solar energy, wave energy, geothermal & other alternative energy projects into the billions.

Green/Alternative/Renewable Energy
Natural Gas
Clean Coal

Email your scenario and complete contact information for further consideration.

You may also give us details on your project through our website, http://www.CommercialFundsOnline.com

jon@commercialfundsonline. com

SHEC Labs has developed the most efficient thermal concentrator on the plant at this time - at 95% energy retention.
Looking for an institutional investment to build the first solar powered landfill methane to hydrogen plant. Technology tested at smaller scales.

Millenium Aviation Corporation is looking for Venture Capitalists interested in investing in the production and sale of Full Synthetic Jet fuel, as well as synthetic diesels and petrol here in the United States. The fuel is already approved, but no organization is looking to bring the technologies to the US as of yet. The same technology creates diesels, petrol, and synthetic jet fuels. Millenium Airways was created to be the first airline to operate as the first alternative fuel airline in the US. We are seeking funding to manufacture this fuel. We will respond promptly to any inquiries.
Thank you.

Captain Lai Kuku
Millenium Aviation Corporation

We have a scrap material to oil ie. deisel is produced. Twenty plants in orperatiton and five more scheduled for 80 million per plant. Surity company on board. Need a lease revenue company.

Set Up:The World’s First Fuel-Saving and Pollution-Reducing Fuel Tank for Automobile and Ship and Other High Efficient Energy Economizers Project
Xincon Hi-tech Development Corp. locates in Manhattan, New York, and the founder is Mr. Yixin Guo since 2006. Xincon Hi-tech Development Corporation is a developer of a patent pending the fuel saver by developing the applications of FRI and anion in saving the consumptions of gasoline, diesel oil, coal and gas and reducing the emission of exhaust. It includes: automobile and ship energy-saving and pollution-reducing gasoline tank and vitta project, and also boiler energy-saving and pollution-reducing project. The automobile and ship energy-saving and pollution-reducing gasoline tank and vitta project has already attained positive results in the tests conducted by EPA (United States Environment Protection Agency) listing lab on both urban and expressway.
We need grant support to develop the project.

venture capital and angle investors

INVENTOR seeking investors for several inventions that we have done the marketing on. Patent research has been done on each one and we have two prototypes. We are awaiting for the patent number for another one. Funding needed.

We are Patent Pending on wind/water turbine project that is highly efficient with low maintenance.

Seeking investment for two ventures in separate mutli billion dollar markets. If interested please contact me to discuss further.

Thank you.


We are looking for Private Equity funding (5M$) for the 1st phase implementation of an Algae-BioFuels Mass-Production Facility.
We have secured 25,000 acres of land in a long term Government Contract.
The technology is proven and the team is composed of top scientists and business partners.
Interesting Returns Conditions.

If interested please contact me to discuss further.

Volk Finance Group is a cutting edge finance and development company that focuses on the human elements of wealth creation and funding providing an invaluable window of opportunity to entrepreneurs in today's competitive business environment. As a private equity group, we invest in high-growth opportunities, start-up businesses, management buyouts and recapitalization transactions.

Established more than ten years ago, VOLK operates from her headquarters in Moscow - Russia's business, administrative and financial capital, and with representative offices in London, U.K and Madrid, Spain.

In some cases, VOLK acts as an intermediary between high net worth individuals/enterprises and entrepreneurs seeking opportunities for growth and capital for expansion. We also provide start-up funding where enough data exists to support a commitment. Research has shown that 78% of business ideas die premature because they lack capital support. The few that survive to maturity strive because of the management attitude of the entrepreneur and this is our cutting edge. VOLK aims to encourage, promote and mentor committed entrepreneurs towards actualizing their dreams. We seek to exploit and support individual potentials of committed entrepreneurs towards global wealth creation and capital growth. www.volkfinance.com

My group is looking to fund Green/Alternative/Renewable Energy Projects. I have 18 years experience in the Residential/ Commercial Construction Finance and Real Estate Sales industry.

I currently represent direct lending sources that have very large Pension/Hedge funds, who partner with developers, entrepreneurs and companies for Construction Financing, Energy/Green Projects, Joint Venture as well as, the purchase of commercial real estate projects and existing businesses. Projects considered range from $500 Thousand to $1Billion and more on a case by case basis, and can fund from start to finish.

Investment participation and experience are required. I do not charge any application or up-front fees to get started.

I work side by side with the direct lending executives of this business concept. They have been at this for over 7 years, with over 100+ completed projects and over $1B in pre-sales purchases.

To be evaluated for our program, we ask that you complete a short profile questionnaire which will give us a concise summary of your project scope, situation,and needs/wants.

We fund Energy/Green Projects, and other alternative energy projects into the billions. We can arrange JV, Debt, or Debt/Equity combinations worldwide.

Wind Power
Wave Energy
Natural Gas
Clean Coal

If interested, please contact me to discuss further: kendocrys@consultant.com

Looking for a VC firm or Angel investor to help in building a company dedicated to the construction of the Hydrogen Infrastructure for Fuel Cell vehicles within the U.S.. We have the plan, personnel, and companies lined up to assist in this national project. It will be a complete Production, Distribution,network currently being built for the support of Fuel Cell vehicles currently being made by the major manufacturers GM, Mercedes, Toyota, BMW, Honda, and Ford.

We are looking for start-up financing for a renawable energy plant in Turkey. We have exective summary in detail with letters of approval from the Government.We have interest from other countries to build plants in place after the first plant is built.Expansions could reach in the billions
in 5-10yrs. Great return for investors within the first yr with plenty room to expand returns with more production in 3-4 yr.
727 388-4461

We are looking for partner to cooperate on projects regarding renewable energy sources (biomass and biogas) located in Slovakia (EU). Government of Slovak Republic guaranty off-take of electrical energy for 12 years. We are involved in both small and big projects, depending on investor.
For more detail please contact me

I am a private investor based in the United Kingdom. I focus on seed capital, early-stage, start-up, ventures, LLC and all round completion and expansion of investment projects that need funding. I am interested to invest in your company on a long-term business relationship. If this is alright with you kindly get back to me with more details about your company.

Dr. Frank Morgan.
(Individual/Angel investor)morganfm4@yahoo.co.uk

Brazilian Ethanol Plant Investment -

We are looking for potential investors to our Ethanol Plant in Brazil to fairly flexible and high-quality long term. Our primary market has focus on Ethanol from Sugar Cane production, but planning as well to manufacture Sugar and energy surplus through investment funds. I can send complete Plan to your assessment. In time of financial crises I'm sure it would be interesting offer the diversified option to potential investors a diversy option. The average profit of sugarcane production overcome much any financial aplication around the world. Brazil's plantation owners made lucrative profits per year.

Our concept about the global crisis tell us that the best moment to invest in alternative energy to fossile fuelis is now. The production sector is much more profitable and secure than shares or any other paper investment around the world. glacosbio-ymail-com

Brazilian Ethanol Plant Investment -

We are looking for potential investors to our Ethanol Plant in Brazil to fairly flexible and high-quality long term. Our primary market has focus on Ethanol from Sugar Cane production, but planning as well to manufacture Sugar and energy surplus through investment funds. I can send complete Plan to your assessment. In time of financial crises I'm sure it would be interesting offer the diversified option to potential investors a diversy option. The average profit of sugarcane production overcome much any financial aplication around the world. Brazil's plantation owners made lucrative profits per year.

Our concept about the global crisis tell us that the best moment to invest in alternative energy to fossile fuelis is now. The production sector is much more profitable and secure than shares or any other paper investment around the world. (keep in touch)glacosbio@ymail-com

I'm a small investor in a start up energy company that has developed a technology to harnass atmospheric pressure thus creating renewable,pollution free energy.Projected generation costs are less than 1 cent pkh. This technology has been reviewed by a major university and we have since signed an agreement with the university to conduct parametric study but we are having a hard time finding funding. Even with the significant economic and environmental impact we can't find anyone willing to listen.
Anyone interested feel free to contact me.
Jim Cominsky

We are the first PV industry in Italy with a complete industrial plan for the whole supply chain of silicon based PV products.
We are looking for investors interested know our projects and evaluate investments possibilities or partnership.
Please contact:
Alberto Giovanetti

Our energy saving technology reduces 3-4 times gas consumption and pollution in ceramics production (bricks, tales, roof tales, vitrified tubes, etc) does not require clients to alter production methods or change equipment.

Seeking professional investments.

Michael Podgayets

We have several intl agreements pending for 10mil+ energy projects. We need capital to fund expansion and development.

Solar air manufacture and patent holder, certified by the SRCC is seeking funding to solve partner issues.

Ireland or Spain !

looking for joint equity partners to construct 72MW wind farm in West Ireland, initial 7 million euro and debt initially toward build out.

Also I have for sale 150MW wind farm project only East Spain 50m euro, and 10MW Thermal solar project south Spain 2m euro

all projects are passed and turnkey, skype fdignam2
Tel Ireland 00353 87 765 2246

Dear sir,

l want to introduce myself as a financier ready to put money into any viable projects with business plan.

Awaiting your call on +972546338364

I am a financier I am willing to lend out loans with Low interest rate and with in the amount of $5,000 to $80,000,000 as the loan offer,I offer loan to all categories of people ,firms, companies, all kinds of business organizations, private individuals and real estate investors, I give out loans at very cheap and moderate rates. I am a certified, registered and legitimate lender. You can contact me today if you are interested in getting this loan, contact me for more information about the loan process, process like the loan terms and conditions and how the loan will be transferred to you. I need your urgent response if you are interested. I will need you to state the amount you are seeking so that i can prepare my terms for the loan.It should be stated in USD and the duration should also be stated. I need your urgent response if you are interested. You are to contact us with this e-mail iribskola@gmail.com

Geothermal developer seeks partner for 10MW Electric generation facility and community district heating system. Total cost $40M less government incentives, grants and carbon credits. Location SE Oregon

We have a water project
Approzimately 33Million acre feet axquifer need stage two funding for drilling & testings
For more information,
emxecutive summary and business plan contact Darlene East
503 968 2881

Seeking seed funding/angel investment for U.S. based ESCO/REP with solid, experienced management team. Commercial/mid market focus - electricity and natural gas. Please contact me if interested.

My company is developing solar electric insulated roof panel technology, for which we are seeking additional funding. My new patent pending for this project entails a durable and replaceable protective covering, making the panels lightweight and eliminating the common breakable glass panels. With this cover over the electric photovoltaic, costly photovoltaic life is prolonged; with less than half the weight of glass covered panels. Moreover, all this puts my product into a higher classification of the building code requirements and brings the time for a return on investment less then conventional panels. To facilitate development and marketing this product, I am offering at 10% ownership of the corporation for a commitment of 2 million dollars using $1 million dollars, for working capital.
Joe Allegro
President and CEO
Inner Solar Roof Systems, Inc.

Government as a client.
US $1.5B EBITDA within 7yrs
NPV US $120M
Strong Mgt team with MBAs and Ivy League backgrounds

contact info@biojamllc.com

I am looking for VC or Angel investor/partner to provide 800,000 Euros.

Alternative hydrocarbon fuel with large climate benefits + can use existing infrastrucutre + innovative way to secure that best technology is utilized.

Please contact me: incentive.investing(at)googlemail.com

I am a financier I am willing to lend out loans with Low interest rate and with in the amount of $5,000 to $80,000,000 as the loan offer,I offer loan to all categories of people ,firms, companies, all kinds of business organizations, private individuals and real estate investors, I give out loans at very cheap and moderate rates. I am a certified, registered and legit lender. You can contact me today if you are interested in getting this loan, contact me for more information about the loan process, process like the loan terms and conditions and how the loan will be transferred to you. I need your urgent response if you are interested. I will need you to state the amount you are seeking so that i can prepare my terms for the loan.It should be stated in USD and the duration should also be stated. I need your urgent response if you are interested. You are to contact us with this e-mail iribskola@gmail.com

I am an investor based in the uk. I focus on seed capital, early-stage, start-up, ventures, LLC and all round completion and expansion of investment projects that need funding. I am interested to invest in your company on a long-term business relationship. If this is alright with you kindly get back to me with more details about your company.kindly send your business plan and let me know how much capital you need.i need a reliable and honest enterpreneaur.

Dr. joseph robinson
(Individual/Angel investor)

My company is developing a solar electric insulated roof panel technology for which we are seeking additional funding. My new patent for this project entails a durable and replaceable protective covering making the panels lightweight and eliminating the common breakable glass panels. With this covering over the electric photovoltaic cells costly photovoltaic life is prolonged with less than half the weight of glass covered panels. Moreover this puts my product into a higher classification of the building code requirements and brings the time for a return on investment to less than conventional panels. In order to facilitate development and market this product, I am offering at 10% ownership of the corporation for a commitment of $1.5 million dollars using $0.5 million dollars, for working capital.
Inner Solar Roof Systems, Inc. has now completed its business plan with an updated manufacturer’s quote for solar product development.
A lending company is offering a $2 million 1% at 30 years fixed loan having a $0.3 million commission fee, returned to investor will be $.05 million after loan commitment. Should this loan agreement be of interest to fund $1.5 million dollars commitment.
Please contact me should you have any questions or require additional information.


Joe Allegro
President and CEO
Inner Solar Roof Systems, Inc.

We are a capital search & secure organization with a client seeking to manufacture alternative insulation for home . Client has hard verifiable contracts for its product, perhaps too soon as they need to purchase machinery to manufacture the product in volume.Seeking $5 Million as loan or equity investment. Business Plan available.

email> ocrcapital at gmail. com

Our Company has developed the first hybrid trailer (commercial 55' trailer) using SR Motor Technology with the ability to improve fuel consumption by 10% to 30% +. We have arranged to have the trailers tested late this spring by one of the nation's largest fleet operators.
We are seeking $750,000 as debt or equity. This is a very short time investment turn around of approximately 18 months. A Complete Business Plan available for qualified investors.

Thank you for your help.
Edward E. Frauenheim III
312 Spring Street
Suite 315
St. Paul, MN 55102
Land: (651) 224-3228
Cell: (312) 371-4949
mail> e.frauenheim3-yahoo-com

Dr. Robinson,

In regards to your post as an investor looking for new projects. Our office, Hibernia Resources, is currently seeking growth capital and long term investment partners. We are an oil and gas asset management company located in Houston, TX with assets across TX. Is there someway to contact you to discuss our current projects?

Chris Kiniry
Hibernia Resources

I have designed a Magnetic Motor that really works. It will produce 25KW minimum up to 35KW maximum.
I have $8,000 into building the machine and I need another $50,000 to finish the prototype. The machine does not use fuel, only magnets in a certain configuration. I am offering 25% interest in the first company or individual to invest $50,000. The machine is called "The Tri-Metatron Magnetic Motor" T-MMM

Thankyou for your time.

The Future Now

Neutopia ecoSOLUTIONS Inc is a new renewable energy company that is completing a North American feasibility study for a new business concept. We have entered into distribution agreements with some of the most advanced renewable energy technologies around the world, both proven and emerging, and have Expressions of Interest from some of North Americas largest waste management companies. We aim to become the leading supplier of waste-to-energy equipment, and renewable energy equipment both for industrial and residential applications. We have now reached over $100 million in open proposals in our first month of operations. We expect to reach $1 billion in proposals globally by the end of this year. Our portfolio is diverse because our applications are in every industry. We have discovered a way to use a certain renewable energy process from 1 industry to apply to an unrelated industry, that will forever change the way they conduct business. This particular method will have a global impact. Although our head office is in Toronto, Canada, we are currently setting up offices across the United States. I will be available to present a brief slide show about Neutopia in Sacramento for a week until Feb 15th, then I will be in Las Vegas until March 1st. Interested parties can send an email to arrange a meeting in California or Nevada. Alternatively, you can attend an information session in Canada in mid March.
Sincerely yours,
Robert W. Laporte
President and CEO
Neutopia ecoSOLUTIONS Inc.

I am an investor seeking a good & sincere investment opportunity anywhere. Interested enterprenuer should contact me at lordmanpacker@ymail.com or call me on +447031972751.

What an interesting site. My Co., N2Solar, has always been about integrating holographic tech for the betterment of PV modules, and recently we came up with a new approach for solar thermal power in a utility scale than we think has legs. Being a hybrid of solar and wind, we think we have a way to generate power via solar thermal, but with a wind turbine's footprint, costs per megawatt and especially continuing maintenance costs. We'd like to find a utility that wants to have a proprietary product, quit hiring project developers and start being one, along with PD's profit margins. This is likely a $2 Million R&D effort, but the payoff could be HUGE in better alternative energy install and performance costs vs current STE and CSP routes. Serious enquiries ( and no, we do not pay to play)can reach me at 801 608 3180. Regards.

25% interest available for thermal pulse reactor technology. This system makes an abundance of steam equiviluant to 25mw of electrical output. Cutting edge technology that can operate on any type fuels and is butressed to a renewable energy technology of utilizing waste heat(free energy) to create steam in a closed loop system. No cooling tower. Serious inquiries only. tg@hush.com

New invention has contract in hand. Need 250k to apply the technology. Return is 5 times in 4 months. Lien the contract.



Major renewable resource opportunity in southwest New Mexico, which is centered in a known geothermal resource area and within the solar belt of the United States. This green energy opportunity would fit well with any investment portfolio or acquisition. See www.mccantsgreenenergy.com for more info.

We have product on petroleum like D2,Jp54,bitumen,Mazut,BLCO and so on. We are direct to the seller and we need buyers. Also, we have an Oilfield Project which we need investors. the Oilfield is based in Liberia anc produces 5M bbl monthly. any suitor should contact me at evergreenltd@mail.com

We are an energy company in the UK with a Hydroelectric Project in Turkey and we are looking for investors who would be interested in investing in this project as well other renewable energy projects. Anyone interested please feel free to contact me for more details.
(email: aim.turkey@gmail.com)

I would like to reach out to all the renewable energy entrepreneurs and introduce my company. I run the #1 green technology executive search in the country. We only specialize in working with renewable energy start-ups that have received angel investments or seed funding. We help that company build a leadership team that is important to that company's growth. Since we are very well connected to renewable energy investors we are also able to open a few doors for you as you seek funding. We offer a 3 year guarantee on all or placements and we are able to deliver in 30-45 days. We know renewable energy and we know the challenges for these start ups.

Need a CFO to raise money? Give me call.

Michael Germano
Vice President
Roys and Associates

Seeking a private equity investor for up to 1 million for 28% share. Prototyping is complete and independent third party testing to verify savings is also complete.

Sustainable Energy Holdings Ltd. (SEHL) is currently seeking investments of ten million dollars to be able to flush this company out and build facilities that are already marketed to in both Canada and the United States.

Please review http://enermac.com/SEHL.htm

Please contact to 780 902 2007.

Seeking a private equity investor for 1 million for a 30% stake in a biodiesel producing company. The company has its own feedstock oil palm plantation of 2000 hactares. Seeking funds for plant equipment.
Contact: Jtolao@yahoo.com
Tel: 1-604-817-0152

Future Energy Products Ltd is a private equity company always looking for exciting new ideas/inventions in the renewable energy/green area. If you have a product/idea that may fit into our portfolio and need funding/marketing please send me a brief snyopsis of the idea, timeframe and estimate of funding needed to garyarthurs@hotmail.co.uk

Our Clean energy Firm is seeking private equity funding for the development of three large scale wind project (400 MW Various location) here in the USA and in Europe. The total cost of one of the wind project will be in excess of $500,000. One wind farm is permitted and ready for development immediately . Serious inquiry from equity principal should be directed to Northeast Wind Power, Principals Send inquires to Northeast windpower@yahoo.com

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Milanco Ivanov and I am owner of MIKOMAK Corporation. Mikomak is a corporation that is occupied with research and development of new technologies in the fields of mechanics, electro-technics and quantum mechanics. The company owns a unique, patent-pending unit (SA Engine) that has the capability of changing the scope of the alternative energy industry. The potential for the SA Engine is limitless. The engine has the capability to be a significant source of energy for vehicles, industrial equipment, the operation of residential and commercial buildings, and other forms of ground-breaking technology.
Currently, Mikomak is looking for business partners and venture capitalists. You can find my business plan on my web site:
Also I made six videos about SA Engine and I upload them on you tube. Here is the link to my videos:
If you are interested in my products and my company or you need more information about them, feel free to contact us.

Our Clean energy Firm is seeking private equity funding for the development of three large scale wind project (400 MW Various location) here in the USA and in Europe. The total cost of one of the wind project will be in excess of $500,000. One wind farm is permitted and ready for development immediately . Serious inquiry from equity principal should be directed to Northeast Wind Power, Principals Send inquires to:

Our Clean energy Firm is seeking private equity funding for the development of 100 MW wind power project in India. The total cost of the wind power project will be around 140 million USD. Serious inquiry from equity principal should be directed to SOUTHWEST WIND FARM PRIVATE LIMITED, INDIA,
Send inquires to amr()southwestwindfarm.com

We are working on a new innovation in hydroelectric system to generate electricity.. Preliminarily we have been promised by our experiments. We need some more funding to proceed for final manufacturing. We appreciate to hear any interest. We can be reached at (909) 393-3149.

We are looking for venture capitalists for Middle East's largest Solar panel manufacturing unit to be based in UAE. We have established contacts with the UAE government for smooth operations. Land available on lease and we are all set! contact: jaknap77@rediffmail.com

We are working on a new innovation in generating electricity. Our goal is to combine several current technologies to prove the concept and then perfect the prototype to move forward into manufacturing. We qualify for several innovation grants to help in moving forward.

For more information, please contact us via email dave1carlson@hotmail.com.

I am Mr George Zanpantis The Md, CEO of Paragon Investment Limited based in United Kingdom. I am a private Lender, I give out loans to individuals or groups worldwide.
Loans guaranteed from us is between sums of $10,000.00 and $1,000,000,000.00 to individuals or groups, with a duration of not later than 10 years and a grace period of 12 additional months.
If you are interested in getting a your commercial loan from us, please do not hesitate to write us.

My partner and I are currently attempting to establish innovative marketing concepts for the mass distribution of renewable energy hardware -- our ideas are feasible. Our current market is in Mexico, but we do have very keen large ideas to promote this matter much wider over the globe.

Over the last few years, we have installed many of wind and solar systems, to include hybrid types, locally in the Yucatan Penninsula. We currently hold the representation of Outback(tm) Inverters out of Washington State; amongst others.

Moreover, our installations are being noticed and working quite effectively. We have recently been ACCEPTED as an authorized supplier of Wind and Solar Electricity Hardware by the CFE (The Mexican Electricity Company) for the entire Republic.

Wanna hear more, then serious please contact for further information.

Thank you for this information. Please add my name to your list serve.

Best Regards,

Myra M. Frazier

I am a financier I am willing to lend out loans with Low interest rate and with in the amount of $5,000 to $80,000,000 as the loan offer,I offer loan to all categories of people ,firms, companies, all kinds of business organizations, private individuals and real estate investors, I give out loans at very cheap and moderate rates. I am a certified, registered and legit lender. You can contact me today if you are interested in getting this loan, contact me for more information about the loan process, process like the loan terms and conditions and how the loan will be transferred to you. I need your urgent response if you are interested. I will need you to state the amount you are seeking so that i can prepare my terms for the loan.It should be stated in USD and the duration should also be stated. I need your urgent response if you are interested. You are to contact us with this e-mail iribskola@gmail.com

Did anyone find any legible and good source of VC / angel investing / private equity, I am looking to buy and build renewable energy power plants and am looking at around $5 million to acquire a business and then expand. If anyone can point me in right direction regd VC / PE, that would be great.
email: prithvi4u@gmail.com

angels wanted/for venture
in green energy bio-diesel jatropha feedswtock plantation.
we are a group of planters and interested in plantation of Jatropha curcus plants with ultimate aim to provide feedstock for bio-diesel production.
this pplantation is planned in Pakistan with cheap labour and land availability.We have talented expert agriculturist/chemists/and growers available .

now seek investors either on joint venture/tolend money to startup the project/but we shall assure the return within 3 years.
High markup assured and can be discussed.
funds needed from usd.25000 to 5000,000.
if interrested please contact MR. MAKDOOM
at email smakdoom at yahoo.com

Neutopia has acquired worldwide rights for distribution of renewable energy process equipment for each division of renewable technologies including concentrated solar pv, solar thermal, commercial scale wind, hydro (tidal), gasification, pyrolysis, biogas engines, agri-waste and MSW pre-processing equipment, and pelletizing equipment. We have project proposals for Central and South America which require certified installers, and we are looking for additional design/build squads to cover multiple projects. We offer 50% commission to qualified project managers. For all others who read this and are interested, take note that Neutopia ecoSOLUTIONS Inc currently has over $100 million (with exclusivity to deliver process equipment) for renewable energy projects in Canada and the U.S. We are preparing for the public launch of the company next month and will be presenting a public seminar in Toronto, Ontario to announce several $multi-million projects with high profile clients. We also have exclusivity to provide all process equipment for a renewable energy project in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on 160 acres. We are in a strong position to offer process equipment to other project developers who wish to build on this land, which will be housing a waste-to-energy conversion complex.
We have initiated project pre-feasibility studies across North and South America, Philippines, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. We are partnering with local engineering companies to take on project management in their respective communities. We are working with Export Development Canada and other government agencies. Our projects consist of initial meetings with local politicians, industry leaders, and waste management authorities to ensure the projects are community efforts. We anticipate our project listing to exceed $1 billion by end of 2009 as our sales force surpasses 1000 reps in North America alone.
Any interested parties should send a brief email with list of qualifications in the body of the email.
Best of luck in this rapidly emerging market.
Robert W. Laporte
President & CEO
Neutopia ecoSOLUTIONS Inc
rlaporte at neutopia.ca

I represent an acquisition company focused on natural gas and oil interests, wind farms, pipeline rights-of-way and water rights. 18% annual return (4.5% quarterly) Capital comtribution redeemed at end of 24 months. Please send me an email-rkirkpatrick at firstlondon.com, or call 214-720-6047.

Rick Roberts Angel Group, based in UK, offers start-up investment funds to companies that need seed capital. Typically, Rick Roberts will invest between $100,000 and $5,000,000 and work with the emerging companies to proceed to the next stage. We also help recruit new members of the management team, develop strategic partners, and refine product strategy.
Contact: angelrrick@aol.com

Green Project Water-Dependant Industrial

I am a VC coordinator for a small group of investors. We desire to exercise a 3.5 year option to purchase 1309 acres of Industrial Water Dependant land near San Francisco. We are short $14 million. The property has a 121 page appraisal valuing the property at $480 million. That's right, $480,000,000! The appraisal and Business Plan are available by email if requested. We are short on time and desire qualified serious VC sources. We intend to offer a very generous participation percentage to the right VC source.

Marc Bowman

I am an investment banker located in Alabama. I have a client that wants to purchase (3) gasifiers (turns wood chips into steam) to satisfy a long-term contract (7 years). We are looking to structure a bond financing as a take out for any short-term financing/leasing structure. Please provide me some additional information on the types of leases you have available for this type of transaction.

I have a packet that includes the gasifier quote and copy of the contract available for review.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Ted Bridges
(334) 262-7791

Dear Sir,

I am John Bredenkamp, a Zimbabwean citizen resident in UK. I intend investing in USA, especially in Real estate and Agriculture. Please i need your advise on this issue.

You can contact me via johnbredenkamp15 at yahoo.co.uk.


Energy is the main service provider for setting up any industry.Without energy nothing can be accomplished Therefore, this is the reason of increasing investment of firms in energy department.



realestate search

Domestic energy investment. Surface and sub-surface interests, Diversified, audited, well and engineering reports real-time, quarterly cash distribution, 2 yr term on capital with units redeemed at end of full 24 months. Accredited investors only. Please contact me directly to recieve PPM. 214-720-6047

Investors wanted for Wireless energy management system for residential and commercial applications. Looking for 10 Million USD for 45% equity in the organization. Please contact kwalter@keynos.com for more information. Serious inquiries only please!

We've created a process that can create a new lighting material that will use 90% less electricity of the most efficient system on the planet. Same process can stop carbon emissions and create electronic circuitty as in sensors. DOE is backing us, Progress Energy & GE is backing us. Have short term financial needs to continue development while the big boys get up to speed.

We have developed new green zero emission fuel.We run all our cars,trucks and tractors for very low cost and no emissions. The machine inputs only air and water. All detractors are amazed. We have two patent pending ways to make the fuel and two proven ways to use it. Thousands want machines. GreenNH3.com We look for ways to finance.100 % return..

A leader in innovative alternative energy solutions with its own patents is growing fast and is seeking growth money and an Executive (CEO) to take it to the next step.

We are located in SF, CA.

650 222 0698

I am a joint venture broker representing a fast growing renewable energy company. Here is some brief information about the company I am representing.

*Company specializing in renewable energy, biomass technology and project development.

*U.S. publicly traded company has offices in USA, Canada, Belgium, UK and
South Africa.

*Company has a joint venture contract with Shell and Exxon Mobil, and will be using a process to convert biomass (waste) into renewable energy.

*The 12% convertible debenture includes a 2 year call on the stock option, at $.10/share.

I am looking for accredited investors to do a joint venture with. I have no fees, only a negotiable percentage of the total investment. Tax credits will also be available soon, pending legislation. They are looking to complete financing on their current project. Investment window ranges from $100 - $250,000(USD), and this option should be available for about 30 more days.

There will be more investment opportunities with this company, over the next 24 months. The details of this company's future time line should definitely raise your interest, and the interest of any fellow investor you have in mind. I can send more information about the current project, and the projects they have lined up for the future. Please be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Thank you.


Wallace Capital Funding, LLC arranges asset based financing (Factoring, Account Receivable Financing, Purchase Order Funding & Inventory Financing). We allow business owners access to capital in the shortest period of time with minimum effort and maximum profits.



We have invented the machine to produce the electric
G.K.O. Ratha Krishnan, Machinist, >
18, Renganatha Puram,
Srivilliputtur – 626 125,
Virudhunagar Dist,
Tamil Nadu,
Ph: 914563 – 262893
Cell NO : 98421 – 39959.www.olimuthueng.webs.com
E-mail Id olimuthu2003--rediffmail com
Emai –ojr123456789--gmail com
Respected Sir,
SUB : We have invented the machine to produce the electric
We have invented the gravity force electric current machine. This
machine is running by gravity force. We have not any fuels and chemical
things for the machine running. It is only an engineering product
machine. We are produce the electric current by using this machine.
Because of the gravity force electric current machine the pollution is
not affect any ware.
This machine is produce the electric current in their houses or
factories for the necessity.
No dangerous by this machine. It is a low cost machine. First time
investment only for this machine. There is no expenditure often.
We want finance help to finish this invention. The invention is the most
important for the all over the world. If you will help us for Finance
for this invention, we will accept your terms and conditions. Please
help us. Please contact immediately.
I am anxiously waiting for your earliest reply.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
G K O Radhakrishnan


I wish to invite you to participate as broker/agent to DIFC
individualized equity investment portfolio management program..

Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) is the largest finance
centre in the Middle East with over £5 trillion private and corporate
investment portfolios. We are privately looking for fiduciary agents
and management experts who will be willing to act as investment
portfolio holders and administrators.

We currently have a back-log of an Excess Maximum Return Capital
Profit (EMRCP) of an average of 1.2% on each private investment and
corporate portfolio under our administration and control. We wish to
re-invest this fund by putting it into the management of private
businessmen and corporations with good business ideas that can
generate at least 10% ROI per annum over maximum of 5 years duration.
The fund will be disbursed based on a clear loan of 4.5% interest rate
per annum for 5 years renewable tenure.

All sign-up contracts, briefings and investment portfolio management
files will be handled in Dubai , United Arab Emirates .

For further details please contact me on my private e-mail address
below for more information.


Dr. Omar Bin Sulaiman
Director Dubai International Financial Centre
Private email: drobsulaimandifc@mail2uae.com
Website: www.difc.ae

Type my "full name" in your msn search - I'm from springville NY, this idea and one that deals with a very large investment called: ENERGY FOREVER without fossil fuels - no heat, no harmful waste, 100% clean effective renewable energy plant. Invention shown to development agency- they agree - will work, and produce energy around the clock.The design can only be shown with -1. a previous client that was backed, and with a pre-contract signed stating that "IF" the design shows up anywhere in the world- I am to be paid my percentage- Will NOT show unless these terms are met, a legal attorney will be paid by you, and any travel, and food, and lodging for presentation that will knock your socks off, and become the worlds most effective means of energy development, and the contract will be that all plants made are 90% to investor- and 10% from all plants to inventor. This means that you keep the majority of the profits,
and I gain from more being developed world wide. I trust that this is a reasonable and fair approach, and not to be changed in any way or form. If you do not sign the pre-contract the website that holds the design work will not be disclosed ever, and no one else knows the design work in it's completed form. This project will be the most effective way to produce energy because it does not need a large crew to maintain the operations, and is like a massive money maker.You will be able to under price all competitive sources and still make great profits.Can be placed in any place in the world.716 592 9128


With the ever increasing demand for water combined with new and much stricter standards for handling and storing contaminated water. The opportunity if not the responsibility to manage water in ways previously not considered has become our goal over the past 30 years. We have been part of and witnessed the evolution of water management. The progress has been slow. Processes that the vast amounts of usable clean water and is evaporated when possible leaving concentrated levels in the pond.

We propose a process using flash evaporation; submerge able combustion that evaporates water in a volume with a very small foot print. The need for ponds and storage is eliminated. No Possibility of contamination of the aquifer. After evaporation the clean water discharge can be recaptured through a condenser and reused reducing the demand for clean water by 80%. Using water that competes with culinary would be greatly reduced or eliminated. Produced water that in the past was stored and evaporated can now be used. Just one gas well frac can convert 1,050,000 gallons of clean water into contaminated water. With our process it would be reused.

Many disposal/storage facilities are full or past full of contaminated water. As the water evaporates concentrated levels of contaminates are left behind in the pond. As concentrated levels increase, the ability to evaporate goes down. The pond is left full and becomes storage pond without the ability to take water income to the operator is lost. Leaving full evaporation ponds in a environmentally hazardous state. Our systems would evaporate the contaminated water. We would then clean the contaminates form the bottom using a hydro-excavator. The contaminates including soil could them be transported safely to a designed disposal site. Any hydro carbons would be separated with our separation unit. These ponds pose a long reaching threat to our drinking water. We can eliminate the threat by eliminating the ponds.

We have the solution to empty and clean the evaporation ponds and water disposal pits. Hydro carbon- separted and sold with separation units. Solids and contaminated soil can be removed and disposed of at proper sites using hydro-Excavators. Contaminated water can be flash evaporated and distilled water recovered up to 80% with condenser.

Traditional water disposal units with evaporation ponds and all the problems they represent can be eliminated and replaced with equipment that has a very small foot print. Evaporates water in volume. Recovers distilled water at 80% of volume. Separates Hydro carbon which can be sold. Contributing income and eliminating oil and condensate standing on top of ponds, creating a potential hazard. This problem also exists in mining manufacturing, land fill facilities, agricultural and many others. We have people in place that possess the knowledge, technology and experience to make this a reality.

Eric (801)231-4010

Garbage to Electricity using unique and lower cost Liner Technology to replace open dumping of garbage suited for immediate application in South Asian Cities developed and ready to commercialize is looking for Venture Capital or Private Equity Investment

I have a plan in mind to aquire mauure from a 100,000 hog production unit,run it thru an anarobec digestor and capture the methane gas for electrical generation to be sold back to the hog operation at a reduced rate and selling excess power to power co. We will be a second party to the hog producer.According to preliminary research we would selling back several times the production co. consumption. Above all the methane that is currently escaping into the atmos[phere would be eliminated. Thanks for any interest you may have. Gerald Kelley

We are looking for USD 150 million finance or joint venture investment for purchasing an offshore drilling jack-up. We have a contract with National Iranian Oil Company amounting USD 1 billion for the next 4 years.

REDCO is a renewable energy development company. We have a project in Needles, CA. Press Release Links:



We also have two 100 MW Wind Farm Projects. We are offering private equity and tax equity investment in these and future projects. The Needles Project is expected to lead to several larger projects with large financial requirements. We are offering incubator (pre-construction), Bridge Loan, Tax Equity, and Private Equity funding opportunities. Our funding needs range from $2-300 million.

I am assembling a list of potential investors for the President of our company. If you are interested and would like to be contacted please send me your contact information

Thank you,

J. Michael Adams
Renewable Energy Development Corporation
(801) 380-7450

Dear Sir/Madam

Greetings to you
Lets Save The Planet

Seeking equity & J/V partners for wind power projects in Romania
- Project value over $100 Mil
500MW .It cna be doe innstags ahve aldn and al approvlas for wind parks
Local production of wind turbines
Await form potential investors

Yours sincerely
John Didea CEO/Inventor
Integrated Industry Ecology SRL -RO

Natural Gas, Marcellus Shale Drilling Programs located in the Appalachian Basin.Looking for investors. dlgraham@wvmei.com


We've been working in Bulgaria since 1997, a country we now know well. Photovoltaic projects are flourishing this year, almost all of them about small projects. We are developing ours, with a highly specialized company from Sofia, able to offer a turn key solution, allowing immediate building of the project. We'd like to start with a 5 mWp power plant and are seeking private investors, specialized or not, but conscient of the formidable opportunity it may be for a huge and regular income, the development of a region where there's almost nothing viable, and conscient of the environment quality as well, which is very important to us. Bulgaria s now buying a kilowatt for 0,39 Euro. This price will be higher next year. Also, this enterprise, via a solid partnership, will also be for our private partners a window for new investments in Europe because of our relationships with the local banks and key actors, our investors' name a sign of quality. Would you be as enthousiastic as we are and consider investing with us ? Please accept our best regards

Frank Paris

We are India's pioneer company dealing in biomass cook stoves and have installed more than 195 such stoves at commercial locations tottaling more than 7.5 MW capacity. These are carbon neutral and eligible for carbon credits. Our projects are winner of national and international awards ( ashden award-UK). We have new design of cook stove having automated fuel feed and temperature controller. The target market segment is diesel stove users ( there are millions in India ) The stove can recover its cost in six months if used 5-6 hrs daily. This would be eligible for carbon offset. Already got best price for the Carbon sale. Looking for investor to fund this unique socially and environmentally viable project. Technology can be exported also. Interested ? please mail at nibhoria@gmail.com

I am the President of a energy land services company that is seeking investors for early stage wind farm development. The current administration has called for 20% of the electricity in the US to be produced by alternatives by 2030 and we are only currently at around 4% today. That is a lot of new electricity that needs to be produced, creating a large market for wind power. There are companies now that are ready to purchase projects that are ready for construction so this is a great opportunity.

Investor must be liquid for at least $250k for a possible return of around $1 million within around 2-2.5 years when project is sold and potential of much more if turbines are actually erected by the buyer. If you are interested in hearing more, email me and I will answer your questions and go into more detail.

Horizontal Crude Oil Programs West Virginia.

We are a small wind farm company based in San Antonio, Texas USA with a 5,000+ acre wind farm location in Lamb County Texas. Our property has class 4 winds, excellent solar exposure, and have both transmission and distribution lines crossing the property. solar power development.

We are seeking equity for Phase I (6 MW wind farm) in the amount of US$1,000,000. Investor(s) shall receive a 10% preferred return on the investment and a 20% net profit interest. Investor(s) shall also receive 20% interest in the wind lease royalties. Initial investment and preferred return shall be paid back prior to profit distribution. The Investor(s) shall also have the right of First Refusal to invest in Phase II of the wind farm development.

If you would like more information this project feel free to contact me.


city's waterworks investment opportunity in northern china for waste water plants and clean drinking water plants. both waste water dispcharge and clean water consumed are charge per cubic metre. and city rubbish collection and disposal with a huge incernator plant. 3 billions dollars investment. it is better to made 1 dollars a day for next 30 years than sudden profit of 1,000 dollars and none the next time in speculation business venture. contact me, my email is: bukitmimosa@yahoo.com
toh seng kit

Renewable Opportunities, Inc. is a start up green manufacturer of methanol, hydrogen and synthetic fuels, utilizing the vast quantities of high dollar value industrial waste as feedstock in a "beneficial reuse" solution to the ever growing environmental issues plaguing the world. Positive cost of goods gives us 2 distinct revenue streams in very high visible markets.

We are in need of $3.2 million in seed capital for first round to complete Schematic and Design Phase and have second round investors waiting in the wings for remainder of $30 million total project cost. Initial investor will get a substantial equity position in parent company with several other projects already on the drawing board.

If anyone is interested in this innovative method of waste to energy with never ending growth potential, please contact me directly.

Thank you.

J. Seth Murphy
EVP Business Development
Renewable Opportunities, Inc.


To Whom May it interest

My work the last couple of years has been involved in developing new types of engines that run on the natural expansion energies and not of any combustion type fuels. Earlier this year I finished a 40 k watt type of system and it ran for 105 minutes on 6 bottles of 2900 psi air tanks. I can build this system to run for days on end but I have not got to that point yet. See my web site at www.ultralightamerica.com and it is listed under the Air Powered Generator System Project. But why I am writing this is to possibly interest any investor in a new design that I have been working on as a small Turbine I call the RAT MOTOR. The engine is 15 inches in diameter and 16 inches long an has been designed to spin a specially built 100 kwatt flux type generator. The whole system weights in at under 135 lbs. What we have already calculated mathematically is that the engines usage of air is far less expected and a nominal compressor can outrun the engine. As my data confirmed from testing on the previous system, two Ph.D.'s have confirmed my findings already proving a 96 percent efficiency or better is obtained.

As this system can be used to not only produce electricity at a extremely low cost, it has been initially designed to work in a utility truck to go from coast to coast (2000 miles @ 60 mph) on one shot of compressed air. It is much different in design from any other turbine systems designed to use compressed air. It uses a new type of "Descending Piston Arrangement" not seen in other engines. Originally, the vehicle was to be used to compete in the X-PRIZE AUTOMOTIVE CHALLENGE (Team Envi) in May of next year. Regretfully, we withdrew from the competition.
Team ENVI is a group of very intelligent, well educated individuals dedicated to green
transportation and electrical power needs.

We have met with large transportation firms about the possibility of replacing the combustion engine drives in there trucks but the request for several thousand of these engine/generator systems is financially out of our reach needing several hundred million dollars of investment capital and the seed capital to complete all the work on the prototype AIR/ELECTRIC hybrid truck.

This will be a billion dollar industry if we can get over the next hurdle.
This is a Zero Emission Vehicle and is as green as green gets.

If you are interested in speaking with me and helping me bring this to fruition my phone number is included 979-885-9145 cell. Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this and hope you have a good day. God Bless....

To Whom it may concern.

McClellan Products, Inc. is a small market solar and wind management company. We specialize in the design and ownership of small wind and solar farms from 500,000 watts up to 20 mega watts.

Once funding is achieved, we have a backlog of a total of 15 mega watts of installations in California and Georgia.

We also sale residential and commercial systems and systems and products online.

If interested, we require a signed NDA before open communication can begin.

Charles McClellan
McClellan Products, Inc.
Bus # 562-860-8485
Cell # 714-402-9803

SONEX INVESTMENT INC. is a private investment company that provides financing to Small-cap, publicly traded companies. Our mission is to add value by providing not only financial resources and industry knowledge, but hands-on M&A strategy and implementation. Acting as principal, we maintain successful long term relationships with our portfolio companies. Our expertise lies only partly in creating flexible financial structures. More importantly, our ingenuity and financial resources enable a company to grow both internally and externally via acquisitions. We're a hard working, creative, highly experienced and successful team that can take a company to the next level. Contact us to see how we can help make your business grow financially.

Our interests are lower than your local lenders, and our conditions are easier to meet. Depending on your compliance to make available the requirements, your funds could be transferred to your resident account within 7 working days you open a communication line with us. Listed below are the other particular areas which we also experienced in
Start-up funding
Commercial Real Estate Finance*
Joint Venture/Partnership with long term business r/ship
Seed Capital/Early stage funding
Business Financing
Debt Consolidation
Secured/Unsecured Loans

We serve your finance needs better,and make business comfortable for you.

Joe Straton.


I have a patent pending Self Charging Battery. www.EvolutionPowerUSA.com I am in the beginning stages of being awarded a Phase I grant from the DOE.
My invention would be used in Vehicles, Military, Cell Phones and all electronics. Think about this, your cell phone would never run low on power. I would like to partner with an investment firm to successfully bring this to market. There is a possibility of making billions in returns over time.

if anyone is intrested in really marketing a magnetic motor that works and is ready to move on with developement in this area give me a call (what if i have the answer)im not looking for investments i want to produce my motor :it runs on magnets and no fuel,compact and universal in many uses= auto,agri,=boating=elect,gen, ect.if curious and ready to do something call me,im in central texas,phone#407=235=6921

I am looking for venture capital to implement one of two business plans with torrefied wood pellets. Plan one involves a $15 million dollar investment to produce 31 MT per hour with brand new equipment. the other is a $4 million dollar invest ment and it will produce 15 MT per hour with used equipment. The cost of wood chips is $35/ton. The cost to produce the torrefied pellets is $20/ton. The pay back in 2 or 5 years $15/ton. The pellets can be sold in the US for about $100/ton and in Europe for about $150 euros/MT. Anyone interested contact me @ info@whetsellenergy.com or 803-957-8694

I am looking for existing energy companies, with positive net revenue, that need investment capital. We have billions to invest, with loans starting at 10 million for alternative energy companies and 20 million for oil and gas companies. Please contact me to find out how much we can invest in your company!

A standard non-disclosure/non-circumvent is needed to discuss details.


I am looking for investment upto $5M to manufacture patented solar electric generator in India and substantially cheaper than other solar technologies. Please let me know your interest at webmaster@innovtechindia.com to receive business proposal. 

I'm seeking funding for an Algae project. I have in place an Algae bioreactor manufacturer, a chemical company that emits C02 for feedstock to grow the Algae, commitment from chemical company to lease the property to install the bioreactor and farm with water and rail access and most importantly, the commitments from large companies to buy the products when produced. If interested, please call me @ (678) 992-3419

We have access to producing and prospective natural gas property. Fayetteville Shale, Haynesville Shale & Marcellus Shale non-operated working interests, minerals, royalty. (601) 899-0029

We are seeking funding for a (patented) wind turbine design that has applications in urban and remote environments. The Department of Engineering at East Carolina University stated in their project report that our concept and design is both "viable and competitive." Funding is needed to develop and test this turbine and bring this technology which has limitless potential to the market.

We are having solar based energy projects, in Pakistan for agriculture solar water pumping system projects, rural electrification using solar, solar water heaters projects,solar cookers projects. We need startup capital executive summary and business plan can be requested. We need serious partners to join us in providing this most urgent wanted need to Pakistan at a very attractive rate of return on investment.

Seeking 400M for a green technology project. Client has world-wide exclusive rights for this process solving what is a tremendous problem for cities, towns, landfill operators. Pilot plant will take 16 months to complete and construction will employ 1000. Once online. plant will employ 300+ and operate its own fleet of trucks. For more info and a summary, please contact me at rcarlson.pmproject@gmail.com Serious inquiries ONLY!

Our company, a Texas C-Corporation is currently seeking funding of $10,000,000.00 for implementation of our extensive portfolio of oil and gas prospects and oil field services business. We are a new start-up with the distinct advantage of being able to be up and running immediately upon funding with drilling prospects generated, mineral rights leased and drilling projects awaiting implementation by our strategic alliance with a successful Oil and Gas Operator in San Antonio, Texas.
Our company has secured significant working interest from this operator, an established oil and gas operator in San Antonio, Texas. Our portfolio entails 5 projects (which continue to grow at this time) ranging from re-entry and intermediate prospects to a well researched and documented wildcat (The Prospect targets world-class sized reserves of oil and gas. 500 million barrels of oil equivalent in potential reserves have been estimated which are comparable to the analogous Mars Field discovery made by Shell and British Petroleum (BP-Amoco) in the ultra deep waters offshore, upper Gulf of Mexico.), all of which ready to execute upon funding.
We have an advantage over many start-up and 1st stage Oil and Gas companies due to the alliances we have created within the Oil and Gas industry.
We currently are seeking up to four (4)capital partner(s) of $2,500,000.00 each for an agreed upon sum of stock, position on the board and if agreeable to both partners a management position within the company. This is an ownership offering at this time and we are seeking only significant accredited partners at this time. All offers of ownership with contributions of $1,000,000.00 or greater will be entertained, however our primary goal is to offer a significant share of the company for equity partners as stated above. We feel we bring a significant portfolio to the table with excellent return potential in the short-term.
I look forward to presenting an executive summary of our offering if you are currently considering investment opportunities within the Oil and Gas sector.
Please send a copy of your confidential disclosure agreement between both parties if available. We request the use of an agreement before extensive disclosure of information located within our Business Plan. We will also request you sign a statement stating you are an accredited investor and have the financing available for such an investment. Please contact us via email ESERC2009@hotmail.com

Immediate Press Release

ERRA Inc Acquires Ergenics Corp To Commercialize Advanced Green Energy Technologies

ERRA Incorporated of San Antonio, Texas, announced today that they have completed their acquisition of Ergenics Corporation of Ringwood, New Jersey.

Ergenics Corp. (found at: www.ergenics.com and www.youtube.com keyword Ergenics) is a well-established clean-energy technologies development company possessing a portfolio of worldwide patents, largely based in the science of reversible metal hydride technologies.

“This acquisition will rapidly advance the commercialization of several proprietary game- changing technologies in the clean energy industry worldwide,” says ERRA’s Chairman & CAO, Bernard Reznicek, the former President and CEO of Boston Edison and Omaha Public Power. “This technology now gives us the ability to address not only the burgeoning electric and hybrid electric vehicle markets, but also enables non-grid connected applications in remote areas, telecommunications infrastructure, network and system reliability, wind and solar energy storage (making them fully dispatchable for the first time ever) , utility load leveling, UPS, and numerous consumer products and various military applications.”

“ERRA, Inc. had previously acquired its YESS (Your Energy Storage Solution) advanced storage battery technology from Ergenics Corp. Understanding that breakthrough technologies such as those developed by Ergenics Corp. were global market makers that would position ERRA, Inc. as a world leader in the Clean Tech field, it only made sense to acquire Ergenics,” says ERRA’s CEO, James Hogarth.

ERRA, established in 2006, has always been committed to the worldwide commercialization of 100% battery powered electric vehicles. ERRA’s enabling automotive technologies include the previously acquired YESS advanced storage battery and very strong, lightweight composite vehicle structures.

“Ergenics Corporation has developed numerous patented technologies related to the green / clean tech energy industry. The previously acquired YESS advanced storage battery is based on a proven solid state nickel hydrogen electrochemistry that is fully scalable from batteries as small as AAA up to battery arrays capable of storing several MWH‘s of electricity very affordably for long periods of time if needed.

The newly acquired portfolio of technologies includes a zero emissions air conditioning technology, capable of being scaled from the size of a paper clip up through multi-ton commercial systems. One of the unique characteristics of this technology is that the hotter the ambient temperature gets outside, the better the reversible hydrides work. The air conditioning technology does not need refrigerant gases, and in many applications the compressor can be eliminated. In nearly all applications these systems utilize much less electricity to operate than conventional systems.

The air conditioning technology is capable of being reversed and used as a heat pump. Again, unlike conventional heat pumps which do not work very well in colder regions, the hydride heat pump works better the colder it gets outside.

Another technology acquired is a refrigeration system based on reversible hydrides. The refrigeration system is based on multiple stages of the basic hydride air conditioning system. The refrigeration system does not require refrigerant gases and is also able to eliminate the compressor in many applications.

A hydride heat engine has also been developed. This heat engine can operate on much lower heat sources than conventional heat engines. Electricity can be inexpensively produced at any source where there is a waste heat stream. In addition, we are developing advanced systems that can operate very cost effectively using solar heated hot water.

According to Chairman Reznicek, “The acquisition of Ergenics will guarantee ERRA’s ability to greatly reduce the world’s dependence on petroleum and fossil fuels within this current generation! These technologies may well provide the unsolved solutions to many of the world’s most vexing energy and environmental problems.”

David DaCosta will remain president of the new, wholly-owned subsidiary of ERRA Incorporated. DaCosta believes the relationship with ERRA will lay the foundation for manufacturing these technologies here in the United States. DaCosta said he has long recognized and respected the efforts of ERRA’s founder James Hogarth in re-establishing efficient, competitive manufacturing practices here at home.

This acquisition is effective immediately. Ergenics Corp will continue to operate from it's facilities in Ringwood, New Jersey. All employees will be retained, while ERRA Inc. will continue to headquarter in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

For additional information or inquiries please contact:

James Hogarth
Phone: 210-478-9657
Email: james.hogarth@errainc.com
Official Website: www.errainc.com

"Safe Harbor" Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: This press release includes forward-looking statements intended to qualify for the safe harbor from liability established by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements generally can be identified by phrases such as ERRA Incorporated, or Ergenics Corporation, or its management "believes," "expects," "anticipates," "foresees," "forecasts," "estimates" or other words or phrases of similar import. Similarly, statements herein that describe the Company's business strategy, outlook, objectives, plans, intentions or goals also are forward-looking statements. All such forward-looking statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in forward-looking statements.

The YESS (Your Energy Storage Solution) Battery is protected under the Copyright Laws of the United States of America. ERRA Incorporated 2009. All rights reserved.

Looking for early entry seed money ($200K US) with technolgy experience for a first stage feasibility Grant to justify viability for a fully sustinable intregrated renewable energy park (Central New York Agri-Business Park) supporting the total enrgy demand of (15+/-) organic based manufacturers (waste to energy) within the LEED Certified confines of the 1,000 acre ag park. Project estimate is $200M to $300M subject to presence of natural gas together with wind, solar, solar therma, pv, algae, geothermal, and biodiesel.

i have an agricultral land in sindh pakistan, i am intersted to a partner to join me as a joint ventrue in farming and instalation of plant


I am looking for funding for a biofuel venture out of Ukraine.

Yours sincerely

We are looking for venture capital and we have numerous projects in development. Florida International University is directly involved in developing our renewable energy concepts and proposals. We are currently working with the U.S. DOE to attain grants and we intend to build the worlds first truly energy independent community. Tesla Motors and Sharp Solar are interested in helping promote our goal to create 100% Surplus Zero Energy Homes and Buildings, with the majority of the surplus electricity used to power plug in electric vehicles. Contact Patrick Post in Coral Gables, Florida at patrick@ieeconcepts.com or cell phone at 561 568 1650

Sirs / Madams,

I run a small business that has two ideas that venture capital can help with.

The first is a wave energy conversion device that has gone through the preliminary design stages and needs capitol to complete. The device draws on our previous experience working in the offshore oil and gas industry and total of 20 years offshore engineering experience.

We also have completed a design for a very low carbon footprint electric car primarily made from natural renewable materials - in a choice of bodywork designs. The purchase cost for a vehicle is expected to be £1500 sterling.

We are seeking partners to build an ethanol plant in the in Ghana. The feedstock for the plant will be cassava, an abundant crop in the country. Interested individuals and companies are invited feasibility Studies is available on request

Executive Summary

Amplified Wave Energy Platform
Harvesting Power and Fresh Water from the Ocean’s Wave Energy

There is a finite limit to Earth’s petroleum resources and the demand for it grows as the populations of the world strive for higher standards of living. Indeed human population worldwide continues to grow at the rate of 1.2 % /yr. We are doubling every 60 years. (See United Nations 2008 ICPD Conference) Further the U.S. Energy Information Agency EIA projects a 40% increase in energy consumption over the next 20 years. (See graphic below)

Likewise, potable water supply is an issue that plagues 1.2 billion people worldwide, either forced to wither and perish without water or drink contaminated water, living with and even dying from water borne disease. Potable water supply issues loom large in many otherwise prosperous communities.
Meanwhile, scientists have known for decades that the oceans of the world contain as much as 10 trillion watts of environmentally clean, renewable, wind driven, wave energy. The challenge is to capture a significant yield of this resource with a technologically practical, environmentally green, cost effective system.
In 2006, Ocean Energy Systems (OES) was founded to design, develop and commercialize a three barge demonstration system, which has been named the Amplified Wave Energy Platform (AWEP) (See below). The AWEP Senses Ocean wave frequency and is designed to automatically adjust itself (by shifting water ballast) to optimally oscillate the AWEP’s response, thus create resonance, so as to maximize transfer of the ocean’s hydrokinetic energy. This energy can then be used to drive salt water pumps and/or generators installed at hinge points between the barges to produce either electricity or potable water. OES’s AWEP is designed to produce 250,000 gallons/day of potable water in average 1. 5 meter wave heights with periods of 7 seconds. Electrical power and potable water production are factored by wave height and wave period and as such each will be analyzed when choosing specific locations. Readers can determine from the wave map below that most of the world’s coastal areas qualify for the production of 250,000 gallons/day of potable water. An example of electricity production is our proposal to Sustainable Energy Ireland, (SEI) a project to generate power up to 12 MWHR/day/per AWEP off Ireland’s west coast, where average wave heights are 2.5 meters with average periods of 8 seconds. Optionally, in hybrid mode, OES’s AWEP can produce both power and water by configuring the pumps/generators located between the fore and aft barges.
The AWEP is a self-contained, transportable, wave energy transducer platform. Each AWEP can produce 250,000 gallons of potable water per day at a shore-side price (independent of financing charges) of $0.46/ Cubic Meter or $1.74/1000 gallons. Electricity is projected to be supplied to the local grid for $0.07/KWHR. Potable water and electricity supplied by the OES AWEP is half the average cost of land based facilities.
To contain production cost, OES integrates a high percentage of commercial off-the-shelf components with our proprietary designs and patent pending technology. The AWEP is designed to operate in harsh ocean environments, and has successfully withstood simulated 100 year storm conditions.¹ The AWEP will be constructed and maintained for a 20-year operating life. It is reasonable to expect new OES designs, materials and technologies will supersede the AWEP every second decade.
Note¹: Upon request, OES will make available a 7 minute DVD describing initial sea trials of this remarkable 100 ton System operating off Ireland’s West Coast.
OES plans to meet worldwide demand for the AWEP acting in the role of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and/or licensor of the AWEP technology. Project Integrators/Engineering Systems Contractors can become licensed, authorized and qualified for integration of OES systems. Projections of production reflect a need for a workforce of 220 AWEP “touch workers” to produce 100 AWEP’s/Yr + a support staff proportionate to 1.5 to 2.5 X “touch workers” depending on the particular production organization’s needs. Alternatively, OES will offer direct assistance to existing or forming locally owned and operated utilities, authorities and cooperatives to coordinate local production activities.
The Market
The relative size of the electric power supply and potable water markets are so large and growing, that each of the markets described are considered infinite relative to OES’s objectives. (The world’s potable water deficit alone demands 50,000 AWEP’s or AWEP equivalents, just to satisfy today’s demands.² The majority of OES’s customers will be oriented along ocean coasts and islands. Our direct customers will be typically governments, public and private utilities and may include disaster relief organizations. OES’s AWEP will also be marketed to supplement clean energy mandates on businesses that require “0” carbon dioxide which may be otherwise cost prohibitive or logistically impossible.
Finally, we believe it noteworthy that at the annual production of 100 AWEP’s/year, OES’s production will hardly dent the market requirement and yet this volume could produce consistent annual revenues of $200 million at a projected 15% profit after tax. It will also create more than 220 living wage jobs in the USA.
Note²- Source for OES estimates is the World Health Organization water deficit projection.
OES is owned and operated by Robert Murtha, Brian Cunningham and Dr. Michael McCormick -- its three founders. Bob, Brian and Mike collectively represent a unique, synergistic blend of over 100 years of business, entrepreneurial, academic and engineering design experience. They are committed to developing high quality, innovative and value based renewable energy products to supply potable water and emission free power for the USA and around the world.
OES, operating as an OEM supplier, projects a cash flow breakeven in its 3rd year of operations, post initial financing, when the cost to produce each AWEP system including materials, labor and manufacturing overhead are projected to be $1,000,000. The wholesale price of each system is projected to be $2.0 million and the annual cost of operations including maintenance and spare parts (paid for by OES’s partner distributor) is estimated to be $50,000 per system/year. OES estimates that to fully develop and commercialize the AWEP system will require an investment of $10 million. OES believes that the AWEP project should be funded in two phases:
Phase 2- A 3 year, $6.0 million - Product Commercialization and refinement in Cost of Manufacture
Phase 1- A 2 year, $4.0 million to design, fabricate and demonstrate Proof of Performance Model

Accomplishment of the foregoing financial projections means that an investment of $10 million in Yr. 1 could yield 5 year accumulated net profits of $52 million after tax. Further assuming: 1) Public or Corporate investors are willing to purchase OES for at least 10X P/E based on the 5th year performance as described in the table above and the outside investor pool collectively owned 33% of OES (33% X $300 million = $100 million investor’ owned interest), at the time of Public Offering or Corporate sale; then outside investors would have earned a 58%, five year Compound Rate of Return
NOTE: Investors should be aware of the significant risks with AWEP and our projected results are based on our best estimates but many assumptions involve unpredictable market conditions. Members of Ocean Energy Systems Inc. management team will be available to discuss the risks and the prospects of overcoming them with qualified investor candidates.

Executive Biographies
Robert Murtha - Chairman Mr. Murtha is a veteran entrepreneur and environmental engineering expert who received his Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins University by preparing his thesis on wave energy conversion under the direction of Professor Michael McCormick. He was formerly Vice President of ACS Environmental Solutions which was acquired by Lockheed Martin Company, and is currently founder and CEO of Murtech. Prior to his corporate experiences, Mr. Murtha served in the United States Marine Corps and was awarded the Navy Achievement Award for solving a complicated water shortage problem. .
Brian Cunningham - Chief Executive Officer Brian Cunningham was the founding entrepreneur of the high tech firm Computer Entry Systems Corporation, which he guided from its inception through a 12-year private and an 8-year public journey, eventually employing over 1000 associates and returning over 30 times their original investment to Founding investors. Computer Entry Systems was recognized by both Forbes and Inc Magazines as one of the fastest growing small companies in the U.S. and was increasingly profitable for 16 consecutive years. Prior to his corporate experience, Mr. Cunningham was a Physicist at the Naval Ordinance Lab and a Project Manager at the National Aeronautics & Space Administration where he designed, fabricated and helped to launch scientific satellites in preparation for America’s moon landing.
Dr. Michael McCormick - Chief Technical Officer Dr McCormick, Ph. D Mechanical Engineering , PhD Civil Engineering , Sc.D, Engineering Science. Dr. McCormick is a world-renowned ocean wave authority and author of more than 100 publications, including two books on ocean wave mechanics. Dr. McCormick has 37 years of engineering and teaching experience at both the U.S. Naval Academy and Johns Hopkins University where he is Professor Emeritus of Ocean Engineering. Recently, he has held part-time positions with ACS Defense and Lockheed-Martin IT as an environmental computational fluid dynamicist. He is a Fellow of three professional societies: ASCE, ASME and MTS. Dr. McCormick’s experience in wave energy conversion dates back to 1973, when he was the U.S. Coast Guard Research Professor at the Naval Academy studying oscillating water-column wave-energy conversion. He conceptually designed the bi-directional turbine contributed by the U.S. on the Kaimei project in Japan. His association with wave-powered desalination began in 1981 with his work on the McCabe Wave Pump in Ireland. Most recently, May 2007, Dr. McCormick was appointed to the position of Corbin A. McNeill, Professor of Naval Engineering at the United States Naval Academy.

ShenZhen TopPower Electronic Technology CO.LTD., LTD is a high-tech enterprise which as a professional manufacturer of all kinds of mobile batteries, and we also make chargers. Since it’s established in 1999, our company had been devoted to innovation of technology and production process, Top One is great success in the market, especially our reliable quality, Our products are quite pop in global market. Your OEM is highly appreciated.

Our factory is located in ShenZhen, and has the modern production workshop and up-to-date equipment. The monthly output of battery is above 10,0000 PCS. The mighty production ability let us win the approbation of the largest customers combined to reduce the production cost. " the highest quality products at the lowest price " has been being the pursue and the advantage of our company.

ADD: Room D17 5th ,Floor,NanFang Building XiDi ErMa Rd Liwan Zone.Guangzhou

TEL: (86-20)81266588

FAX: (86-20)81266588

E-mail: eva_toppower@hotmail.com

ADD: Room B111 2nd Commodity Wholesale Market NanTai XiDi ErMa Rd

TEL: (86-20)81013644

FAX: (86-20)81013644

E-mail: market@toponebattery.com

ADD: Cui Hu industrial zone,Hu ai de village ,FU Young Town Bao an District ,

TEL: (86-20)81013644

FAX: (86-20)81013644

E-mail: eva_toppower@hotmail.com


I am a private loan lender.Get financial support from me.I offer loans at a low interest rate to individuals and business organization. I offer personal loans,business loans,debt consolidation loans,commercial loans,real estate loans,hard money loans and so much more. For more details contact me today via e-mail: donaldmarx08@gmail.com

Looking for $5-10MM 2nd tier Seed Capital to build pilot plant and proceed with 25 facilities over 5 years to exit strategy.
The basic deal is a bacterium (Bug") that produces clean white bio diesel fuel, market ready fungible fuel (C16, C17, C18 sweet spot) from biomass materials. The first of its kind in the market (no other "Bug" has ever been invented for clean white bio diesel fuel) and options on all patents have been assigned to the company in order to commercialize the "bug" and process (utilizing commercial off the shelf technology) and build 25 Fuel Farms and deliver 100,000bpd of diesel (4,000bpd per plant). They literally can be in positive cash flow and producing market ready diesel in 6 months. World renowned university developed "bug". Conservative company exit valuation $3-5bb (net of debt). Please email interest for further information and initial communication.

I am soliciting for the firm to get interested persons to participate as broker/agent to Hoffman Ventures Inc individualized equity investment portfolio management program. we present major finance companies around the world with over $3trillion private and corporate investment portfolios.

These firms we represent have financially sound base, Excess Maximum Return Capital Profit (EMRCP)of average and ranging from 1.2% on each private and corporate portfolio under our administration.

With this i notify that my clients wish to re-invest this fund by putting it into the management of private
businessmen and corporations with good business ideas that can generate at least 10% ROI per annum over maximum of 5 years duration.

More details will be provided as we proceed.

Mr. Hoffman Anderson
Hoffman Ventures Inc

I am working on a start-up project that is new to Africa but not in the western world. The project is in the commerce/transport/petroleum industry and covers the Sub-Saharan Africa region; Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and sections of southern Sudan, Northern DRC and North-Eastern Tanzania. The company needs $4,960,000 to be released in phases over a 5 year period as loans, venture partnership or other. Sales are projected to be at a minimum of $15 Million annually by the end of year 5. The company will certainly be a household name, stable and highly sustainable from the initial year. Of the projected capital of $4.96 Million, $4.0 Million are in fixed assets. The project also forms part of the regions’ vision 2030(millennium development goals). If interested contact me on the below contacts, verifiable and serious investors/bankers only. A business manual/plan is available on request for review. If unable to assist, could you kindly forward any companies and financial institutions that might help. Thank you.

Omar Omar

0711-915477 (MAIN)
0770- 182545 (ALTERNATE)

My company has developed and has patent in progress for a swimming pool circulation system makes the pool less expensive to build, is safer, is easier to maintain and does not require a power connection. It has been prototyped, tested, and is the future of this industry.

Production will be not require much special tooling as this as can be assembled from readily available mass produced items. It will be applicable to all swimming pools from above ground to in ground and remodels, stopping just short of large commercial projects.

It can be franchised, sold through distributors, or direct marketed. It will qualify for government tax credits and many other state and local incentives.

I am seeking partners to make this happen nationally. The system has all the advantages of other green endeavors. Since it cost less than the equipment it will replace, there is no large initial outlay that must be recouped. The total monthly energy savings is projected to be nearly 100k$ over a 25 year life span in high priced electricity markets.

rad.lagoon gmail

I seek investors for a biofuel project based in Kenya and Tanzania. I am writing on behalf of Africa Biofuel and Emission Reduction company located in Tanzania. Currently the company is in talks with some international companies that have shown interest to acquire shares in the company. The company is at its initial development stages with the intention of producing Biofuel and also intends to invest in Kenya. We therefore seek additional funds from investors to facilitate the project.

Executive summary is available upon request.


We are looking for funding of a nanotechnology organic solar cell company. Below is the executive summary

Executive Summary

SolarAMP is a Research and Development Company. SolarAMP’s goal is to enable partners to leap frog the solar industry using its advanced technology entitled LARTEC (Light Absorbing Rod Technology). We will provide organic nanotechnology photovoltaic absorbing materials and solutions for use by organic solar cell providers.

“We don’t make the organic solar cell, we will make yours better”

SolarAMP doesn’t expect to provide the end user cells but we do expect to be the leading specialty chemical provider to those companies that do. This positions SolarAMP as a unique way to participate in the total organic solar cell opportunity versus backing a single solution.
What is an organic solar cell?
An organic photovoltaic cell (OPVC) is a photovoltaic cell that uses organic electronics--a branch of electronics that deals with conductive organic polymers or small organic molecules for light absorption and charge transport in order to create a synthetic photosynthesis.
Our technology very closely maps the natural plant process of photosynthesis with a patented set of synthetic chemicals. This is extremely important because the efficiency of photosynthesis is 25-35%. This is considerably higher than either 1st generation silicon or 2nd generation inorganic thin film while being considerably cheaper with a wide variety of potential applications.
The critical traits of an organic solar cell:
Inexpensive, very thin, flexible, printable, non-toxic, and portable.
Eventually, organic solar will compete across the solar application spectrum; however, there are a set of early applications that lend themselves to organic solar characteristics.
(a) There are 1.6B people (400M households) in underdeveloped countries without access to electricity today. The UN Development Commission(UDC) has stated that availability of only 1KW per household, would drastically change the lives of these people.

If all 400M households installed a 1KW system at $5/W, this market would be $200B and really isn’t addressable by today’s solar solutions. SolarAMP believes that its partners can realistically target 50M of these households ($25B) with initial product in 2010 that will achieve 12% penetration ($3B, 6M homes) through 2014.
This is because a very light flexible 20 square meter panel of only 5% efficiency could meet the cost requirement using organic solutions.
(b) Building architectural glass alone is some $3B per year and architectural glass is potentially an organic solar cell to provide energy to the building at little if any additional cost or impact to the windows.
In addition most states and key countries would allow the total cost of the windows to become a tax credit if solar active.
(c) There has been a flurry of announcements on how organic solar cells can be used in a portable manner such as “Blackberry” covers, handbags and wearable solutions.

(d) Military applications to provide energy to the soldiers via tents and uniforms.

SolarAMP, because of the unique properties of the LARTEC solution, believes that it can be part of such a maximize breakthrough by targeting the opportunity to assist *3rd generation cell producers in 2010 in both meeting today’s grid cost and exceeding today’s 1st generation efficiency of 15-17%.

SolarAMP’s products are the active photovoltaic materials that can be incorporated into a variety of 3rd generation end-user solutions by commercialization partners and the services that are the expertise to assist these partners with the integration into commercial products.

Even though 3rd generation organic solar cells has been touted since 2003 as the critical solar solution, these materials have not been able to exceed the efficiency of 6-7%.

SolarAMP has the patented materials and expertise to integrate with a customer’s existing cell to significantly increase its efficiency. There are two major 3rd generation solutions, dye-sensitized (DSSC) and polymer (OPV). In order to prove “proof of concept” we must do three experiments:

(1) Integrate our chemistry with our customer’s. We have proven that with both DSSC and OPV customers.
(2) Demonstrate the ability to improve the absorption of light. We have proven that with both DSSC and OPV customers.
(3) Prove that the increase of the absorption of light translates into improved efficiency. We are actively working with an OPV customer to prove that there is an increase of efficiency.

Alga Fuels with No Sun Light and No Open Growth Ponds .>German f3 Alga Fuel engineers developed 3 Staged Alga Fuel Process; #1co2 capture and liquefaction.#2Alga Feedstock production onclosed loop Industrial Scale with Positive Energy Balance , #3 Patented Alga Molecule Cracking Refinery processing emissions free transport fuels. 14 years of R&D plus Patent. Need SEC PubCo Seed Money.

Our OTEC technology:

Our OTEC technology can bring hundreds of billion dollars. It is the biggest energy business on the earth. Also, it is green energy by 100%. Ocean is vast and has stored all solar energy near equator. There are hundreds of very attractive locations where our power plant can be. We can even go to international common water and pay no tax. Our platform can withstand 100 years storm, earthquake and tsunami. It is very safest place to work. Food, water and power are produced free by our OTEC technology. It is available round the year and very stable. Our OTEC engine is proven, reliable and cost effective. We use our proprietary vessel that can withstand storm, is self installable and is also mobile.

How we can make Hydrogen by OTEC:

We can produce electricity; water free for 30-40 years since the life of the platform. Using the electricity, we can separate water molecule into Hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2). This is achieved by a very common technology of electrolysis of water produced there by us in the same platform. H2 will be collected by a non porous pipe and then compressed to bring into a liquid form. A special proprietary pump is used to transfer H2 into liquid. Now hydrogen is stored using a proprietary technology.

How we use Fuel cell:

Fuel cells work electrochemically combining hydrogen or hydrocarbon fuels with oxygen using any of these catalysts: platinum, nano iron powers, palladium. The electrolytes are ceramic, carbon membrane. We shall use hydrogen fuel generated by our OTEC by product from the platform in the bottle. The other fuel Oxygen is available in plenty on air. The fuel split into protons and electrons; only the protons can pass through the membrane, forcing the negatively charged electrons to travel around in an external circuit and this creates electricity current.

How we are different from Bloom Box:

Bloom Box uses hydrocarbon available in nature. It is not green. We produce hydrogen and supply with our fuel cell. Our power system is called DeSI_Power Box or simply DP_box.

DP_box is smaller than Bloom box. Most importantly, DP_box is cost effective than Bloom box. This is because you do not need to use hydrocarbon. Secondly we produce hydrogen free of charge from OTEC. Say, if a Bloom box cost 800,000 dollars, our DP_box cost half their price.

What are other applications?

Hydrogen fuel cell is very popular and is supported by USA government in the renewable energy’s category. Hydrogen fuel cell could be used to generate electricity and can be used for car fuel, houses and industries.

How else OTEC could Help People?

Clean energy, clean water and hydrogen fuel cells are product of OTEC technology. The most important fact is that OTEC is free of energy and very small operational cost. It is available enormous quantity. It would help dirking water and power for Middle East with desalination and power plant. Hawaii and Florida are other locations in USA get benefited by OTEC.

West Africa , Far East , Japan , and Australia are all will be benefited. Our Hydrogen production can be in common deep water near equator where the OTEC could be very favorable to produce. We need no licensing or Tax from any country.

What are the benefits?

OTEC can generate large economy to the world. There will be several hundreds of them installed and could produce new job several hundred thousands of them all over the world. It helps many poor countries on the earth. This is because most of the poor countries are in the belt of near equators. The manpower could be available cheaper where the third world countries local currency values are much lower than the USD.

What is the Proof required?

Bloom box acquired adequate facts and reality with the common people with an internet web demo. It shows that what is being described in this document is true. The only difference that we are doing is changing the fuel from hydrocarbon to hydrogen. The second difference is that we produce hydrogen by ourselves free from our OTEC power plant. The third difference is that we show that our DP box is smaller than the Bloom box and also cheaper. That shows our competing market ability with our competitor.

What is the Market Value for this?

We combine water, power, and DB box fuel cell in our business. Thus our market value is double that of our competitor (Bloom Box). Our market value is over 200 billion USD.

What we demand:

We are requesting 1 billion fund minimum for this work. Out of which 500 million will be used for power plant and 500 million will be used for fuel cell business.

What we protect:

We keep all the technological rights with us. For each power plant and or water desalination plant, we issue licensing. We charge 5% licensing fee for our each product. No one will have the right of the licensing for this technology. We protect our proprietary technology, exclusively. We have the international patent pending for all our technologies that are developed by us. We cannot bargain the technology right with any investors.

Profit sharing:

We get each project; we do the profit sharing with our investors according to their money share value.

Our other product marketing businesses:

OTEC is a wonderful project to invest. It has very good future. We also have developed deepwater oil and gas drilling and production support vessels. They are harsh-environment withstanding capabilities. We have developed well intervention and coil tubing technology support vessel. We have developed arctic class fpso that works in central arctic for oil drilling and production. We have independent oil storage and fpso unit for Gulf of Mexico deepwater. We also have developed floating cities and floating airport special application vessels.

Nagan Srinivasan


We are looking for investment capital for PPA's with municipal organizations within the US.

We have an upcoming project in which we are interested in partnering.

Please forward information to the contacts listed below:

Rob Pennell
PCI Renewables
(509) 747-1888

Seeking equity partner for a waste-to-energy plant project in the Caribbean.
For investment of US$ 6M, you get to be 50% owner/partner of the plant which cost about US$ 30M, negotiations are ongoing for PPA(0.14us$/pkwh) and also ongoing for tipping fee (10,=US$/ton), plant produces 7.5MW/hr and uses 180/ton per day of garbage.
Contract will be for 20 years(trying 25yrs) and the the local utility company will be the customer for the electricity and also potable water that will be produce from the plant. This will be unique for an island with a major tourist industry so it will be the showcase for the other islands around. The 6M would be the 20% equity of the company and with that will seek for the finance of the rest of 24M for the project, i/we r very close to the fire and to abotain this deal since we have a unique construction of the plans ahead with the local government on how the plant would be a good citizen for the community.If the financer of the project wants 10% ownership also in the project (which gives 3M more working capital, no problem than both party gives up 5%), the local investment bank is very interesting in financing the project, these are all islands inside as you know how it is on these islands, discreet and very small.Hope to have you interest and we can proceed from there. Thanks for your time , reading this.

Hi Everybody

I am interested in starting a solar power plant in Tamil Nadu, India and seeking for investors or venture capitalist in this regard. Those who are interested please contact me at indupriya_abi@yahoo.com or call me at 09842920028


P. Indupriya

The breakthrough, unique, patent pending New Electric Vehicle (NEV) is the highest performing and environmentally best EV. The wind-powered NEV is a green, renewable energy technology. Investors, get my email address from [below], contact me. Outstanding investment opportunity.


I am a Kenyan seeking seed funding,angel investors or partners for a rechargeable domestic LED lights project that I have patented as an alternative to domestic electric lights that will be used in Africa and other developing countries .need capital injection to the tune of USD 50,000/=

jweru2002, yahoo

I am an investor in an exciting Algae project I am looking for other investors to partner.

I am very interested in developing a solar power plant on 40 acres of farmland that is
annexed into a San Joaquin valley, California town and zoned for utility use. There is
now some serious interest on the part of a solar developer in a 47 acre site owned by the
city directly south of and adjacent to my 40 acre block. Since all of the required
infrastructure and permitting will be in place once construction has begun on the city
site it seems that there may be little additionally required on my part in order to tap
into the system. I am not currently aware of any interest in my land on the part of the
development team involved with the city project. I am therefore currently looking for
investors to fund my project independent of but possibly in cooperation with the city
project. Given the specifics of this project I feel it has significant potential for
being a viable investment opportunity which can conceivably be ready to come online by
2012. Please respond at your next opportunity to let me know if this project is
something that your investment team is interested in pursuing.

Sincerely, Robert Cochran
cochran38 - juno.com

We have a 'shovel ready' Wood pellet facility in New Hampshire looking for an equity partner

We are searching for investment capital to begin producing Grassifier™ biomass boilers that utilize Earth's lowest cost renewable energy to create thermal energy. The unique furnaces cleanly and efficiently combusts most dry chopped crop residues and energy crops such as corn stover, straw, canary grass, switchgrass, miscanthus etc.--without processed fuels such as pellets or briquettes……..Mel for moenchinc.com - Moench Inc

We have a piece of mountain undeveloped area in Taihang Mountains of China, we are looking for investors to build-up a nature Ecological park. we have had all sets plan and green energy solution.

We have 1.300 ha in northeast of Brazil and looking partner/investor with our wind farm project. In the area, if we will install the GE 2.5 XL, it has a capacity factor before losses of 39.8%. If we install the V-100 1.8 MW de gross capacity factor will be 52.5%.


The Theodoma Group has developed an energy saving system which utilises receycling of waste heat and has been shown to save around 60% of electricity and 90% of the boiler fuel in a major cooling/heating installation, this also results in a savng of 6.8 tonnes of CO2 per day per site.

The technology has taken 16 years to develop at a cost of circa US$20 million.

The company needs further funding to commercialise the product range and is seeking venture capital for this purpose of US$200 million. There is no shortage of interest and there is currently a small order book for pilot sites.

There is a percieved short window of opportunity and a critical mass of funding is neccessary to bring this important technology to market which tops everything else currently out there for cost effectivenes and performance.

If anyone with the funds are interested in talking further please contact me Ken Drysdale on kenneth.drysdale@bigpond.com; many thanks in anticipation.

we are looking for projects in spain 10 mw new rate or 7 old rate ,no thin film and no double axis, please respond if possible regards pat

As owner of copy rights to a PROCESS that insures win win outcomes for all involved, I am in search of an Angel to fill the position of CFO in my LLC.
Candidates' assets should include; strong background in taxes, copy rights, grant writing, plus a "Get It Done" military attitude.
This is nothing less than the reinvention of the Housing Industry.
Built to the highest quality these "Zero Energy Homes" save owners enough annually to pay two to three monthly payments, can be site erected in 6 to 8 weeks, and are designed to match any Developers'/Builders' architectural style. These are NOT boxes!


Jim at umps1;hotmail.com

Our company Ecoenergia is looking for funding of a SMALL hydropower project in Honduras.
Total Investment:US$1,200,000.
Revenues secured with a long term PPA.
All permits, licences, legal rights, land property rights etc in place.
References available in Honduras and the USA.
Please contact.

Mr. Jose Rosales

I am looking for venture capitial for a green energy invention.I went to a local colledge and spoke to a physics professor.I told the professor that I have a theory for an invention that would solve all our energy problems.He just grinned at me as if to say YA RIGHT.I told the professor that I needed someone to prove my theory wrong so I could stop thinking about it.I told him that I am totally fixated with this.He took me into his office and I explained my theory to him.He did put forth an arguement for why it would not work.However I was able to shoot down his arguement so fast that he got angry and said,"IT WILL NEVER WORK,BUT IF IT DOES,YOU WILL WIN A NOBEL PRIZE".Then he escorted me from his office.All I have is the theory.I don't have any money.If I had any money I would use it to build the prototype and obtain the patent.So anyone asking me for money would be wasting their time.If anyone would be interested in turning a small investment into a very large return,contact me at kanjorskiwilliam atyahoo.com or william kanjorski on facebook.

We are a startup company with a fully developed business plan in the alternative energy field. We would like to present a business brief to any interested investor in the "green" energy space. Please visit our website to better understand our products and services and to see our roster of advisors/executives. I look forward to hearing from you.


David R Robbins
Earth Sense Energy USA, Inc.

we are into manufacture of true color LED displays inIndia with the highest domestic market share and are diversifying into LED lighting,both grid based and non grid based.We are looking for venture funding into the LED lighting division to the extent of US$10-15 million

Has a topline of US$50 million and bottom line of US$1.5 million .
Request you to revert back indicating your interest

We are a renewable and sustainable alternative energy company. We are a start-up company that will use existing hydroelectric technology in a source that has not been tapped before. These are micro hydro systems that generate between 15 and 150 kW. These are not run of the river facilities and are not subject to FERC licensing. By using net metering we are able to avoid PURPA requirements.
We have an agreement in priciple for construction and operation of the first plant and a business plan for construction and operation of 13 additional plants in the first year.

Dear Sir,

We are looking for a VC funder or someone to participate on JV basis with is to setup the first 100MW startup greenfield project in India with us.

We are looking for 100% funding and if you help locate a funder for us it will be most appreciated. We are looking at a cost of almost $300million to setup the entire Wind Energy farm for 100MW along with some working capital.


Dr. Ravi
Managing Director & CEO
Email: vaauenergy@gmail.com
Mobile: +91 99403 20140

We seek US$30M Venture Capital funds for acquisitions and construction in the downstream energy sector in an emerging economy.

We would appreciate some help with identifying the right firms to work with.

We have many energy projects which need financing or start-up capital. The projects are in Colombia and range from 1 million to one billion with potential returns in the 40% range. Please feel free to contact me at: laguilar@colombia-commercial.com

Luis O. Aguilar

Value added Green Product: Manufacturer of environmentally safe, water based chemical eliminates all hazardous & toxic chemicals from metal surface preparation (ferrous & non-ferrous). US EPA tested/verified. Have been selling in USA & Canada in a lower volume for last 12 years (used in Military metal fabrication, D.O.T. bridge repair, finishing systems etc.). Looking for investor and equity partner located in USA to fund and also be involved in marketing/selling worldwide to sell very high volume. Products have a wide open market worldwide with almost no competition. Very big market in industry, commercial and in retail applications. Ph: 256-650-0088

Our firm has patented the insulated electrical box. Potential 217 million dollar market, great profit potential. We are seeking $500,000 of 1.5 million dollar product launch requirement, 1 million already placed.

We introduce principals to project finance sources for energy projects. We charge no fee for this service as our fees are paid by the lenders. Our lenders can fund up to 1 billion Euros per application and are especially interested in renewable energy production projects.

Dear Sirs,

I am looking for the venture capital who wanted to invest JATROPHA products in Thailand.

JATROPHA is a miracle tree, Oil is for Bio-Diesel, Seed cake is for organic Fertilizer and Charcoal for Bio-mass.

Please contact me for further information.

Best regards / Thayanan

Am looking for an investor to invest in wind energy in Kenya. I had identified a suitable location and acquired ownership rights.I would be happy to be part in saving the planet by spearheading renewable energy generation.

I am an American private investor . I am into completion and expansion of investment projects that need funding. I am interested to invest in your company on a long-term business relationship. IfWilling to work with me contact eliz.wil@laposte.net

I work for the president of ChinaSeasun (Beijing) New Energy Power Co., Ltd and we are interested in investing in PV plants around the world. We are seeking partners with both government approval and land, at which point we will provide part or all of the funding, expertise and equipment for the plant. Please contact me directly for further information at: Geraldine.Cowper at gmail.com or (86) 134-364-63872.

Thank you so much.

My company seek an investor for R11 mill. to put up a pyrolysis pilot plant in the Western Cape South Africa
Tel 021 554 4628
072 697 9997 Mobile

I have an invention that is a green energy system. This system uses solar panels and other energy sources to run the process of water electrolysis to produce hydrogen and oxygen which are combined with other molecules and burned in a ICE, recycled and burned again in another ICE, then the molecules are returned to their orgins and the cycle repeats. It is extremely unique and could be tremendously profitable. An excess of electricity would be created to be put into the power grid and an excess of fuel would be created to be used in a fuel cell. I need funding, I have already invested over $30,000 of my own money in this and the results are very promising so far. Please contact me if you are interested in funding this in exchange for a small ownership interest. Contact me at:
Thanks, Randolph

Stirling engine, brand new concept of heat engine, which is cheap to build and very powerful, could be used in cogeneration, solar power plant, hybrid cars, inventor seeks investor, about 5 million dollars would be needed.

I am a financier I am willing to lend out loans with Low interest rate and with in the amount of $5,000 to $80,000,000 as the loan offer,I offer loan to all categories of people ,firms, companies, all kinds of business organizations, private individuals and real estate investors,I give out loans at very cheap and moderate rates. I am a certified,registered and legit lender. You can contact me today if you are interested in getting this loan, contact me for more information about the loan process, process like the loan terms and conditions and how the loan will be transferred to you. I need your urgent response if you are interested. I will need you to state the amount you are seeking so that i can prepare my terms for the loan.It should be stated in USD and the duration should also be stated. I need your urgent response if you are interested.contact us via email stltrdirk@gmail.com

I've developed a concentrating solar dish that uses reflective film instead of glass mirrors. Cost of manufacture is many time less that of glass mirrors, with a minimum of 10 years service life. Several papers have been delivered at the American Solar Energy Society (ASES, and my first patent has been allowed.
I'm currently in low-volume production of dishes for cooking applications, and I'm looking for a partner to build a full-scale system with sun-tracking that will develop app. 20 Kw. of thermal energy.
Many details are on my website at www.abetterfocus.com

Doug Simmers

We are a new wind Farm developer located in the Midwest part of the USA. We are in the "Wind Corridor" with wind speeds in the 7-7.5 mph class 3 range.
We have secured land leases in excess of 5000 acres at this point and can secure upwards of 50,000 acres or more giving this Wind farm the potential to be one of the largest in the state.We can either enter the PJM or MISO Queues for interconnect to the grid.
But we now need seed-early stage money in the amount of $1.5 million USD to install 3 MET towers,staff the office fully and begin the Queue application processes.
We can build a 100 megawatt sized wind farm for close to $200 Million USA,and are looking for active equity partners to develope possibly 3-5 such sized wind farms.
Any legitimate offers for help will be considered.We can secure upwards of over 3500 sq miles of land for these wind farms to be developed on.Our LLC has one member that lives in the immediate area.Certain tangibles are in place by our LLC company to insure this community that some of the wind farms buildout will aid the local ecomomy. We do not want a partner that will put us in a micro-manage position. We can develope much of the project ourselves but need investment capitol to move forward.

We are an energy conservation technology research firm expanding into manufacture and distribution. We have a unique, patented product that saves homeowners 4.5% of their conditioned air expense. Not sexy but really profitable and already licensed to a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs.
Call or write:

We are seeking capital/partner for existing biofuel wood chip export company. $200k needed. Verifiable contracts and LOC's with European power companies in place.

I am a Private individual investor interested to invest in companies, projects or business expansion plans or in private equity investment for a long-term business relationship.

To secure funding kindly get in touch with me with more details about your project


My name is Mark Bill a reputable loan lender as well as an angel investor, we give out loan at a rate of 3%, we give out any kind of loan you make need in the lending market.
for more information contact us via email:mark@lendersglobe.com

Mark Bill

He,we are from Europe and we are looking for partner to obtain Bank guaranties AA+ for Eur 5 mill.(25% of fees).
We need for 2 Bio gas power plant 2 mWe and 3mWe.
Thank you, this is good business, 4,25 year pay back!

A New Energy Direction

The Gulf disaster has devastated the Gulf fishing industry and many other enterprises.

This single event should prove to every American that we must change our course.

Actually, we have at our finger tips unlimited power from the flowing currents of the oceans and rivers that represent untapped energy of untold magnitudes. This source of clean renewable power can service most if not all of our needs and that includes transportation of all kinds.

Yet we are fed propaganda that it is not only improbable to switch over to a new form of energy but would cost a great deal of money to move into a new energy era.

This myth is easily buried because with a small fund of only 2.5 million dollars, it is possible to set in place a working electric pilot plant operation in the Hudson River. As the pilot plant proves its versatility, the company management will be able to put together approximately a hundred million dollars for this new business. The new energy program can reduce electricity costs to consumers while providing badly needed jobs.

The US consumes more oil than it produces and in the event of a conflict, if we were cut off from oil supplies, this country would be devoid of a continuous, unified alternative supply of energy. Yet the resources are at our finder tips.

The importance of building a pilot plant is that it supplies actual field experience and numbers upon which to build large scale commercial generators.

The financial risk factors are eliminated by an insurance policy, which is only available for professional engineers and architects with good histories of performance.

This new energy program is an opportunity to find a safe place to invest ones money. During this recession, every industry has been hit.

One of the only industries that have been unaffected has been the electric utility business.

This new energy program gives an unusual chance for small capital to enter this arena. The sale of electricity to communities and utilities with track records of a hundred years of excellent performance has never been open to outsiders. With twenty year contracts for electricity and a complete insured equity plus participation in electric sales contracts at better than interest market rates appears hard to believe. It is a rare opportunity.

This overlooked energy system was successfully tested at a government laboratory.

Alfred Miller

Early stage investment sought for renewable energy project based in North Australia and Sth Texas. Biodiesel feedstock from native tree and renewable electricity from waste biomass. Strong government support and early revenue from first licence established.

We are in the process of setting up Windmill Tower and Blade Fabrication Unit in India and are looking for venture capital. Request information on VCs who would be interested in funding the venture.

We are developing a 100MW wind park in Maharashtra,India. We are seeking investors for this wind park. Details can be provided when needed. If you are interested kindly get back to us on kalimacapital@gmail.com or kenergy.wind@gmail.com

or call us on +91 09820124145

I have developed a new self contained water propelled hydro-powered system (18x30) that runs on its own water supply without the aid of electricity, pumps, or moving streams of water. The apparatus is patent pending. Need funding.

Require angel investor for biomass briquette plant for fuel and charcoal briquettes to the tune of USD 200,000/= based in Kenya Africa for local and export consumption to be used in refuge camps and institutions among many others

We seek an angel investor or venture capital for Vertical Axis Wind Turbine and Water Turbine manufacturing. 1kW to 50kW VAWTs. South Africa for African market. Development now at production stage, further R&D and volume manufacture needs funding.


We are an independent company called Shoronika Group of Companies in Bangladesh. Currently, we are seeking a foreign investor/company who will invest in a potential power plant project in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB)is inviting to participate in bid to develop a gas-fired 3000MW dual fuel (furnace oil/gas) combined cycle power plant on a site that will be owned by BPDB. The Project will be implemented on Build, Own and Operate (“BOO”) basis for a period of X number of years.

The Project Sponsor will be selected through an international competitive bidding process from a pool of applicants. The selected Project Sponsor will be required to arrange the necessary financing and to execute the key project documents for the Project. BPDB seeks to pre-qualify interested power project developers/sponsors who have previous international experience in implementing power generation projects.

We come in during the initial phase, we aid in preparing the feasibility study and ensure expectations of the investor and/or company in securing the license/permission, guaranteed approval by the government, buying agreement at a negotiated price from Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) & guarantees from the Bangladesh Bank to transfer the profits/revenues to their native country every month respectively.

Shoronika Group of Companies is well-reputed for the efficient management, high standard of performance and attaining the satisfaction of its principal and clients. Working with Shoronika, you can be certain that we have always placed our investors’/sponsors' interests first: we take a unique approach to fostering investors & getting the projects approved in a timely manner while building a client base for future projects in Bangladesh.

If interested, please reply so that we can provide more details for your review & consideration.

Thank you


Hamid Ullah | Director

Shoronika Group of Companies
Branch Office: 412 - 72 Fairfax Dr, Halifax, NS, Canada
Main Office: 61, Motijheel C/A, 2nd Floor, Dhaka

(+) 1.902.488.6277


We are looking for a joint venture for an alternative energy for biofuel in the Philippines. We can send you the Business Prospectus for interested investor. This will include all vertical markets. Please email me your contact information so i can send the business prospectus. Email address roarber888@yahoo.com

Thank you and kind regards

A Greaco-Russian Orthodox faith-related industrial enterprise holding a potentially rich and contemplating on viable oil-exploration partnerships for a venture here in the Philippines is eager to receive feelers for a serious study/negotiation for a joint venture undetaking. Possible mBOE is confirmed to attain several millions of BOE possibly outstripping other similar oil exploratio ventures elsewhere in the Philippines. Contacts are welcome also at rothmortel@yahoo.com.ph

My name is Alexander Hripkov. My research activity concerns an alternative science. It means that I don't participate in official programs of the academic science. I don't have appropriate publications. I have patents and practical results of my work. In an initial stage of researches statement of problems and their decisions – my independent work. Absence of material means and organizational support has yielded positive result. Ethical feature has defined a copyright basis. An author's position, this exception of the accepted terminology and scientific definitions. This refusal was necessity to come to exclusively pure perception of a being. At this stage, the author has left physics to physicists, chemistry to chemists. It was necessary drawing up of the philosophical treatise of an initial position. Definition of the philosophical treatise, explains psychology of interaction of the phenomena, but doesn't open their laws. In this case, philosophical representation should answer mathematical representation. The conducted researches of the coordination, the specified representations, assumed logic use of existing mathematical tools. This stage of researches, has made the basic part of time, and in 1996 the numerical model of "psychological knot» has been made. The given decision defined only communication "point", but not a material basis of a being. The following stage of researches consisted of search of coordination of mathematical and physical communication. It has ended with drawing up of mathematical model of a kernel.
Construction of mathematical model has led to simple experiments and experiences. Conclusions of the conclusions of experimental data, have allowed to make technological processes. Practical application of the offered theory was used in various areas of a science:
1. Power savings.
2. Biological energy
3. Alternative energy sources
4. A new kind of impellent fuel
5. Thermogeneration.
6. A cycle of dynamic changes of phases of carbon connections.
The first part of the theory - «Modulation of electric charges», is finished in 2008. It is absolutely new and completely not investigated technology. It is based on the mathematical table of chemical elements and their isotopes.
The numerical structure of a kernel is received and definition of a mathematical charge is made. The numerical sequence of chemical elements, well explains series of radioactive disintegrations. The philosophical basis of the given definitions, consists of the treatise of psychology of the phenomena. Features of the given definition have allowed to make some simple programs and to explain defect of mass number. The theory has continuation. Its logic basis – numerical structure of Hydrogen, opens possibilities for researches in the field of biology and genetics. The offered table has the closed cycle. It begins and comes to an end with Hydrogen. At present, the big database and the hand-written text - a private property. You understand that my case unique. It simply isn't considered in questionnaires. In case of your interest, in detailed questions of this information, I can give the comment.
At present I search the financial partner.

I am an investor. We fund early stage-start-up ventures, existing Ventures and do total completion and investment expansion projects. Leverage walk-in equity on discounted commercial or residential purchases by employing our funds for down payment & closing costs. Qualify for better Rate & Term based on a lower LTV but still achieve high CLTV or $0 down financing. Funds available for acquisition, rehab or carrying costs including CASH-OUT! Advance equity fund disbursement based on verifiable walk-in equity. No income, asset or credit requirements. Seasoned Funds for reserves and earnest money also available. Brokers welcome! Contact us for start-up funding,commercial RE Finance,seed capital,early stage start-up ventures,Joint Venture/Partnership investment with liquidity from our part,Loan,Mortgages.We can fund excess of $10M. customer. contact is via e-mail: alanneal80@gmail.com

We are looking for investors for Solar PPA projects in Texas. http://www.alternativel-p.com

Seeking Investor for MicroSolar, Wind and Hydro Products Business with many sideline opportuities too many to list here. Need $1M+ to start. All serious, ready, willing and able investors can contact for info on project. Phone available to discuss with the right investor(s)!

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Duncan Nyaga and I am looking for an investor for manufacturing fuel and charcoal briquettes from saw dust,saw dust,rice husk,coffee husks e.t.c estimated project cost $.200,000/=.

Am looking forward to hear from you.

Nyaga Duncan

I am seeking capital for:
An innovative eco friendly digital webcam photography installation solution for shopping malls & leisure resorts eg parks with an outdoor plasma screen for visual display of snaps and webcam sponsorship advertisement. Powered by a 3G mobile communication transmission.

The system will be powered by solar panels, so will be eco-friendly & also offer additional revenue through a solar feed in tariff.
Product Stage:
• Software application has already been developed and tested.
• We just need to integrate and test the system enclosures for an outdoor use.
Revenue Model:
• In the UK a typical 2kWh solar system can generate over $2,500 per year in feed in tariff.
• 5 companies, each paying $1,500 to have their logo displayed on the screen = $7,500
• Total = $10,000 per year per screen
• Our first year target is 80 systems = $800,000

Short & Long Term Goals:
• Expand into the USA to become the leading company in this area.
• Develop a wide range of self operated pre-paying eco webcams for outdoor use (e.g. parks, tourist attractions, etc).
• Recruit more staff


I am offering investors for their money a 50% equity stake in the company.

The bulk of the investment will be held in cash for inventory and only be used when an order is activated.
Capital Needed €3,000,000

Management Team:
Principle Installer: Peter (UK national) is an experienced CCTV sales and installer who has installed CCTV systems as far as the Congo. The developer of a webcam site, BTEC National Certificate in Leisure Studies, HND in Business and Finance (Option Sales and Marketing), HNC software engineering, Bsc (Hon) Business Information Technology yr 2 South Bank University, Microsoft Certified Professional TCP/IP networking, Data communication skills, NICEIC Solar Photovoltaic Certification and NICEIC Working at Heights/Manual Handling, LookC Pro IX Installation and Network DVR Configuration Training Course.

Other human resources required:
• Electronics Engineer
• Electrical Engineer
• Solar Engineer
• Installation Engineer
• Graphic Designer
• Marketing Director
• 2 Sales Staff
• Environmental Consultant.

Benefits for the End User:
• Attract passers-by by showing them inside the mall e.g. group shot, people shopping, etc.
• A unique online marketing strategy to attract more visitors: webcam directories have seen massive growth as a marketing tool.
• Free installation: We make money from advertisements and sponsorship.

Competitive Advantages:
• Technical knowhow
• Solar qualification to register under the FIT option
• Patented system and software application
• One stop solution
• An established reputation within the webcam directories
• Cheaper installation
• Live photochron pioneer.
• High ranking on onlinecamera.com which is a leading webcam marketing directory

Route to Market:
• Direct sales and installation to the end-user.

Marketing Strategy:
• We will install the system at no cost to the end-user for a quick sale but generate income via FIT option and green webcam sponsorship.
• The mall, leisure centre, etc gets the benefit of free marketing online and on the plasma screens.

Looking for interested investors for a very large solar,hydrogen and fresh drinking water project about to start phase 1 in south Texas and south Georgia.Please visit web site www.tridentenergypower.com
and contact me directly at my email.
Otis Hohimer
Executive V.P.
Trident Energy Power of America

We have a wind energy project in kenya to produce 300mw of wind power to supply to the National Grid. All necessary approvals are in place.
We are seeking Investors for the project. for details:


Investors needed for seed and working capital. We have a great versatile renewable energy architectural product to address the demands of home owners and small businesses as well as a unique system planned for national and global distribution. So far we have been applauded by everyone that has reviewed our proposal yet because most investors prefer established companies (we are a start up company) we must connect with investors able to enter early. Thank you Greg Randell

5% equity position left in
goldenstate biofuels project

under contact to build (ethanol portable plants)

in vietnam

using free rice hulls as bio mass

check out webb site and if

interested contact clyde

etchason sales agent for

goldenstate bio fuels 217-

259-7091 or


and opening up to other

clean fuel projects

in other countries

please contact us with

point of contact information

We are interested in long-term business relationship with a strategic partner/investor for development of the exceptional energy technology ("Method for the Production of Electric Energy and MHD-Generator Therefor" ) which has huge profit potential. Patented. It concerns not only the questions of financing (approx. 10 millions USD) but also of technical support, R&D, security, marketing etc.

Please contact me for details: hmdnewenergy@gmail.com

Air Power Systems (APS) have created a simple yet revolutionary wind turbine for rooftop application, that will dramatically alter the small wind energy market. Please visit our web page for first information. There is nothing like our product on the market today, the design is simple in concept and simple to produce plus very cost affective with a shorter ROI than competitive systems currently available. We will create and capture new markets and set a new industry standard as the leader in energy independence at multiple levels in the consumer and utility markets. Our design is patent in the US (the patent was granted on 08/02/2010) and patent-pending international. Our prototype is installed as a portable generator and functioning at expected great levels, the system is rotating at 2.7 mph with cut-in around 3mph. At 4 mph wind speed the system is producing energy at 50% capacity. We believe our wind turbine will have tremendous benefit for our environment, the community as well as our customers national and world wide. The system is a perfect solution for off shore power and large applications as well. We need to start our third-party-testing and need funding to do so as a last step to go on the market, as soon as possible and we are ready to do so. We lined up the production and distribution and our marketing concept is ready to go.

We are looking for a partner, investor or financing for our project & company. Our company is set up to become a public traded company, with a finished but not registered PPM.

If your company is interested in our project, please contact me.


Air Power Systems, LLC
Frenchy Krauss
Founder, CEO
Phone: 727 845 3603
Cell: 727 859 3388
8340 Carolyn Drive
Port Richey, FL 34668
United States Of America

i have a project that i am looking for help in developing its within the field of recycling waste management it has the potential to revolutionize the way we deal with our trash and addresses some of the major concerns of our current waste management issues it is a legitimate approach and has an extreemly vast profit potential and low startup and oporational costs any help with this matter will be greatly appreciated and i thank you for your time contact me at e mail address i listed serious inquiries only please

nelsonedwin at yahoo.com

Since Monday, November 15, 2010 Pellets Plus Inc. is in search of funding and we have already received a lot of interested groups, individuals, and banking, some of which have followed our progress since the very beginning.

The project is excellent, very well put together, well supervised and well supported by a strong team internally and externally with the support of Mayor Martin Lapierre, CLD, Mr. Valliere, and MP Steven Blaney.

We have an excellent team of engineers and consultants as Gaetan Fontaine, Hugues Zucconi and many others.

If you are interested to take part in the opportunity that is offered as a leader and a visionary who will support us in the short medium and long term, Pellets Plus Inc. offers you a good performance and vision in an area where we are settlers in Quebec and perhaps even in North America.

Who will grasp the opportunity to become the visionary of the future in the field of green, renewable energy made in Quebec?

Eric Zaki

seeking for investor to set up 50MW wind power in Bangladesh. shahidbd.m at gmail.com

If Any fund/sydicates are looking into investing into PV projects in Europe we have many large or smaller projects that have all permits etc relevant to the country. Mainly we operate in Italy and Greece where we have PV projects from 1Mw -40Mw on single sites, some ready to construct now with all AU licences complete and others in Q1 next year. Return on equity approx 30%, and project IRR 15% Italy and 20% Greece after ebitda. We also have Private placements for the investment sydicates or smaller investment group. For more details contact Clint Ross Worldview solar.
Clint.worldview at gmail.com

LAND in AFRICA for your Biofuel Project.

I have direct contacts with african heads of States and can help you get lands for your biofuel project or any renewable energy project in Africa. You can contact me and I find the solution for you. Thank Very Much for your Confidence.
Email: abibwilliamtoure (at) gmail.com.

I have invented a system which is the most efficient ‘HUMAN POWERED GENERATION SYSTEM’.
This system of power generation is best suited as it does not depend on any external sources like the sun or wind hence it is the most reliable renewable energy producing system.
It is the source of the green energy as no fossil fuels are used hence the user can be happy for he is not polluting the environment.
I want a Venture Capital company or a private invester to not only fund the invention but take it on. Please contact me at nipa2205@hotmail.com

I propose the scheme “Anatoliy Aleksenko’s Mechanism for energy turn-over” the AUTONOMOUS engine of the FUTURE which is able to create the efficiency of more than 1(ONE) and to have almost perpetual motor life.
It doesn’t need COOLING SYSTEM, it doesn’t use the FUEL but some lubricant, it doesn’t need any FILTERS and it is able to work “openly” underground, underwater, in GASEOUS ATMOSPHERE and in the OPEN SPASE. It is reversible, can work without transmission.
It’s a COLD MECHANISM which doesn’t need heating and then COOLING. Neither heat of deserts nor the Antarctic cold can hinder it’s work.
It’s production is not expensive, it is simple in operation. Any transportation (AUTO, AIR, SHIP’S, RAILWAY and other) will become profitable with this mechanism. It can not only compete with electric stations, atomic included but to give them odds. Neither the earthquakes nor other natural calamities frighten it. This is IDEAL for (ELECTRO-GENERATOR, BUS, TRUCK, SUV & VAN, HELICOPTER, DIRIGIBLE, EKRANOPLAN, UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE, JET PACK, HOVERCRAFT, AMPHIBIAN, SUBMARINE, REFRIGERATOR, RAILWAY, METRO, RAILGUN, LASER, OPEN SPACE…).
It can save the WORLD CIVILIZATION from the GLOBAL increasing of the temperature (HOTBED EFFECT, FLOODS, WATERSPOUTS…); oil pollution; energetic crisis; industrial breakdown; toxic gas ejection (CO, NO, CH); further destroying of the Ozone laver of the Earth; progressing AIDS (during the temperature increasing and organism dehydrating).
In case you are interested in this INFORMATION and you are going to become the Co-participant of the PROJECT, you are WELCOME to SEND SUGGESTIONS in Russian language to the address:
Anatoliy I. Aleksenko
Prospekt Octyabrskoy Revolyutsiyi, 57, apartment 87, UA – 99057, Sevastopol – 57, ARC, Ukraine.
Telephone: +38 0 692 433-365 ; Mobile: +38 0 50 563-3452 .
E-Mail: ecoglobal.aleksenko@yandex.ru
Having rendered the assistance in patenting and implementation, having become the Co-participant of the PROJECT, you will get rid of not only oil-gas and economic but also political DEPENDENCE.
Can you please pass this REPORT to all INTERESTED CIRCLES…
Please don’t forget of time factor.
Anatoliy Aleksenko
Inventor of engines and propellers.

We are a well establish co. in Greece we have a project for electric production from renewable sources such as photovoltaic parks.
These is a profitable project for Greek territory because there maximum production due the high solar radiation 120%.
For that reason and for a lot of offers from the owners which they can not to execute there own projects due the financing problems.
We kindly request to proceed investors or financiers which they interested seriously for that projects that is covered and secured with contract by country organization for buying the production of the photovoltaic parks for 25 years and this market growing very fast due the environmental facts.

Sincerely yours


Email: aglpls@yahoo.com

We are looking for investment partners.

We own a 50 acre piece of land, situated at Ngong Hills in Kenya.

Initial feasibility studies at the site resulted in a project proposal of 1MW using 25 ev1200 40KW turbines at a capital cost of USD 4 million. This has a repayment period of a year.

We are Kenyan citizens and residents in Kenya.

Feel free to contact me for more details.


Amount of Financing Requested 12 Million This loan is for the purpose of drilling and developing natural gas and crude oil reserves in Lincoln County, in the State of West Virginia. We would like to put up 221 acres of oil and gas reBased on our conservative estimates, we will be in the position to repay the loan together with interest very comfortably within one to three years.serves with a value of US $19,874,250.00 as collateral for this loan. Upon our acquiring of funding, we intend to purchase the leases for 2700 acres of oil and gas reserves together with 33 shut in wells that are already on this property.

Phase1: Loan Amount: 5Million
Term: Rate & No Cash Out?
L.T.V: 50%?
Square Feet of property: 77,629
Value of property (3) years ago $12, 900, 00 Client purchase date: 06 Cost of purchase: $2,100,000.00 Cost of Improvement to date: 24Million Payoff Request Amount: $2,100,000.00 Client Current on all existing Debt: Yes Client entity is Current on all Taxes & Insurance on the Subject Property: Yes Total Cash invested to date: 24 Million Amount of Fresh Equity Available for Recapitalization (If required) $10 Million? Property Currently income Producing: Yes

The Windcrank is a revolutionary state-of-the-art patented wind turbine coupled with a revolutionary patent-pending direct drive electric generator. The Windcrank is a unique design that uses proven methods of capturing and controlling energy from any moving force such as wind, water, geothermal, etc. It can be used in a vertical or horizontal application, depending upon the end use. $15 million US dollars.
Exit Strategy: I will buy out the investors for their 10% stake within 5 years at 4x the investment: thus, $15M x 4 = $60 Million exit strategy.

Name of project: Pollution-free organic waste-to-energy and fertilizer facilities Project brief description including type and size:
While some technologies are in place currently to treat and process organic waste, no other facility offers all services and technologies under one roof. Wes Tech holds patents that allow the company to process all forms of organic waste, converting to energy and fertilizer. Waste products include animal waste from livestock and dairy farms, meat and seafood processing waste, agricultural waste and even feminine hygiene and diaper product waste.
Project funds required: $25 million PER FACILITY
Location of project:(region is sufficient):
Peru, north America, south America (more

Leviathan Energy Wind Tulip Ltd., is a fully independent Israeli company in the Leviathan group, owned by Leviathan Energy Renewables, Ltd. Its objective is to reach one hundred million dollars annual sales within four years of production. Leviathan Energy Wind Tulip Ltd is actively seeking investment to fund going into mass production and an aggressive marketing program. Management believes that it is realistic for Wind Tulip Ltd. to achieve over one hundred million dollars in annual sales within four years of the start of large-scale production. Accordingly, within five years, investors might be able to benefit from an 800% return on investment.

I like to ask how to loan money to make a prototype for a renewable energy plant in Texas, these can generate electricity by it's own, don't need any other kind of energy. Thanks

I have a perpetual motion device design using magnets that I foresee can be used as a tool to generate electricity and I am in need of a partner or an investor who will help develop the device. You can see my design of the perpetual motion device device at: http://vernonclelomd.webs.com
If any investors are interested, please contact: Vernon D Clelo MD
Mobile: +6329163511779
Landline: (632) 7993323
Address: 150 Marina, BF Homes Almanza, Las Pinas City, Philippines

need funding for my carbon footprint reducing business.I can reduce you co2 emissions by as much as 75% on all homes and business

We are interested JV partner for india Wind energy project. Or broker for wind project land . kindly contact for wind energy project land in Maharashtra India. thanking you.

Seeking seed/early stage capital 5 - 10 million. Vellatune owns commercial solar arrays and connects directly to client. Two streams of revenues: Lease amount determined by energy usage and SREC (solar certificate) sales.

Hi, looking for the investor or equity partner for 50 Mega Watt Solar energy project in India. For details contact underssigned.

Prashant Bulsu

Need funding to the tune of US$7M for a low-medium end housing development in Nairobi, Kenya.
Project details will be discussed with the relevant parties concerned.

ifza at gmail.com

Manjra Minerals International is a Mining Investment Group in Asia, MMI's Shareholder has got a view of the Mining Business Opportunity in that Region, Especially Indonesia, and therefore Establishing an owned company in Indonesia one holding company to Manage, Develop, Operate as well as invest in mining industries by doing Joint Venture, Venture Capital investment, Join Development etc to suite the growth of mining industry.
MMI Group have 3 (three) conssesion area of Coal Mine in East Kalimantan , Indonesia, whith size: 2,023 Ha; 4,980 Ha; 4,500 Ha, whith the Estimate deposite is 150,000,000 MT and the calorie is 5600-5800 cal.

We are looking for investors who can cooperate with us in our mining projects such as Venture capital Investment,
if your Group are interested in this project, please provide us with the details about the right contact person, so we can send more details about our project.

Thank you very much for your good Cooperation.

Best Regards,,
Hatem Kilany

PT. Manjra Minerals International
Cyber 2 Tower Level 7 unit A
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Blok X-5 No. 13
Kuningan - Jakarta Selatan 12950

Phone : +62 21 2902 1333 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +62 21 2902 1333      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Fax : +62 21 2902 1444
Mobile : +62 813 840 61475
Email : hatem@mmiminerals.com
Website : www.mmiminerals.com

Our Companies group are integrated in Real estate as in Project development so we are succeeded in develop an new factory for produce Modules, to cover little part of the local need for Green Houses, Street illuminations, PV power plants, as the local industry needs of electricity. We are successfully in obtaining the production license, Having Know how with European companies (German & Danish), Engineering, focused in market, have orders underhand’s in cooperation with Local high Authorities.
All what we need investors or company to participate with us the investment in Partnership or Joint-Venture or loan. The market is very great with high resonance, for us it should be only the step Nr. 1, because the project will be done in 3 steps.
The investment of the first Step is 20 Mio. €.
We hope and looking for your positive answer.
Dipl. Kfm. Zakaria G.
zak_235 at hotmail.com

Green Path Development Inc. is seeking an equity partner or investor for early stage funding and/or investment capital in a 10 project portfolio of small scale(1-2MW) PV solar farms in southern California(total 15-20MW). Sites for fast track interconnection have been identified and power is to be sold to the local utility under the existing feed-in tariff contract. Total 10 project cost $70,000,000; LTV 50%; seeking 35,000,000.

Eric Reed
Green Path Development Inc. 2240 Garnet Avenue Suite B San Diego, Ca 92109 eric.greenpathdevelopment@gmail.com

Deepearth Solutions Ltd is the developer and owner of the Thermax technology, This proven , cost effective solutions technology for the upstream industry has huge technical and economic potential . A derivative of this was used to restore full oil production to Shell's Gannet A platform . We are seeking an investor to expand and realise the full potential of this technology,
Brian H Tomlinson

We are a group of 2 management students and 2 businessman. We have an idea to start and run the solar energy project for power generation.
We have finalise the place for setting up the plant considering meterogical data for the same from that geographical area. Now, we are.struck up because of the fund
raising. Kindly guide us for the same.

We are seeking for the funding through Venture Capital funding. If anybody interested to fund us for Solar Energy Power Generation Plant.

Kindly send mail to us,
or call us on +91-9823708330.

We have been working on our 200MW plus Wind farm projects in Kansas for more than 8 years and have secured leases of more than 14,000 acres, complete wind and Avian study and have received Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for the site from local authorities, We are seeking bridge financing for $25 million to get Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) from Utility companies for minimum of $70 per MW. The whole project will cost around $550 Million. So far we have invested our own money of more than $12 million dollars. After completion of the project its value will be around $800 to $900 million which will give very high return of investment. We are seeking $25 to $50 million bridge financing. Pl. contact us at 714 968-0010/0352 ASAP.

I have been researching in wave Energy converters (WEC) for many years and I designed a novel, patented apparatus with highest efficiency and security in hostile situation of sea. Few small models of the device have been tested but for fabricating a full scale model and marketing world widely I am looking for an investor. Please contact me: reza.karmirad@gmail.com

We are looking for VC to invest in furhter development of electric drills in Coiled Tubing Application. Having 40 years proven records of electric drills operations on Oil & Gas Fields(more than 50 mln feets are already drilled)
If interested, please, see www.potencial.com.ua/eng
Contact by email above or +380 66 247 88 93

to anyone who cares .
i made a new type of generator that will solve the global energy problem , and i am tired of looking for investors . everyone is talking about green energy and new technologies , but it seems that nobody cares to make a few billions from clean energy ............

Due to the recent deregulation of Electric rates. I am looking to start a company that will provide electric service at a cheaper price and better customer service. The room for growth is enormous.
I can be reached at 717-424-9308 or droi78@gmail.com

I invite you to review the energy miracle.... not over-unity, not zero-point, not electromagnetic


The future is not about heat and friction, it is about cold !

Access to the site will be granted upon request to qualified interested parties, but you can watch a video on the front page of the robot built to operate in the new energy system, and how it works.

This is the energy miracle Bill Gates called for in his 2010 TED Address on future energy.

We are an investment research company and have a number of investors seeking investment opportunities for a direct capital investment. If you have one and would like to partner with us for the development of the project do contact us now for discussions. Thanks for your co-operation
Email: infor504 at yahoo.com

Friends ,

I have a fully permissioned and develpoped Small Hydro power Project of 2.4 MWs capacity ,ready to go on construction . The land has been acquired and power puchase agreement at a good tariiff is in place . Its a good project located conveniently in Himachal pradesh of India.

I am looking for either an equity investor or a venture capital .

Regards ,

A B Giri

Dear Esteemed sir

We humbly introduce our organization Arabic Development Project(ADP) with its Operational and Administrative Headquarters in Al-Ahmadi Kuwait.

ADP is an Organization set up to consolidate the business interest of its constituent members by investing and re-investing large funds on very viable projects.

ADP is focus on seed capital, early-stage ,Real Estate, start-up, Ventures, LLC and all round for completion and expansion of investment projects that need funding. We understand your business funding and startup funding needs are timely and we take it seriously by providing valuable services ; We are Angel Investors, Business Lenders, Venture Capital and Equity Partners to help you raise the money for you and your business.

The ADP has top chiefs in the Kuwaiti Emirate and Oil sheiks within the Gulf and middle east as its Directors.

We source for very viable projects that needs funding in our areas of interest as listed above. We offer between 5.5% and 6 % as interests with a good moratorium policy.

We are interested to invest in your company for a long-term business relationship. If this is alright with you kindly Contact me back with more details about your company/project.

We treat you like a valued customer, not a number..

Contact Email: infoadp.adp552@gmail.com

Mr Ahmed Khan

Operation Officer,(Mid-East).

Hi all,

I am an electrical/electronical engineer with mechanical engineering supplement from Turkey. I have about 35 years of experience designing-building-operating-maintaining-troubleshooting-fixing electrical/electronical systems, and about 27 years of similar experience on mechanical systems and plants.

I am also a science oriented person, spending most of the time on research for new technologies and practical solutions for valuable applications.

Since 8 years, I have my own company operating in industrial automation sector. From the establishment of this company on, I concentrated my research on renewable energy, especially wind and concentrated solar power systems (CSP). I have conducted lots of research on these subjects in academical, technological, economical and business sub areas.

Since last 2 years or so, I was working for developing a CSP project in Africa. Throughout this work, my aim was to minimize the overall installation cost of the plant, while keeping the technological requirements as low as possible.

Because of the lack of any technology in the installation area, I had to plan many of the manufacturing processes in house, resulting almost in a fully integrated CSP producing plant. Processes such as hot-dip galvanizing, selective coating of the receiver, production of rectangular steel tubes from rolled sheets etc. were all designed to be handled in site, in a dedicated temporary factory.

During the work analyzing the feasibility of this production plant, I happily noticed that integrating as much processes as possible to the production plant reduces the overall CSP plant cost very drammatically.

In the end, I came up with a business plan for implementing a 100 MW CSP plant with 16 hours of storage (almost 24 hours continuous operation), with a cost at a very reasonable fraction of similar plants in the world, already built or in construction. I may present a comparison of cost of the proposed plant to similar projects already built or under construction in the world.

This project was developed to be implemented in cooperation with a NGO acting in African countries, but although we had lots of meetings, presentations, invitations, agreements etc. by the top governmental agencies in Africa, I almost lost my confidence that this plant will ever be built, and at the same time, I don't want such a valuable work to be thrown away.

The resources needed for implementing such a project into reality is far beyond my abilities, and my hope is to find a serious investor to get a chance of implementation of this project. Please feel free to contact me at musaytr@yahoo.com


Mustafa Ayhan

Iam at present working as an full time volunteer in an NGO called vijnana bharati, This NGo has varied other sub-parts and iam in Renewable energy. This is an new step for This NGO, i.e into Energy sector. We aim in uniting the world in this field to popularise renewable energy. Kindly suggest thoughts and ideas as how we can do this,
Thank you

With many years of experience we offer Bridge loan and project funding.
We are interested to provide funding for your project through direct
short or long term loan at yearly fixed interest rate of 7% with 1 year moratorium on Long term and 6 months on short term.Our loan ranges from 500,000 Euros - 300Million Euros.

We are also ready to fund under Angel Investment or JV Partnership, you can send us your brief business plan, executive summary or any available documents by email if you are still seeking for funds and will proceed from there. Contact us at:

Attention to: John Robert Pike - International Project Director


I am Polish Citizen living in Greece , preparing to start my own business based in my own technology.
I want to start manufacture systems producing energy (electricity) for our houses , cars ,etc.etc , I mean clean energy systems.
My technology is prototype, like I know the same doesn't exist, I need to build a prototype device , producing 5 - 6 KW energy - non stop , then mass production and selling.
First I want to begin with smaller construction , then bigger and bigger.
Unfortunately I have no money to start this job.
To start this job alone I need financial help , except - find serious investor who wants invest his money for this very profitable , long term business.
On my blog - http://angener.blogspot.com - I show a plan how to build it , and proving video.
Maybe I can have from you any interest , cooperation ?

We are interested in long-term business relationship with a strategic partner/investor for development of the exceptional energy technology ("Method for the Production of Electric Energy and MHD-Generator Therefor" ) which has huge profit potential. Patented. It concerns not only the questions of financing (approx. 10 millions USD) but also of technical support, R&D, security, marketing etc.

Please contact me for details: hmdnewenergy@gmail.com

have reg'd patents us/cda for superior design vertical axis wind generator machines (5 different sizes) ready to mfg...need about 5000000 seed money...orders in hand...now....!

We are seeking Investment Funds/Energy funds Africa focused, for a 300mw wind energy project. Please contact me for further details.


I am looking for business partners and technical experts (keeping the same interest) who can help in developing innovative ideas into real and cheap organic photovoltaic cells. I have enough hand-on-experience in this field and have some innovative ideas which can turn out into excellent start-up and can grow to jobs generating industry (that's what we need in US). Believe me, we can do it. But I need motivated researchers of positive energy with a go getting attitude (never give up in the middle). Please contact me at given below e-mail address.

Hi i have direct contacts with investment firms who would like to find suitable projects to invest in.Some costs apply and remember you have to have money to make money.Please contact privatelender@live.com.au

First Resource is seeking venture capital to invest in solar panel product with new technology across the globe.
25 million request

Dear Sirs\ Mis, our company is interested in quickly attracting venture
funding to finish work on the technology of production of
solar modules with high efficiency. Nizhi request for funding and in the
annex to the letter the results of our work in the form of a report

We offer more detailed information on our company and demand for grant
capital funding in the amount of - $ 3000 000.

Inventor of.

CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY - technology perfected laboratory,
to manufacture industrial design and conduct an independent test.

The additional informationFinancing term - 18 months. Return of the
investor - in the course
10 days after the expiration of funding.

PROPOSAL FOR COOPERATION for venture investors
After production of the industrial design and an independent test, we
propose % Of revenue from the sale of technology.

COMMERCIALIZATION developed technology.
Our technology has a wide range of potential buyers.
This technology allows all companies to manufacturers of solar modules
very easy to integrate our technology into an existing, technological
complex. It is planned to implement the technology on a territorial basis --

right to the technology will be limited to use by the buyer on the
and obemu release.

At present the main trends in development by improving the efficiency of
photo electric plates in the application of new non-silicon materials.
So a few days ago, the Japanese company Sharp after 9 years of work
reported the creation of a prototype battery that runs without a hub, but
the efficiency of which is 35,8%.
New uses for electricity generation several photo-absorbing layers, united
among themselves. The substrate is made of battery connections on the basis
of indium and gallium. The properties provided by the battery is quite close
to those used in the aerospace industry. Talking about the mass use will not
have developers in the coming years to address issues of cost reduction and
a number of technological problems.
Our company has gone a different way:
1. We left a substrate of mono silicon.
2. on the surface of the substrate of mono silicon, we have consistently
strike a few
layers of thickness 50-100 nano meter (materials that are applied is our
know-how) --
* Main layer of nano-size mono atomic amorphous silicon, is a very active
state of amorphous silicon. In this layer, the speed of motion of electrons
is several times higher than the standard Cell-based silicon. And as this
layer is able to convert into electrical energy is not only the visible part
of the spectrum of sunlight and ultra violet and infra red radiation. Mono
atomic amorphous silicon produced by quantum chemical engineering at a
temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.
Properties of mono atomic amorphous silicon are truly unique.
Cost to automobile 1 gr. This material does not exceed $ 100.
At the same time using 1 gr. mono amorphous silicon can cover 10 square
photovoltaic plates.
* extreme layer is an anti-reflecting the carbon coating.
Total efficiencies achieved over 35%.
If you compare the cost of Sell-based mono silicon efficiency 16%
Cell produced by our technology with efficiency over 35%, our Sell more
10-15% while the efficiency of our Sell more than 2 times better.
While improving the technology and equipment we can achieve efficiency of
50% and above
The characteristics of our products:
Dimension :156mm x 156mm ± 0.5mm
Thickness :203 mc.m ± 0,5 mc.m, 180 mc.m ± 0,5 mc.m
Front :2.0 ± 0.1mm busbar (silver)
Silicon nitride antireflection coating
Back 3.0mm continuous soldering pads (silver)
Back surface field (aluminum)
Efficiency - 35%
Power : 6,5 watt
Color uniformity A, grade
Price basis-CIF -4,7 $ \ Cell

In addition to the use of solar energy nanoscale mono atomic amorphous
silicon and its application of our technology has great prospect of
application in the electronics industry.
When applying this material for silicon-based chip, we seek to increase
speed and memory in the old scale of the chip.
We have plans to use this technology in other areas - space, medicine ..
To maintain the pace and timing of the completion of the production of
industrial prototypes we raise $ 3000 000.

We are interested in quickly attracting investment.

general director SOLARUS ENERGY LTD

Email: vladimirkarasev1@gmail.com

Did you know that Romania has a technical solution with the highest efficiency to capture wave power?. Patent RO 108893 entitled Dynamic Engine for Sea Wave Energy Catching. A pioneering invention. It is estimated that "dynamic engine" has the ability to catching wave energy at a rate of over 80% while the other technical solutions known worldwide, are not able to capture wave energy with a higher percentage of about 10-15%. Cosma Vasile Romania. E-mail cosma.vasile@yahoo.com

I have devised a way to generate constant renewable energy that can be sold to the citie's public utilities/government usage which assures steady positive cash flow instantly after initial investment

I have ready for the market the Perfect electric car for the world. And a Revolutionary Power Station-Invention, Clean energy:the best Option for power supply to a big City..
Iam Inventor.. you do business with me, and do not waste your time with middle Talks...
A passenger Air Plane going fast in electricity; Ican do it..........
Note: be with me in Spain with our own Power Station/easy to go with it and New in the entire world: You must have money, do not loose this Opportunity ..

We looking to take our prototype into production. The amount we are looking for $5M to cover tooling, patents and sales/marketing. What we have is a working proto of a flex fuel/thermal solar exernal combustion engine based generator. Advantages: extremely simple technology relative to an internal combustion engine; no pollution very clean burning, low noise, alernative fuels (thermal solar, diesel, kerosine, wood chips, cow chips etc.

The same egine can be uses for land and marine tranportation vehicles with substantially improved gas mileage.

Please contact me if you can help us make this innovation convert to a vibrant and very large business.

Thank you, Energy Priorities Magazine for providing and supporting this list for 5 years.

We would like to use the opportunity and present Merar Investment Network http://www.merar.com

The platform is focusing on the emerging markets, already has 450+ investment projects, 57 of them in the energy sector https://www.merar.com/investors/browse-projects/?country=&industry=Energy%2C+Natural+Resources%2C+Mining

We would kindly ask you to register for the network and provide your feedback, which is valuable to us.

Last but not least, this is not kind of a new scam/fraud/spam. We are carefully monitoring and supporting the network 24/7.

Many thanks,

We have approx. 15,768 million gallons of Artisan water coming out a year into a 2 acre pond. We would like investors to create a Drinking water plant to Distribute For Sale to the Public.

Oppertunity to invest in Biogass project. West Coast South Arica, Bio gass from Micro algae, Off take agreement with steelmill, 200 ha land secured, permits in place, ready to roll out.
Contact maraissmith@yahoo.com
Marais Smith

The Dream will be the 1st of 18-all green (wind/solar)-400+ acres multi sports arenas-corporate meetings & event facilities across the U.S. catering to 5th largest industry.

The CSP (Concentrated Solar Power)design I have been engineering and designing will overcome Size and Cost hurdles and can be adapted for many roofing system and ground mount capabilities. It eliminates the need for Steam Generator to make Electricity.

Over 24 million tonnes of carbon iv oxide are released annually into the atmosphere.An equivalent of over 6500 million tons of carbon per year.2/3 of green house gases in the form of carbon monoxide is emitted by automobiles.Hence in the face of the lingering challenge of global warming,there is an enormous market for carbon sequestrsation and capture.Elbare research and development is an outfit that research into and converts catalytically plastics,rubber,tyre,PVC,HD & LD polyethylene,materials used in making mineral water bottles,carry bags,polypropylene,PET,PPT,ABS(acronitrile butadine sterine)plastic material used in making of computer monitors,tv sets,keyboards et al,to 100% high grade synthetic automobile and heating fuel oil with high industrial applicability and high return on investment.Combining said polymers with biomass from municipal waste to produce a high yield mean elite bio-fuel.We are in need of USD$3,947,168 to set up a 300 MT/day plant which will yield 3000000 litres of bio-diesel per day,which is 18869.43 barrels per day.We are in need of angel investors and partners.Find more details on our website-http://www.elbare webs.com.We are also looking for investors to buy the technologies.1kg of waste yields 3 litres of biodiesel.
Important also,Elbare is researching and developing catalytic convertion systems for utility scale conversion of carbon iv and carbon ii oxides to useful hydrocarbon fuels.Elbare is developing small units that can be installed in automobiles,factory chimneys and cookers as the need may be.Isolation and mass production of an enzyme produced from a microbe which converts carbon iv and ii oxides to short chain hydrocarbons.This in turn is converted to liquide hydrocarbon fuel oil.
Invest to help curb deforestation in the tropics by tree felling for fuel purposes.

Thank you for this Web Page:

I have developed strategic application ideas and concepts to aid in the advancement, increased usage and enhancements of specific proven application methods to renewable energy.

When I say concepts, yes they are logical, no I have no prototypes, but what I do have is process and efficiency improvements and arguments that will help support, encourage and inspire the use and participation and/or support for Green Renewable Energy Methods.

I hope and would like to work to help any Renewable Energy Company get past the arguments, barriers, limitations and restrictions that have been and will continue to hinder, prevent or impede the encouragement, support or success of any proven "Better Renewable Energy Innovation".

I'd like a job doing this, and yes I'm looking for Angel Funding to apply the strategies and principles to my own applications, systems and innovative improvements.

I am rooting for every Renewable Innovation on or struggling to get into mainstream, and would offer at least a few hours to anyone to help re-write, or add suggestions to a challenge that they are facing. If you don't like it don't use it.

Please don't send me anything confidential until you protect it of course, but I'm interested in helping solve problems, because this is what I've always done, either as a Process Engineer, Manager, Supervisor or Trainer.

Good Luck to Everybody on your Joint Ventures, Innovations and Better Energy Solutions to problems, which we all will eventually start to believe in and use, in every home and business.

I believe that your works, will be met with many new wise investors from emerging markets and I believe our existing energy companies will want to join and help facilitate more of success in these areas, which can help everyone, them, our economy and create tons of jobs for all of us.

Sometime soon, somebody or maybe many more groups of people will start joining in efforts to broadly inspire alliances, collaborators and joint ventures, for All Renewable and More Efficient or Cleaner Energy Options, which will collectively help build, shape and create an infrastructure that is more welcoming to every program and resource of tomorrow, that you are building and improving upon today.

Note: Though I’m relatively new in discovering all of the great innovations underway to patent protection, I would rather be a partner helping someone with some of the work I’ve done, and make a decent living while helping give something back to help the world and our country, than get make all the money I couldn’t ever spend, that wouldn’t help another soul (including mine).

I’ll work for free for any great project, until I get hired by someone or find a Brave Publisher that wants to raise the ceiling on the Advancement of Better Energy Ideas, and serves as a Catalyst to Help Remove Every Barrier, which is holding back “Any Proven and Better Energy Initiative and/or Application”.

God Bless Your Angel Fund Investors and Wise Business Men with the insight, wisdom and opportunity, to make the money they want while doing more good for mankind, than they ever imagined.

All the Best,

Additional Assessments, Premises, Strategies and Insights on related issues and topics, customized to help protected innovations or inventions, or for help promoting forward progress in this industry: Available Upon Request

Dear Sir/Madam

Greetings to you

Ref; Wind Power projects Investors , J/V . Equity partners request.
We Integrated Industry Ecology SRL , hereby state that we arelooking forGreen Energy investor with min 30% equoty or more
We have wind power park in Romania with all approvals in place ready to be build all up 900MW other wind parks are on pipeline .
And we have a contract in place for wind turbines manufacturing based on transfer technologies and liciensee to build wind turbiens with rated power from 750KW to 4MW .Training provided by he US /EU company .The RO/ Gov provide green certificate for each MW I.E 1 G/Certificate = 65 Euro
Should you require more info/data please reply to me the soonest .
Await to hear from you in due course and remain
Yours sincerely
John Didea CEO/Inventor

We are looking for investors/VC's to fund start up of Bio Diesel operation in PA. We have contracts, management is in place. 843-446-0077

North Atlantic Energy Development, Inc.is a Philippine company that is in the business of developing power energy sources specially building power plants. We are looking for investors to put up a 100 megawatt power either coal fired or solar energy in the province of Surigao del Sur, Philippines.

I am looking for an investor to pursue a IPP project in my country Kenya. The project is a 50 mw thermal solar energy plant. Interested? 00393273749735

We have a Indian nationalised bank sanctioned Green Field project promoted by closely held public limited company . This is a greenfield project for manufacturing of Light Emitting Diodes(LED) with high demand and promoters qualified with 10-15 years experience in respective manufacturing lines, themselves being one of the end-users hence know the market. To be the largest facility in the segment in India. This is a kind of backward integration. We look for around Rupees 200 LAC(2 CRORE) seed capital.Term loan etc is sanctioned from Indian Banks.

With regards
Kashyap Vyas

I have an invention to sell, the patent thereof is pending in the USPTO: a simple power generator producing electric energy, with a power of more than 3 kW, directly where it is needed.

Anyone interested is kindly invited to cooperate or assist (mediate).
The link to a detailed description:

A. Fijalkowski, inventor

Juneau, Alaska Hydro project – seeking investors

I have a good friend who has asked me to help find investment to get from permit to license for a hydro facility project that would supply power to Juneau, AK. It is a 30MW facility and Juneau could use 10 times that capacity. There is an eager customer base and, due to the remoteness of the region, no competition. It is Sweetheart Lake listed at www.juneauhydro.com. All of the FERC documents meetings etc are posted there. As you will see - all is going well. My friend has invested a lot to this point and had lined up $4M to do studies etc to get to license which is about 1.5 years away. Problem is that those particular investors have emergent competing priorities and have not produced the money, so there is an opportunity to bring someone else in. I am an IT Services guy, this is not my area, but I know an opportunity when I see it, and if I had the 4M I wouldn’t be leaving this comment looking for help. When licensed the value will double at least. Each million invested will get a 10% stake in Juneau Hydropower and up to 40% is up for investment. This is a private 50 year renewable license. This is ideal for someone in the energy investment business that can evaluate the opportunity and see it is very valuable. I have approached a few well off friends and non-energy investment groups, but because they don't know the industry it sounds too good to be true and the due diligence is a problem for them. I can appreciate that, but due diligence is not a problem for someone in the industry. Being in IT, I just don’t know any. This is a standard hydro system and all is able to be disclosed. If you are reading this and might be interested, I can set up a webex and get all of your questions answered. I am looking to get in front of the right people as quickly as I can. This may be a strange way to find the right investors, but I am looking to make a match quickly and figured it couldn’t hurt. I can be contacted below.

Please contact Jim on 610-836-2126

I have an invention to sell, the patent thereof is pending in the USPTO: a simple power generator producing electric energy, with a power of more than 3 kW, directly where it is needed.

Anyone interested is kindly invited to cooperate or assist (mediate).
The link to a detailed description:

I need $250 million to produce off shore oil and gas overseas. Initially I expect to produce about 15000 to 25,000 barrels a day. In exchange the investor gets to own a part of the company and share in the profits. If you are interested please contact me. Thank you

I am a pub and restaurant owner i need to restock my shop,do you offer loans and what are your terms of payment and how soon can this be.

Kind regards


I am the President of
Elemental Energy LLC an early stage start-up located in Pennsylvania.Their currently an Funding Opportunity for Alternative
Fuel from the state.My Business Proposal detail the development of Ethanol from agricultural waste.This is a costs sharing grant.Any funding assistance will be greatly

We are looking for investors/VC's to fund start up of Waste to Energy operation in Thailand.Who are interested Please contact me by chumnany@gmail.com

I bring an investment prospect. My Boss is willing to invest aboard and he needs a partner that can proficiently invest a given certain amount in tunes of excess of six zeros;

If endowed in any productive area of investment, please respond for further acquaintance and elaboration.

I expect your swift response.

Tomson Jackson

Seeking investors for new invention: "The Refrigerotor Box". It seals the rear of a refrigerator freezer,and blows its hot condenser coil air outside,SAVING AIR CONDITIONING ENERGY, Patent Pending...(See Facebook URL above for pics). Investors please contact: David Ferrero,
Email: filmstar355@yahoo.com

I am a retired science teacher and have developed a new type of wind turbine that is not dependent upon revolving blades, paddles or vanes. It is a device that continues to charge even after the wind stops, and is not affected by turbulence, gusting, and changes in wind direction. It will produce charge in the lightest of winds.
The same basic design can be produced in a small version to produce charge the batteries by utilising the drag created by a moving vehicle (car, plane etc.,) and progressively larger versions can be used to power individual buildings, up to a group of very large units in a bank located on something like an offshore platform contributing to a grid.
I have not yet patented the device, although I have made extensive searches of registered patents looking for something similar.
I have built a proof of concept model but need financial assistance to build a larger model for demonstration.

We at Royal Wind have developed a revolutionary Shrouded Vertical Axis Dual Turbine Generator which is up to three times more efficient than existing turbines. The turbine we have designed is based on Bernoulli’s principle of aerodynamics, allowing for a lower start up speed than existing turbines and able to produce power at high wind speeds. This turbine will produce power in a wide variety of wind conditions and will be ideally suited to high wind areas such as coastal and mountain regions. Our turbines will also produce power in low wind areas in which other turbines can not operate. We will mass produce our Dual Turbine Generators, poising us to fill the currently unmet future demand of the multi-billion dollar distributed generation turbine market. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) wants to increase the current distributed generation wind turbine production by 500% to increase the energy security of our nation. The U.S. Congress plans to expand the distributed generation market into a multi-billion dollar market by the use of incentives, such as the renewable energy tax credit and rebates, beginning in fiscal year 2010. Individual states are also mandating a minimum percentage of energy from renewable energy. Colorado is requiring that the minimum percentage of energy from renewables increase to 30% in the next 10 years, and requires a minimum of 3% from distributed sources including small turbines. The focus is on distributed generation and the greatest need is for renewable energy sources that provide power steadily throughout the day.
We are prepared to set up shop. Two million three hundred thousand dollars will buy all the equipment needed to fully tool up our manufacturing facility, and will cover materials costs and operating costs. We expect to gross $153 million in the first year of full production with one production line, and employ 52 people. By the end of one year of full production we could have ten production lines or more.

Dear partner,

Our company have invested in business reaserch in Latvia for Biogas Plant Construction. So far we have done pre-preperation works as: contacted manufacturers, Latvian government, land owners, farmers in Latvia and have made business plan which approved to be profitable

We are ready to provide theese documents:

1. Presentation about the project.
2. Cash flow and investments in first Year for one Biogas plant
3. Cash flow and profit cauculation for whole project.

I trully believe that this project is profitable and interesting for investors, which is proven with numrers and the research. And i will be glad to answer to all the questions that will be and i am ready to start discussion and meetings with potentional investors. There are diferent options for potential investors which can be discussed as we have also available credit line in Suisse Bank.

Look forward to working with You,

Rolands Rams
GSM: +371 29686233

To whom it may concern

A ready to build wind power plant of 15 MW in Romania needs financing for construction. The project generates a very good return, a high NPV.

If you are interested, please contact: cristina_iesan@yahoo.com

WE have signed a multimillion dollar contract with our government power company worth USD$375 M and are looking for equity partners and or Investors to invest in the construction phase.

The project is a 10 MWH Pyrolysis Plant utilizing all waste as its fuel source

patent pending, seaweed ( wave power electrical generator) portable under $300.00 makes electricity from ocean waver or currents . start up locater in point reyes calif. looking for interest in such breakthrough inventions.

i am looking for investor interested in funding a solar energy plant to sell electricity to the South African energy company eskom.

Energy projects in Pakistan, 3 Wind (50MW each) 2 Solar (20MW each)shovel ready with all PLAs and land in hand. One IPP (HO)for acquisition.

Call 878 668 7594 or
emai: mkhan@nasrum.com

I have for sale many wind energy projects in Romania. I am interested in investors that want to purchase the projects.If interested please do hesitate to contact me.
Bogdan Brobonea

Dear Sir,
We have an Indian Patent for converting Municipal Solid Waste into Electricity and the first commercial plant is in operation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and it is considered as one of the Top 6 Renewable Energy Plants in the World and our Managing Director was awarded with a citation by the Power Industries Association of USA. We would like to do lot of projects in all parts of World and we would like the Venture capital companies to invest in our technology. Please let us know how to go about this. Regards. Ramani.

Investor Seeking Project and Opportunity...Funding

We are investors and lenders that operate a loan and funding company that strives to provide enabling financial environment

for investors, entrepreneurs and businessmen.

We provides financing to Small-cap, large companies, start up, corporate bodies & publicly traded companies.

Our mission is to add value by providing not only financial resources and industry knowledge, we maintain successful long

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Contact us to see how we can help make your business grow financially.

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Interested persons should contact us via email:

Contact email; thomasondirectloans@gmail.com

Williams Design Group is seeking $1mm for start up manufacture business in the USA ,

To manufacturing , Marketing of the Razor 1 a three wheel Motorcycle with 2-seat, Is built on a tube
frame design the same tubing use in aircraft manufacturing . light weight .
it will have a 1.4 L, 4-cylinder Motorcycle engine,
it accelerates from 0–97 km/h (0-60 mph) in 3.5 seconds, with top speed of 253 km/h (157 mph).
Although classified as a motorcycle, the interior can accommodate two passengers side-by-side, with
adjustable seat backs,
foot-pedal box, and 3-point retractable safety belts. With a manual transmission, controlled by hand.
With a manufacture cost of $18,500.00 per unit and resale price of $42.500.00 at 15 % less our current
completion units.
created by Williams Design Team.
We meets all the requirement and Qualify for the EB 5 Investment program for Foreign Investors.

The immigrant investor, or EB-5, program is a highly beneficial permanent residence option for the wealthy individual. Since there is no quota waiting list in this preference category, it enables a foreign national to obtain permanent residence status more expeditiously than with most other options.

LINDEN ENERGY is a private energy company, registered in N.J and operating in Pakistan, mainly working on the exploration and development of oil &gas projects In Pakistan. Linden is also working on an oil refinery project, estimated cost is 100 million dollars. Linden Energy after spending five years valuating area of interest and focusing on best possible areas in Pakistan. Half of the selected areas are of semi developed oilfields in which large remaining potential exit and is worth more than 500 million dollars/each. Pakistan is emerging as a lucrative country for oil exploration now. Recently some big oil discoveries of 200-250 million bbls have been made.
In our areas similar potential exit. Our company is managed by a technical team, with combined worldwide experience of more than 200 years. Linden us seeking 80 million dollars from private investors and financial institution. The company expected growth would exceed 100% per annum in term of cash flow &profits. and return on investment will be more than 50 %.A detailed business plan can be provided to interested parties.
Thanks for your attention

shams Baqai
Executive Girector

Looking for Investors: Game changing/Ground breaking technology: Patent Pending :Green Electricity Generation: 1/5 times less costly to solar power plant and four times efficient,Return on investment in less then a year.

I have developed a technology for green power generation which i filed patent and is pending for patent.This is much more efficient than solar plants and wind turbine, also it has many advantage over these plants few of them as below.(This comparison is for 1MW power generation):

1. It will cost 1/5 of the cost of solar plant to start(1 MW is required less the USD 1million).

2. It gives four times out put and will run for 24 hours at constant out put of 1MW in comparison to effective 6 hrs of solar plants and variable out put with capacity factor of wind turbine.

3. Land required is 1/3 to 1/4 of that of solar.

4. It is not as limited to sunny days as in case of solar plant and not limited to coastal areas or wind availability as in case of wind turbine.

Investors are most welcome to discuss it and can mail me at "amit.kaushik.power@gmail.com"

thanks for your time.

Halifax Bank Plc located in London United kingdom is now providing
financial/loan services and as well financing projects in developed
and developing nations.

At the main stream of our services we can provide, soft loan,
micro-credit finance loan, mortgage loan,construction loan and
agricultural loan.

We provide all kinds of banking instruments (MTN,BG,SBLC,BCL,PPP,SKR Etc.)

Brokers and financial consultants that will work with our firm in
their respective countries are required.

For further inquiries contact:

Mr Jake Smith
Loans/Credit Operations Manager
104/108 High Street,Bromley
London-- United Kingdom

We are into innovative technology products in the renewable energy sector. We need venture capital without string after understanding our great ideas in alternate energy solutions

Tlumaczenie (polski > angielski)

Dear Sir
Due to the confidentiality of the data currently use the computer translator.
Introduce our developed and launched the field of technology, WHITE TECHNOLOGY, ENERGY FROM WATER.
Our technologies are composed of several segments:
Its use in residential construction, industrial, shopping centers, industrial plants and manufacturing.
Devices can be installed virtually anywhere.
We have built 6 units that are installed in buildings and work without an emergency from 7 months providing electricity to the waters from 45 KW to 450 KW
Heating of housing, industry and wheeled vehicles to drive.
Here, the temperature at the tip of the nozzle has a temperature of 1,360 degrees
At the same time technology is safe because it is not explosive.
We have built a 5 devices supplies gas to the apartment and 4 units are installed in cars.
Cars powered by this gas has already driven more than 100 thousand. km.
Produced gas to drive cars through our technology is safe even in the event of an accident because it does not cause an explosion or ignition of the car.
A gas is produced for free, because of the water.
C) ENERGY carpets.
The use of these devices, domestic appliances, refrigerators, televisions, computers, cell phones and cars, instead of the battery.
These devices are at least 20 years are safe for the environment and people.
You do not need to recharge because they are producing the same energy and they have no mechanical parts are virtually silent about what they screw up.
We have built 6 devices that work for 5 months and are not misleading.
This equipment does not use extra energy.
Refrigerator or washing machine can be placed in the desert and they will be there to work
Application of a magnetic motor locomotives, ships, submarines, industry, power generation industry, even in the desert to 500 MGW by an engine.
It was already built a magnetic motor, which currently produces 45 KW of electricity.
I know one thing with this engine is not a second in the world.
It is the only one in Poland.
Application to energy production based on water, but from the 200 MGW through a device.
Here is the industrial scale, so that in one set can be applied to 20 segments of 200 MGW.
No greenhouse no coal, oil, biomass, uranium.
No risk of any explosion.
No radiation risk to wildlife and humans.
This technology is a dangerous extinguishing off nuclear technology, coal and oil fired.
This technology can produce small-scale housing estates and house up to 1,000 KW.
What is more important than is produced by power and gas are FREE?
We are looking for a financial partner for the implementation of these projects.
We are interested in a stable reliable financial partner.
Any good offer will be considered co wladni we start talking at any time here on Polish territory.
They are working technology equipment and machinery.
We can always make a presentation of what is already active.
We have proven technology is not on paper but in reality.
So we know what we have developed and implemented working.
This is not fiction, but these are facts.
Therefore, we invite you to Warsaw.
In anticipation of the apposition

Jan Witkowski
The organizer and executor of the project
Dariusz Witkowski Mobil: + +48 792 524 172
Krzysztof Sarama Mobil: + +48 506 563 170
str: Dolna 33, 02-472 Warszawa Poland
str: Kleszczowa 33 / 1, 02-484 Warszawa, Poland
E-mail: sekretariatenergia@gmail.com

Green Energy Power Generating System looking for Angel Investor.

Enhanced Multi-Mode Power Generating System (Patent Publication No.
US-2011-0181049-A1) is a totally Self-sustained Green Energy Power Generating System.

By harnessing solar, wind and heat through the designed System, where air is heated, pressurized and accelerated, a geometric increase of strong airflow is created which drives wind wheel’s mechanical motion into high-power electricity generation; the System is also designed with blower, suction fan and electrified endothermic heating material to further ensure that the System maintains around the clock power generation even in the absence of both wind and sunlight.

When checking all the renewable energy products on the market today, we can see the disadvantage of those products in that it is all at the mercy of nature; wind turbines cannot turn when no wind blowing, solar cells unable to produce electricity when there is no sun light, hydroelectric cannot function when water level is low, coal and nuclear causing environmental pollution. The GET's mission is to develop and promote the Enhanced Multi-Mode Power Generating System which harnessing sun, wind and air as inexhaustible fuel sources to operate thus solving energy shortages and environmental pollution issues.

Gold & Energy Tech has the mathematical calculation and wind tunnel data to prove our patent claim. The challenge now is raise two million USD to construct an experimental small power station (10 kW to 30 kW) and further development of commercial megawatt power generation system.

For more information, please visit website: http://www.goldenergytech.com

We are Bulgarian company.
We have developed 150 MW Wind Park Project and at the moment we're looking for a buyer of the project or to establish Joint Venture with company for financing construction of the Wind Park.
We are owner of the earth and have 30 years easement of the area.

We have all permissions and licence for producing wind energy.

If you have any interest, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Established natural gas exploration and development company selling working interest in proposed wells in northeastern US. 10-20% return. Investment range 20,000 to 5,000,000 dlgraham@wvmei.com

Seeking investors in Energy sector in Kenya where investor environment is good in the following sector
1.Turning Waste into Energy
2.Energy Efficiency
3.Wind Energy
4.Solar Energy
5.Geothermal energy -we have 11 site that has potential of 250MW TO 1400MW

Email: info@greenmillenia.com

Im looking for investors/ partners for wind energy project. My contribution will be land & project commissioning. High profit is assured. We have 1000 acres of land(approved by ministry) for the purpose of wind energy turbines.

Looking for private equity investor, funder for our mass deployment of solar geysers in South Africa.

Investment for building grid-free housing, medical clinics also required

Term sheet available upon request.

Seeking investor(s) for R&D capital to upscale and retrofit crude tanker vessel(s) with plasma speed refining and Fischer Tropsch GTL technologies to create “on board mobile petroleum refining”. Technology is capable of loading crude aboard a vessel, processing crude in “real time” while underway and discharge D2 and/or catalyst spec. fuels on delivery.

We are in the project of building waste to energy plants in Colombia, Peru and in Ecuador and we need financing for the projects which would definitely benefit us all for their revenues and the planet itself by the recycling and the converting of solid municipal wastes into energy, biofuels and/ or energy.

Hi I seek to make contact with Mr. Ron Smith. He was posted Posted by: Ron Smith | July 11, 2008 07:16 AM. I seek to talk to him about cross applications of his solar thermal axis tracking tracker assembly. Can you please assit me in locating him. I am working on several agra business applications and my company may have some applications for subsystems like his. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

I have set up a startup company and need equity investment to sell solar panelselling in Africa to residential and commercial. I need only £250,000 for start up and 25% equity. The plan is almost complete and the country has a chronic power shortage. The long term aim is to get as many people as possible off the national grid, make the national grid incompetent and buy it off the government. We can then shift to massive solar farms to power the whole country through power lines and transformers which are already in place and owned by our company. Waiting for your response. Thanks

Need investors for a bio fuel solid fired briquetting plant to be put up in Pune, Maharashtra, India.