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ConnectivityWeek 2009 Connects Thought Leaders in Energy and IT

What started as BuilConn several years ago has become a multi-conference about the convergence of energy and IT. ConnectivityWeek 2009 was held in Santa Clara, CA. Energy Priorities brings you the highlights of Bob Metcalfe's keynote, a speed tour of the expo, a summary of business opportunities identified, and a new place to look up all the acronyms. Plus interviews with visionaries in IT, smart energy, venture investment, and demand response.

This page serves as your gateway to Energy Priorities coverage of ConnectivityWeek 2009.


Internet Visionaries Share their Energy Views

Intelligent Building Sector's Leaders Outline Energy Business Opportunities

Speed Tour of the Expo

New Dictionary Defines Everything about the Smart Grid, and Then Some


Face to Face: Anto Budiardjo, founder of ConnectivityWeek (video)

Face to Face: Robert Poor, Creator of ZigBee (video)

Mary Ann Piette, PIER Demand Response Research Director/Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (podcast)

Juval Lowe, Microsoft "Software Ledgend" (podcast)


"ConnectivityWeek's Train Has Arrived" Automated Buildings Magazine