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ConnectivityWeek 2007 "Highlights and Insights" Podcast Series Begins May 22

The fifth annual BuilConn kicks off next week in Chicago as part of ConnectivityWeek 2007. Energy Priorities editor Denis Du Bois is hosting a daily podcast series featuring interviews with the top speakers at the conference. BuilConn is all about the convergence of building automation and information technology, a field that takes the concept of "connectivity" to extremes. Make it possible to connect lighting controls to the security system and tie it all to the corporate information trust, and you have an environment that just might make buildings truly "intelligent."

How to Stay Tuned to ConnectivityWeek

To follow the ConnectivityWeek daily podcasts,

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BuilConn is a three-day forum where the players of the building industry’s disparate disciplines gather. Integrators, manufacturers, distributors, consultants, technologists and building owners learn from an impressive list of speakers and discuss the trends, technologies and their applications for tomorrow’s intelligent buildings.

Some of the session topics will be: "Evolution of Buildings 2.0," "Sustainable Energy for Buildings," "Applying Wireless Technologies in Buildings" and "Planning & Procuring Buildings."

BuilConn is part of ConnectivityWeek, a collection of events related to -- you guessed it -- connectivity.

I have the fun job of interviewing the top speakers of each day and providing attendees with a pair of ConnectivityWeek podcasts every morning. See the box for details on where to find the podcasts.

BuilConn and the rest of the ConnectivityWeek events will be held at the Donald E Stephens Convention Center (formerly known as the Rosemont Convention Center) on the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois, on May 22-24, 2007. If you can't be there, be here, and catch my podcasts each morning.