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USGBC’s LEED DR Credit Encourages Peak Load Reduction

Greenbuild slides

LEED v.4 will include a “Demand Response” credit. A better name would underscore important contributions by building owners who reshape their peak loads every day. Continue reading

Greenbuild Exhibitors Are Pulling the Plug To Demonstrate Net Zero Energy

In the Net Zero Zone at Greenbuild 2014, exhibitors will demonstrate a solar-powered microgrid by disconnecting from the energy utility.

Greenbuild 2014 Agenda – Editor’s Picks

Denis Du Bois tore open the Greenbuild 2014 agenda like a kid in a candy store. Here are his suggested education sessions and events. What’s on your schedule?

Cresa, JLL tell owners and tenants how to drive energy efficiency together

The commercial landlord-tenant relationship can be adversarial, with split incentives and other hurdles to implementing energy efficiency upgrades. Two real-estate pros share their experiences from the front lines of sustainability and offer their advice for fostering collaboration.