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Urban Sustainability in British Columbia Canada

Denis Du Bois is in Victoria and Vancouver BC this week to explore sustainable building and urban strategies. Follow him at energypriorities.com, or on Twitter (cleantech).

I'll be on the road with International Sustainable Solutions to Victoria and Vancouver BC this week. ISS takes interested greenies on "study tours" that show exceptional and replicable examples throughout the world.

UBC CK Choi green building photo on EnergyPriorities.com

The University of British Columbia was one of the earliest universities to adopt a sustainability policy to guide future development. Its green buildings, like the CK Choi building above, comply with mixtures of LEED and UBC standards. (UBC photo)

We'll be given insider tours of the Olympic Village and other 2010 Game venues, the Dockside Green mixed-use development, Sustainability Street, and green buildings on the campus of the University of British Columbia. And we'll hear from visionaries in both cities about their strategies to use urban planning to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

I invite you to follow me. I plan to blog from the road about each day's adventures. I also plan to experiment with Twitter on my phone, "tweeting" as often as possible. (I'm "cleantech.") When I return, I hope to dedicate an edition of the Building Priorities Briefing podcast series to the trip.


Thanks CNET for highlighting my Twitter feed along with Andy Revkin's DotEarth, NatGeo Green Guide, Grist and FORTUNE's Wombat by Todd Woody !!