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New Path for Building Compliance in ASHRAE Model Energy Efficiency Standard

MICHAEL ROSENBERG, PNNL. New guidance from ASHRAE and IES creates a third path for building compliance, with lower modeling costs. Continue reading

DOE Picks at Power Administration Suggest Greater Emphasis on Demand-Side Management

The U.S. Department of Energy has named two executives in key roles at Bonneville Power Administration where they could usher in a new focus on energy efficiency and demand response.

Apps for Energy Could Succeed where Big Software Players Failed

Silicon Valley played host this week for the Department of Energy’s “Apps for Energy” awards presentation. Five teams came away with $75,000 in prize money. Their winning software apps could turn into profitable businesses in a vacuum left by the hasty exits of Microsoft and… Continue reading

Nanoscale Lighting Innovations Change Equation for Cost and Color of LEDs

What will it take for light-emitting diodes to achieve critical mass in the lighting marketplace? The biggest obstacles have been cost and cast. These futuristic nanofiber and nanoparticle technologies could overcome both.