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Solar Financier's Outlook is Bright; Tax Credits' Future is Cloudy

RENEWABLE ENERGY WORLD 2008 -- Adding solar power to your building is getting easier, thanks to a financing model borrowed from utility-scale renewable energy projects. Power purchase agreements are now an option for getting your own clean energy source, without laying out the capital. But even big projects don't happen without the right incentives in place. Some important federal subsidies are due to expire if Congress doesn't act soon to extend them. Will that happen in an election year? Does this dark cloud cast gloom on renewable energy's future? Denis Du Bois asks Mark McLanahan of MMA Renewable Ventures about his expectations for the production tax credit, the investment tax credit, and the global economy.


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Renewable Energy Tax Incentives..Threaten Again

Maybe someone can explain to me the thinking and leadership of the US administration. In a recent article I spelled out the details of a Navigant study that if we lost the renewable energy tax incentive due to expire at the end of 2008 it would mean the loss of 116,000 US jobs and $19 B dollars Should a global climate agreement hold the US to a higher environmental standard .

We have our congress ready to submit a bill that will renew the tax incentive H.R.5351, The Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act of 2008 . We have our far reaching president cheered on by big oil companies to veto again this bill again. Please E Mail your congressman to support the bill. The goal is to find sufficient numbers to defeat the veto.