Energy Related Programming for Public Radio Stations

Any public radio station can air our specials. Energy Priorities radio programs are distributed by NPR via the Public Radio Satellite Network Content Depot, and are available to all NPR stations. We also make the audio files available on PRX. If you don’t belong to either network, we can post files here by request. Note: The podcasts here are not the on-air programming versions.

Reporting carriage helps us provide these programs to stations at little or no cost to you. Please report carriage as soon as you air or stream the program, by sending a message to us.

Contact us for more information, or for on-air and off-air marketing materials.

Almost all of our programs are eventually made available on this site as podcasts. The podcast content often differs slightly from the on-air versions, particularly in length, music and announcements. Energy Priorities podcasts are also redistributed via Apple® iTunes® and are available for your station web site or stream.