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Cleantech Open 2010 Names Regional Finalists

In the next month, dozens of contestants will learn their fates in the nation's largest business plan competition for cleantech startup companies. The 2010 Cleantech Open is naming regional winners in events leading up to the national finals on November 17 in San Jose, CA.

This month the Cleantech Open has named its 2010 regional winners, all of which will advance to national final judging in November.

Pacific Northwest Region

Out of the 16 Pacific Northwest semi-finalists named in June, three teams took the region's final prizes October 4 with innovations in energy efficiency, water purification, and alternative transportation. In addition to the regional finalists, Hydrovolts won the regional sustainability award, an honor given to the team that most effectively incorporated a triple bottom line approach to scaling their business. This year's finalists:

Arcimoto, Eugene, OR, builder of a fun and cost-effective electric vehicle for the around-town drives that typify most vehicle use. Co-founder Mark Frohnmayer told me he designed it to have the function of a car, without the form factor.

Cleantech Open Pacific Northwest Region 2010 photo on EnergyPriorities.com

Mark Frohnmayer of Arcimoto poses with his companny's innovation, an electric vehicle, while his partners explain features to attendees at the Pacific Northwest Regional Finals ceremony of the 2010 Cleantech Open.

Cleantech Open Pacific Northwest Region 2010 photo on EnergyPriorities.com

Mark Frohmayer (holding trophy), Jeremy Bronson, Eric Fritz, of Arcimoto, Pacific Northwest Regional Finalists in the 2010 Cleantech Open.

Nanocel, Seattle, WA, helps with the cooling of electronic devices with its microfluidic polymer cooling system that can cool specific areas that generate the heat.

Cleantech Open Pacific Northwest Region 2010 photo on EnergyPriorities.com

Dustin Miller (center, holding trophy and the company's innovation), Daniel Rossi (right), of Nanocel, Pacific Northwest Regional Finalists in the 2010 Cleantech Open.

Puralytics, Beaverton, OR, with water purification devices that remove all types of pollutants in a single step without using chemicals or producing waste water.

Cleantech Open Pacific Northwest Region 2010 photo on EnergyPriorities.com

Mark Owen, CEO (holding trophy) and Colin Hildebrandt, engineer with Puralytics, Pacific Northwest Regional Finalists in the 2010 Cleantech Open.

(Sponsors posed with the finalists above, and we regret not having noted their identities.)

North Central Region

The winning teams were selected October 7 from a group of 16 semifinalist clean technology entrepreneurs from a region that includes Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. In addition to the regional finalists, NewWater, based in Minneapolis, won the regional sustainability award. The winners are:

EarthClean Corp., Minneapolis, MN, with a biodegradable, non-toxic fire suppressant system that can be used in existing firefighting equipment.

Xolve, Inc. (formerly Graphene Solutions, Inc.), Platteville, WI, creator of technologies that increase the practical application of nanomaterials in coatings, composites and energy generation and storage.

Silicon Solar Solutions, LLC, Rogers, AR, whose technology will improve energy output and lower cost of silicon-based solar power cells.


"NW Cleantech Open Names Nanocel, Puralytics, and Arcimoto as Finalists
" Xconomy

"2009 Cleantech Open National Winners"


This region has many contestants and divides its competition into categories.

Air, Water and Waste: FogBusters - technology for removing fat, oil and grease (FOG) from wastewater.

Energy Efficiency: Suntulit - smart, multi-zone HVAC system enhancement for homeowners with central forced-air systems.

Green Building: Stramit Strawboard - converts low-cost agricultural waste into high-value building board.

Renewable Energy: Pure Solar - laser-processing tool to produce an industry-standard c-Si wafer to increase efficiency for photo-voltaic cell manufacturers.

Smart Power: SmartSense - real-time fault detection, fault prediction and performance monitoring for electrical grids.

Transportation: automatic tire inflation system that eliminates the problem of underinflated truck tires

Rocky Mountain

Regrettably, I was not able to visit my former home state to attend the awards event in Denver. We have limited information about these winners.

infiniRel, assures renewable energy service providers of maximum equipment uptime at the lowest service cost through predictive data analysis and maintenance scheduling support.

INOTEC, distributes electrons to microbes in a manner that provides them with energy to more efficiently transform and remove contaminants found in waste and drinking waters.

pureSilicon, addresses growing electrical use by computer servers.


This region was, until this year, a separate contest called "Ignite Clean Energy" that began in 2004 under the auspices of the MIT Enterprise Forum in Cambridge, MA.

OnChip Power, bringing integration to power electronics.

7Solar, energy Independence, one building at a time.

V Squared Wind, wind technology.

The author is a volunteer Marketing Mentor for competitors in the Northeast and PNW CTO competitions.