In Climate of Cheap Gas, Forecast for Renewable Energy Finance is Cloudy

Cascadia Capital CEO Michael Butler knows renewable energy finance. His investment banking firm has been a key player in some of the clean technology sector’s most significant transactions. His forecast for renewable energy is “near term cloudy.” The rush of investments into natural gas is siphoning capital that would have gone into the renewable energy sector. Renewable energy is a viable industry long term, it’s just going to take longer than we all hoped. Continue reading

Earth Day Message 2012: Everything’s Connected

Energy Priorities Magazine started on Earth Day 2004. Today is our eighth birthday! Like any eight-year-old, we’re growing and changing. Energy Priorities moved its whole site to a new platform that’s more suitable for news media and more friendly for readers who use social media.… Continue reading

App Promotes Energy Competition Among Friends and Groups on Facebook

Opower facebook graph comparing home energy use

Opower and NRDC announced a new app that uses smart meter data to let residents compare their energy consumption to that of their friends on Facebook. Initially 16 utilities are participating.

Roosters of the Apocalypse (book review)

The Heartland Institute is distributing a handbook for deniers of global warming. Spoiler alert: The book’s message is to dismantle the EPA.