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New Path for Building Compliance in ASHRAE Model Energy Efficiency Standard

MICHAEL ROSENBERG, PNNL. New guidance from ASHRAE and IES creates a third path for building compliance, with lower modeling costs. Continue reading

USGBC’s LEED DR Credit Encourages Peak Load Reduction

Greenbuild slides

LEED v.4 will include a “Demand Response” credit. A better name would underscore important contributions by building owners who reshape their peak loads every day. Continue reading

Green building movement leader tells critics: “Bring it on”

Greenbuild 2012 photo

The head of the United States Green Building Council tore into critics of LEED this morning in his opening keynote at Greenbuild 2012. Continue reading

@ Greenbuild 2012 Agenda Editor’s Picks

Greenbuild 2012 San Francisco

Denis Du Bois will be at Greenbuild 2012 in San Francisco. So many sessions, so few days. Here are his suggested sessions and events. What’s on your schedule?