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GridWeek 2007: Buildings and the Future of Electricity

This is the last day of GridWeek. Denis Du Bois is hosting a daily podcast series featuring the top speakers at the conference. Today he interviews Kurt Yeager, Executive Director of the Galvin Electricity Initiative, and Volker Hartkopf, Director of the Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics at Carnegie Mellon University. (podcast)


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Music by Chris Keister

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Here are my questions for each guest. To hear the interviews, listen to the podcast.

The Future of Electricity: Kurt Yeager

Is the perfect power system really possible?

How do we create incentives for the power industry to build an advanced power system?

You've called the meter the "iron curtain of electricity." Europe is rapidly deploying smart meters. Are US customers ever going to be active participants in the grid?

Data centers and financial centers are looking to their landlords to provide quality power. Are real estate developers looking to micro grids to deliver that quality?

Buildings: Volker Hartkopf

How does building performance affect the grid?

Is it realistic to think we can make buildings all that much more efficient?

Yesterday's daily highlight podcast from GridWeek.